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0145 翻译:两只小狮子(佚名) Translation: Two Little Lions (Anonymous) (translated by: alexcwlin; edited by: Adam Lam) 狮子妈妈生下了两只小狮子。 Mother Lion gave birth to two little lions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------一只小狮子整天练习滚、扑、撕、咬,非常刻苦。 One little lion all day long practiced very hard on rolling, pouncing, tearing, and biting. 另一只却懒洋洋地晒太阳,什么也不干。 The other one only sunbathed lazily and did nothing else. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------一棵小树问懒狮子:“你怎么不学点儿本领啊?” A small tree asked the lazy lion: “Why don’t you learn some skills?” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------懒狮子抬起头来,慢吞吞地说:“我才不去吃那苦头呢!” The lazy lion raised its head and said languidly: “I wouldn’t go to endure the hardship.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------小树说:“那你以后怎样生活呢?” Little Tree said: “How are you going to manage making a living from now on?” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------懒狮子说:“我爸爸和妈妈是林中的大王, The lazy lion said: “My father and mother are king and queen of the jungle. 凭着他们的地位,我会生活得很好!” Relying on their positions, I’ll live very well.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------这话被狮子妈妈听到了,她对懒狮子说:“孩子,将来我们老了,不在了,你靠呢? This dialogue was heard by Mother Lion and she said to the lazy lion: “My child, when we get old or pass away, whom would you be counting on? 你也应该学会生活的本领,做一只真正的狮子!” You should learn some survival skills to become a real lion.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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