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中山市八年级英语第一期学期期末测试卷 2015

中山市 2015-2016 学年第一学期期末水平测试试卷
一、单项填空 ( ) 1.Tom is good at computer science, and he wants to be a (an) _____. A. computer programmer B. cook C. engineer D. actor ( ) 2.—____is it from your home to the school? —About ten minutes’ walk. A. How far B. Did, go C. Do, went D. How soon ( ) 3.—____you____ to see the film? —Yes, I did. A. Did, went B. Did, go C. Do, went D. Do, go ( ) 4.—There_____ the talent show The Voice of China tomorrow. A. will have B. are going to be C. is going to be D. are going to have ( ) 5. She is ____ than any other girl in her class. So she is _____. A. outgoing, more outgoing B. more outgoing, most outgoing C. more outgoing, the most outgoing D. most outgoing, most outgoing ( ) 6. I can’t get_____ because my family isn’t_______________. A. money enough, rich enough B. enough money, enough rich C. enough money, rich enough D. money enough, enough rich ( ) 7. —Will people use money_____ 100 years? —No, they won’t. Everything will be free. A. on B. in C. at D. with ( ) 8. —What do you think of talk show? —_______________. A. It doesn’t matter B. They can’t stand C. It’s all right D. I don’t mind them ( ) 9. —What’ s on _______ side of the hill, mum?—A big lake. A. other B. others C. another D. the other ( ) 10. —Do you think our class will beat Class 3 in the football match? —Yes, we have better players. I _____ us to win. ( ) 11. In the game, you should keep your hands_____ and your eyes______. A. opened, closed B. open, close C. opened, close D. open, closed ( ) 12. The Yangzi River is one of _____ in the world. A. the longest rivers B. the longest river C. longest rivers D. longest river ( ) 13.—Do you know Bigbang? —Sure. They often ______ on TV. I know them very well. A. happens B. appears C. becomes D. takes ( ) 14. That made me ______ very excited. A. to feel B. feeling C. felt D. feel ( ) 15.— What do you ______ My Love from the Star? — Pretty good. It is popular with many people. ( ) 16. Although Peter and Rick are brothers, they have little ___common. A. for B. on C. in D. of

( ) 17.—The winter vacation is coming. Where do you want to go? —Oh, we are planning _____ the Great Wall. A. visit B. to visit C. visiting D. visited ( ) 18.—Shall we have a picnic tomorrow? —______ the weather is fine, we will go. A. If B. As C. When D. Because ( ) 19. This meeting is very important to him, so I think he _____ it _____. A. take...serious B. takes ...serious C. take …seriously D. takes…seriously ( ) 20.—Susan, you did a good job in the final exam. —_________. A. Thank you B. You’re welcome C. That’s all right D. No problem 二、完形填空 Jack ____ in a small town in England. He always stayed in England____ his holiday, but last year he thought, “I’ve never been to ____ countries. All my friends go to Spain, ____ they like it very much, so this year I’m going there, too.” So he got on a ____ to Spain and____ at the airport of the capital, Madrid, and stayed in a hotel for a few days. On the first morning he went ____ for a walk. In England people drive on the left, but in Spain they drive on the right. Jack forgot about this, and ____ he was walking on a busy street, a bicycle knocked him down. Jack ____ on the ground for a few minutes and then he sat up and said, “Where am I?” Just then an old man selling maps went past him. When he heard Jack’s words, he said to him____, “Maps of the city, sir?” ( ) 21. A. flew B. lived C. went D. dropped ( ) 22. A. for B. off C. with D. into ( ) 23. A. all B. both C. other D. any ( ) 24. A. and B. but C. though D. however ( ) 25. A. bus B. plane C. train D. bike ( ) 26. A. reached B. left C. arrived D. stayed ( ) 27. A. down B. up C. away D. out ( ) 28. A. before B. while C. since D. after ( ) 29. A. lay B. stood C. fell D. jumped ( ) 30. A. once again B. on time C. at times D. at once

三、阅读理解 A Spanish Dancing Spanish dancing is fun and easy to learn. Come and learn this wonderful dance from Spain. Place: John Smith’s Time: 7:30 pm- 9:30 pm Date: July 1-31 Tel: 301-2768 Price: ¥60

Live Pop Music Enjoy the music from Jay Chou, the famous pop singer. Place: The music hall Price: ¥200-¥250 Date: July 20-22 Time: 8:00 pm- 10:00 pm

Shows – Daqian Museum Daqian Museum has over 1000 pieces on display here. Come and see the whole of Chinese history! Place: Daqian Museum Price: ¥50 (half for students) Time: Monday to Friday;8:30 am-5:30 pm Weekends: 9:00 am- 8:00pm Tel: 271-1399 Date: July 1-August 31


