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新概念英语第二册 第一课PPT

Lesson 1 A private conversation

New words and expressions
private adj. 私人的
private school:私立学校 private letter :私人信件 private soldier:大兵 《Private Ryan》 拯救大兵瑞恩(电影) private citizen 普通公民 private life:私生活 public:adj. 公众的,公开的 : 公众的, Public school 公立学校; public letter 公开信 ; public place :公共场所 privacy: n. 隐私 it‘s a privacy. 这是隐私。 : 这是隐私。

conversation n.谈话 谈话
subject of conversation:话题 talk : 可正式可不正式 Let’s have a talk. They are having a conversation. dialogue : 对话 China and Korea are having a dialogue. chat: n. 闲聊 v. chat sb. up: 同某人闲聊 gossip: 嚼舌头 《Gossip Girl》绯闻女孩 have a + talk/chat/dialogue/conversation/gossip 名词变动词

theatre : n.剧场,戏剧 剧场, 剧场
cinema: n. 电影院 Broadway theatres 百老汇的剧院 West End theatres 伦敦西区的剧院 an open-air theatre 露天剧院 theatrical: adj. 戏剧化的,戏剧性的 戏剧化的, : a theatrical ending 戏剧化的结局 a theatrical career 演艺生涯 a theatrical teacher 戏剧老师 theatricality: n. 戏剧风格;不自然;夸张 戏剧风格;不自然;

中国国家大剧院 China's National Grand Theater

悉尼歌剧院 Sydney Opera House

巴黎歌剧院 Opéra de Paris /Paris Opera
The Phantom of the Opera 歌剧魅影

维也纳国家歌剧院 Wienna Staatsoper

seat: n.座位 : 座位
have a good seat(place) take a seat : 座下来,就座 take your seat/take a seat Is the seat taken? 这个座位有人吗?no/yes seat belt : 安全带 safety belt seat : vt.可以接宾语 sit: vi. 不接宾语 sit down, please. be seated, please. take your seat , please When all those present(到场者) lecture.(重点题) A.sit B. set C.seated

请就座 he began his D D. were seated

play : n. 戏
TV play series 电视连续剧 a radio play 广播剧 v. play the piano 弹钢琴 play a part in sth. 发挥作用 The media plays a important part in our life. 传媒在我们生活照扮演了一个非常重要的 角色 playboy 花花公子 player 游戏者,玩家,运动员 playground 操场

angry adj. 生气的
cross: 非常生气 Please don’t cross, let me explain. annoyed: 恼火的;

He was annoyed to find himself going red.
Mad adj. very angry 气疯了 The noise is driving me mad. be blue in the face 脸气绿了

I am blue in the face. angrily adv. 生气的

attention n. 注意
Attention ,please. 请注意 pay attention :注意 pay attention to : 对什么注意 You must pay attention to your health. attract/ draw attention 吸引注意 eg. Films with stars always attract great attention . As the youngest child, she was always the center of attention.

bear : (bore , borne) v. 容忍
bear stand endure I can't bear/stand/endure you put up with :忍受 I could not put up with 15 hours’ working everyday. bear n.熊 a black bear a bear market :熊市 a bull market: 牛市

business n. 事
business man :生意人 do business: 做生意 business trip 出差 go to some place on business:因公出差 It is my business. It is none of your business. Business is business. 公事公办 Let’s get down to our business. 让我们言归正传。

Note on the text
go to the theatre 去戏院 go to + place(地点) go to the hospital go to school go to the cinema 表示去某地干什么 去医院看病 去上学 去看电影

go to + 人’s 表示去这个人开的店或者某人家 go to the doctor’s 去看医生 go to the butcher’s 去买肉 go to the Sally’s 去Sally家

enjoy + sth. 喜欢;从中得到一种享受 喜欢;
eg. I enjoy the class/music/book/movie. enjoy yourself/ have fun: 玩的开心

sit behind sb.


behind: 在...后面 in front of :在...前面 (相对静止的概念) before : 在...前面 (+词、句子、一定和时 间相连) above: 在...上面 ahead of: 在...前面 (+时间、位置)(动态的 行为)

I turn round. 我回过头去 turn round = turn around 转身 turn sb. away : 拒绝,(戏院,电影院等)不让进。 turn back 掉头,折回 turn back the clock 重归于好,倒退 turn on/ off 打开/关掉 turn into 变成 turn sb./sth. into sb. In a flash light, the prince turned into a frog.

Famous Operas

芝加哥( 芝加哥(Chicago) )

歌剧院的幽灵(The Phantom of the Opera)


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