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摘 要 改革开放以来,中国对外贸易差额由逆转顺,近年来更是持续增长。对外贸 易顺差及由此引发的贸易摩擦和人民币汇率问题成为中国经济发展中的热点问 题,对中国经济和世界经济产生了重要影响,引起了国内外政府和社会各界的高 度重视。 本文从资源价格、环境成本、产业群体、国家贸易政策、居民储蓄率、加工 贸易的特点等六个方面分析了我国外贸顺差产生的原因, 阐述了外贸顺差对我国 外贸的影响

,提出了减少中国对外贸易顺差的对策和建议,这其中包括外汇储备 政策的调整和财政政策的调整,同时还就中国目前的对外贸易形势下,采取这些 对策的具体方法和必要性进行了分析, 为切实的解决中国对外贸易中存在的问题 提供了真实可行的方法。 关键词: 贸易顺差; 货币政策; 外汇储备 Abstract In this paper, continuing our current trade surplus of the current situation, revealing the many years of accumulated surplus generated by positive and negative effects, especially the impact on monetary policy effectiveness. China's trade surplus in promoting the surge, high-speed growth, the GDP of China's macroeconomic stability operation posed a challenge. Analysis of the foreign trade surplus because of the existence of necessity, put forward policy proposals to ease trade surplus: the system of foreign exchange reserves, the use of tax lever open to adjust strategy to expand domestic demand and so on. In recent years, the United States repeatedly asked China to revalue its currency, the yuan, to solve the trade imbalance. Balance of RMB exchange rate is objective existence, but due to the complexity of the real economy, no one can accurately calculate the equilibrium exchange rate of foreign trade surplus, this paper discusses the essence of social work is to save the basis of RMB exchange rate changes that has little effect on China's trade surplus with the United States, and Ⅱ the motivation to revalue the renminbi, this rationally


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