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Lecturer: Sunhai tao Address: ZhanhuaNo1.Middle School

Lecturer: Sunhai tao Address: ZhanhuaNo1.Middle School

Tian’an men

The Great Wall


ua University

Peking University

the National Stadium, known as "Bird's Nest"

the inner view of the Bird's Nest

Read the passage quickly and decide how many transport are mentioned in the text. What are they? Taxis

Buses and trolleybuses
Minibuses Underground Pedicabs Match these words with the following pictures







Read the passage again carefully and match the words in the box with their meanings. destination fare get around permit (n) receipt return (n) single (n) rush hour 1 to go from one place to another ________ get around return (n) 2 (a ticket for) a two-way journey ________ 3 the busiest time of day ________ rush hour 4 the price of a ticket ________ fare 5(a ticket for) a one-way journey ________ single (n) 6 the place you want to go to ________ receipt destination 7 a document which shows you have paid for things 8 a document which gives you the right to do things permit (n)

Let’s read the passage paragraph by paragraph
1.Read the first paragraph and answer the following questions 1)How easy is it to find a taxi in Beijing? Simply raise your hand, and a taxi appears in no time. 2)What should you do when you take a taxi? You should check the cab has a business permit ,and make sure you ask for a receipt.

2.Read the second paragraph and decide if these sentences are true(T) or false(F) 1)There are 20,000 buses and trolley buses, so they are not crowded. (F) 2)Air-conditioned buses cost less than ordinary ones. (F) 3)Buses numbered 1 to 100 are limited to travel (F) outside the city. 4)If you sit upstairs in a double-decker bus, you’ll (T) have a good view of the city. (F) 5)There is not a night bus service at all.

Read the third paragraph and choose the best answe 1)How many people can get in a minibus?( A) A.12 B.1 C.4 D.50 2) Minibuses offer an alternative to _____taxis and _____ public transport.(C ) A. expensive, empty B. cheap, empty C. expensive, crowded D. cheap, crowded 3) Which transport can you take if you want to get a seat in rush hours.( D) A. Buses B. Underground C. Pedicabs D. Minibuses

4. Listen to the forth paragraph and fill in the blanks 1)Several underground lines are under__________. construction convenient 2) Trains are fast and _________________________. 3 yuan 3) A one-way trip costs________________________. 4) The underground is open from _____to_______. 5am 11:00pm

5. Read the fifth paragraph and choose the best Choice 1)Which transport can you take if you want to explore the narrow alleys of old Beijing?( C) A. Buses B. Underground C. Pedicabs D. Minibuses 2) Before you begin your journey by pedicabs, you should _________.( B) A. stay at the station B. make sure you know the price C. buy a ticket D. ask for receipt

Complete the table by scanning the text
Vehicles Working hours Advantages Disadvant -ages Advice

raise, check,permit Taxis 24hours in on time make sure avoid, miss, 5:00am, provide,cheap get impressive, Buses and midnight get around crowded trolleybuses sit upstairs, fare have a good view offer Minibuses alternative 5:00am, fast Underground 11:00pm convenient terrible worth using expensivemake sure, know Pedicabs begin the journey explore

you write an open letter to call on more people to ride a bike or use public transport as much as possible to relieve the traffic pressure.

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