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2016 下半年四川教师公招考试资讯: 2016 下半年四川教师公招资格复审公告汇总 2016 下半年四川教师公招面试公告汇总 2016 四川教师公招面试辅导资料

2016 下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:《cultrualrelics》说 课稿
Good afternoon, My dear judges!I am the third competitor. It’s my pleasure to stand here sharing my teaching plan with you. The topic is Unit 1 Cultural relics. Today I focus on listening part. My plan is composed of several parts. First of all, I’ll talk about analysis of teaching material. Part 1 Teaching Material: My lesson is from New Senior English for China Book2 Unit1. The main topic is about Cultural relics. By studying this unit, Students will know some information about cultural relics and improve their listening skills. Listening skill is a basic ability, so it plays an important role for students’ further study. Secondly, I’d like to state the analysis of students. Part 2 Students Students are under a stage of growing and developing, they are unique and independent. They have gained basic listening skills. However, they lack background knowledge about listening materials. Thus I will take special activity to help them. According to the new curriculum standard, instruction should change its final goal from teaching knowledge to teaching strategies. I set aims as follows. Part 3 Teaching Aim 1.Knowledge objects (语言目标:语音,词汇,语法,功能,话题) The Ss can master the important words and expressions, such as trial, explode, entrance, and knowing background knowledge about the listening materials. 2.Ability objects (技能目标:听,说,读,写) SS can improve their reading skills and use different listening strategies to grasp useful information in daily life.

3.Emotional objects (情感目标:兴趣,自信,合作,爱国,国际视野) SS will be interested in listening class and be confident to use English. Part 4 the Key and Difficult Points Next, I put forward the key points and difficult points. The key point is to master important words and phrases correctly. The difficult point is to improve their listening skills and increase their confidence in learning English. Part 5 Teaching and Studying methods In this class, I will mainly use Task-based teaching method and cooperation learning methods. Part 6 Teaching Procedure Now let’s come into the most important part of my plan-Teaching procedure.it consists of 5 parts. Step1. Lead in The first step is lead in. In this step, I will begin like that, boys and girls, are you familiar with the sentences: I object,it’s from a lawyer. In a trial, judges should tell the fact and opinions from the layers and witnesses. What’s the difference between fact and opinion? Let’s read a passage. Who can give us examples? Tony, please, wonderful. His example is that: If a bag is stolen, I doubt Mike, because he is so worried. It’s just an opinion. If I see my bag is on his house. It’s a fact. Today we will be judges to find the truth about amble room. Through this free talk, I can attract SS’ attentions and interest in Women of achievement. It can lay a foundation for the next reading. Step2. Pre-listening In the pre-listening step, Firstly, I will teach important words and phrases, such as trial, explode, entrance. Next, I will show the story of Jan Chase. And ask them a question: Do you think it’s a fact or an opinion? And why? SS will discuss it in pairs in 3 minutes. Then I will invite some ss to share ideas. Step3. While-listening When they are listening, I will set 3 tasks. 1. Fast reading

Task1. First listening SS will listen to the passage for the first time and get the main idea of it. One student will write it on the blackboard. Purpose: By the first listening ,students can have a global understanding about the listening material and improve extensive listening skills. Task2.Second listening Then I will ask SS to listen it again and fill the blanks .in 3 minutes.

This task helps students get more information and can improve their listening ability. 2. Intensive listening Now, let’s go to the intensive reading. I will ask students to listen the material carefully and write down their facts and opinions.

My design intends to help them get detailed information about Healthy diet and comprehend the passage deeply. Step4. Post-listening Task1. After reading the passage, I will make a role play: one ss acts as judge, the other 3 ss act as witness .the judge should decide who gave the best evidence. Make a dialogue between them. Now discuss which witness gave the best evidence. SS will

discuss this within 5 minutes, then some groups will have a presentation. Others will be judges to give them points. Discussion used here is to develop their communicative skills and improve comprehensive ability of language usage. After the post-listening step, I will ask students to conclude what we have learned today, then I will arrange homework. Collect more information about the trial story and find out a trial then try to be a judge to prove a witness with the best evidence. They will share their ideas in the next class. Step5. Summary and homework Homework is necessary to consolidate their knowledge and improve their writing skills. Part7. Blackboard design At last, I will talk about my blackboard design. Students can see the content of this lesson clearly. That’s all. Thank you for listening.




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