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选修6unit2words and expressions

Unit 2 Poems
Words and expressions
广西贵港民族中学 方平金

Task 1: 重点单词及短语 transform 1_____________ vi.& vt.转化;转换;改造;变换 →________________n transformation .转化, 变革 (1)___________

____________________ transform into…. 转化成……;改造为…… be transformed from…into… (2)_________________________________ 由……变成…… transform…into…. (3)______________________________ change…into 使……变成……


①That country is transforming from a backward agricultural country into _________ an advanced industrial one. from ②She was transformed ___________a into commonlooking little girl _________a pretty young woman.

2. _____________n .交换;交流;互换; exchange vt.& vi.调换;交换 归纳拓展: in exchange (for) (1)_______________________________ 作为…的交换 exchange sth. for sth. (2)_______________________________ 用……交换…… (3)_______________________________ exchange sth. with sb. 与某人交换某物

根据句子意思用exchange的相关短语填空。 ①I've offered to paint the kitchen in exchange for _____________________ a week's food. ②We students should often ____________ exchange with ideas __________ our parents, who are rich in experience, and above all, love us most in the world. exchange some pounds ③I'd like to_____________ for ______________ dollars.

3. _________________ adj.适当的;正当的 appropriate inappropriate →_________________ (反义词)adj.不适当的 →_________________adv. 适当地 appropriately


be appropriate for / to (1)__________________________________ 对……适合;适于 It is appropriate that sb. (should) do ... (2)__________________________________ It is appropriate for sb. to do sth. (3)_______________________________ 某人做……是恰当/合适的


It is not appropriate that students ①___________________________________ (should) use cell phones at school. ___________________________________ It is not appropriate for students ②___________________________________

to use cell phones at school. ___________________________________


run out of (1) ___________________
run out (2)___________________


ran out of ①They __________________ money and had
to give up the project.

ran out ②Their money__________________ so they
had to give up the project..

Task2: 用介词或所给词的适当形式填空。
1.Your baggage will be conveyed ___________(convey)

by helicopter from the airport to your hotel.
2.The local government has been accused of not responding appropriately ____________(appropriate) to the demands of the homeless.

out 3.He tried __________ different patterns and
preferred nursery rhyme______particular. in

sponsored (sponsor) 4.The exhibition was ____________
by the Society of Culture.

5. It is high time that the old educational
systems were ____________(transform). transformed

6.This diamond heart will eventually ____________
(eventual) get success.

Task3: Sentence correction. 1.It is not appropriate of a student to litter about.


2.Our plan needs to be flexibly enough to satisfy the demandsflexible of everyone. 3.She has run out of her money and her patience is also running out of.

4.You've been working hard all afternoon. Jack, sit down and take easy for a few minutes.


5.The following is a translation of one of his works making up of 3 sections.

made 6.With warmth transformed into sunlight, he
said he could forever fly. from 7.Concrete, this novel consists of three

Concretely sections.
8.In this letter, I would like to convey my
sincere appreciation for you for your



Task4: Translation. 诗歌传达(convey)某种情感(emotion),能把现 实转换成(transform)文学。通过诗歌,你可以 和朋友们交流(exchange)感情;通过诗歌,你 可以卸下心中的包袱(take a load off your mind)。只要我们热爱生活,灵感 Poems convey certain emotions. It can (inspiration)就不会枯竭(run out of)。所以, transform reality into literature, through 无论发生了什么,欣赏自然,品味生活是十分 which you can exchange your feelings 必要的也是十分合适的 (appropriate) 。 with your friends, or take a load off your mind. Only if we love life will we never run out of our inspirations. So it is necessary and appropriate for us to enjoy nature and taste life whatever happens.

Reflection: 1.我学会了: _________________________ 2.还没掌握的: _____________________________

3.易错点: ______________________________


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