) 31. If you want to learn dancing, you can call___________. A. 271-1399 B. 488-6888 C. 231-2899 D. 301-2768


) 32. You can enjoy Jay Chou’s music at __________ in the music hall. A. 9:00 pm on July 23 B. 8:00 pm on July 20

C. 7:30 pm every day (

D. 9:30 pm on July 1

) 33. You can learn _________ at John Smith’s. B. pop songs D. Spanish dancing

A. American Jazz

C. the whole of Chinese history (

) 34. There is a big show on history at _____________. B. the music hall D. the meeting hall

A. Daqian Museum C. John Smith’s

( ) 35. If Mr. Zhong wants to go to the museum with his wife and ten-year-old daughter, how much should he pay for it? A. ¥70. B.¥100. C.¥125. D.¥200.

B Last autumn my parents were studying in Canada, and brought me over with them. It was soon my birthday. Then came Halloween. Once I asked Mum why there was Halloween. She told me a lot about ghosts (鬼) . “ Sweets are like good words for the dead,” Mum told me. “The more, the better. They can help the dead go to a better place. ” On the day before Halloween, Mum bought me witches’(女巫) clothes. They were black, with a hat. The next day, at about 6:30 pm, I went out with my parents. It was dark. Many people got together around a house. They were asking for sweets. Lots of children were dressed in different clothes. I pushed in and stretched (伸) out my hand. I got some. “Wow! There's nothing hard about this,” I thought. Some kids left the house and started to ask for sweets door to door. I decided to go with them. I wanted more. I was a little afraid at first. But the people at each house were very kind. They gave me lots of sweets. When I went home that day, I found that my sweets could fill a whole big box! “The sweets could last through the year!” I thought, and they did. 36. My parents lived in Canada for last year. A. studying B. making money C. a tour D. a visit to me 37. My mother bought me witches’ clothes for_____. A. my birthday B. Halloween

C. family party D. my new semester 38. I asked for sweets door to door_____. A. on the morning of my birthday B. on the evening before Halloween C. on the morning of Halloween D. on the evening of Halloween 39. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. I went over to Canada with my parents last autumn. B. On Halloween, the more sweets you get, the better it is. C. It was not easy for me to ask for sweets door to door. D. People were very kind when I asked for sweets. 40. What is the best title for the passage? A. Life in Canada B. An Unforgettable Halloween C. My Special Birthday D. My Visit to Canada C ( ) 41. Judy likes traveling all over the world. But she has to make a plan for it, since she just starts working and has not saved so much money. She needs to look for a cheaper one. ( ) 42. Mr. Black enjoys doing sports in order to keep fit. As he is very busy during the weekdays, and he has to take sports on weekends. ( ) 43. Pat likes English and enjoys reading English newspapers and magazines, and watch English programs on TV. ( ) 44. The Browns want to have dinner in a restaurant. The best restaurant for him is to see the sea while enjoying some delicious food and good service as well. ( ) 45. Sandy wants to have sport activities, such as playing basketball, football and tennis every day.

A. Sports Club You can learn how to play basketball and other sports. That makes you relaxed. Welcome to be a member of basketball club. Every day 3:30-5:00. B. International Travel Agency

It can help you who like traveling make vacation plan. America 7 days’ tour, Canada 6 days’ tour, Europe 14 days’ tour with cheaper price this month. Welcome to join us! C. Center Library There are many kinds of books in it, including some English books. There are also many English programs in it, such as English films, English news and so on. You can enjoy yourself in the reading room. D. English Courses There are some English courses for school students, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. E. Welcome to Tianhe Sports Center You can learn how to swim, how to play football, basketball, table tennis and so on. It opens from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. F. Five star Hotel International Hotel Near the seaside, with different kinds of comfortable rooms and good restaurant to provide you with many kinds of sea fish. You can not only see the sea, but also enjoy the seafood. G. Tao Yuan Restaurant With many kinds of delicious food and good service. Add: No. 1 Zhongshan Road, Tel: 8881638

四、短文填空 Reality TV shows(真人秀节目) are popular these days. There are different ____ of programs such as singing competition and cooking competition. Reality TV shows ____ some advantages(好处).First of all, with so many kinds of reality. TV shows, people can choose what they are interested ____. Some people like watching singing programs ____ building houses or traveling around the world. ____, reality TV shows are a good way to find talented people. Some people can get jobs by ____ part in the shows. Thirdly, people on the shows can have interesting experiences and meet new people. Reality TV shows have disadvantages, _____. Some people think reality TV shows are a good ____ for them to become famous. ____, most successful and famous people work hard all their lives. Also, sometimes the people on the shows have to do something difficult or dangerous. Another disadvantage is that some programs don’t have ____ special and this makes them boring.


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