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新版PEP五年级下册第一单元My day B let's talk教案

课题 Unit 1 My day Part B Let’s talk 备课时间 3月 16 日 教学内容: 1.What do you do on the weekend? I often watch TV and play ping-pong with my father .2.why are you shopping today?3.That sounds like a lot of fun. 4.need 用 法。

教学(学习)目标 1.学生能够理解对话大意。 2.能按照正确的语音、语调、意群朗读对话,并能进行角 色表演。 3.能够在情境中运用句型 What do you do on the weekend? I often …就周末活动提出问题并回答。 4.能够在语境中理解 Why are you shopping today ?的意 思,并能正确发音。

评价设计 听 Let’s try 部分, 小组交流完成选 择。 观看对话视频,小 组交流。

教学过程 Preparation—准备活动 1、常用 wh-特殊疑问词顺口溜: Wh 来开头,特殊疑问词要牢记; What what 用途广,要问“什么”用 what; When when“啥时候” ,要 Where wher 批注

问时间就用 when;

“在哪里” ,要问地点用 where; Why why“为什么” ,要问原因用 why. 2、Free talk:复习 A 部分主句型(句 型接龙) up? S1: When do you get S2: At7 o’clock.

When do you eat breakfast? When do you have English class? S4: At 9 o’clock.

Presentation—新知呈现 1、Let’s try Listen and circle. Where is Sarah? 2、Let’s talk 1)Sarah is in the shop.出示 talk 中 的图片继续说: What are they talking about? Listen and find out. What does
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Sarah do on the weekend? 2)Let’s check:师带领生通读全文, 讲解重难点单词及句型。 ①shop→shopping ②w,or 来相遇,or 变成 |3:||3:||3:|,work→worked→last ③out→ou→oun→sound ④al+so→also ⑤ee→need ⑥-What do you do on the weekend?\-What does he\she\... do on the weekend? –I\He\She\...+often\usually\...+动词 短语原形. 3、Listen and repeat. 4、个人读\小组读\集体读\展示

1、周末活动词组大集合:请大家说 出更多学过的动词词组。 Practice—巩固操练 2、Ask the question and then pass it on: 多名同学为一组,按照顺序第一 名同学运用句型 “What do you do on
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the weekend?”向第二名同学提问, 接着第二名同学用句型“I often…\I usually…”回答并运用句型“What do you do on the weekend?”向第三 名同学提问,第三名同学回答,以 此类推做对话练习,可以用方框所 给的短语。 Production—输出拓展 Shopping 情景再构, 鼓励大胆创新。

Progress—输出运用 1、Ex. 2、Summary&Homework

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