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高中英语 Module 2 Grammar课件 外研版必修4

外研版 高一年级(必修4) Module 2

Grammar: Imperatives

祈使句 表示命令, 请求, 建议, 劝告或号召的句子 叫做祈使句。祈使句可分为第二人称祈 使句和第一, 三人称祈使句。祈使句的主 语为 you, 通常省略, 谓语动词使用原形, 句末用感叹号或句号。祈使句的主语为 第一, 三人称句子结构为: Le

t+ 动词原形 +其他成分或Let’s+动词原形+其他成分。

例句: 主语为第二人称 (1). Switch off the motor. (2). Follow the rules of the road. (3). Don’t leave the light on.

主语为第一, 三人称 Let me see. Let her come here at eight o’clock. Let us help you tidy your room. Let’s have a break.

1. 祈使句的否定式: 第二人称祈使句一般 在句首加don’t; 第一人称祈使句一般在人 称代词后加not; 第三人称祈使句一般在句 首加don’t 。 有时为了加强祈使句的语气, 可以在谓语 动词前加do。 例如:Don’t be late again. Don’t let her be alone. Let us not talk of that matter. Do study hard at school.

2. 加强祈使句的语气:有时为了使语气更 委婉,可以使用Will / Would / Could you + 动词原形、在句末加please、在句末加 will you / shall we、 Why not / Why don’t you + 动词原形、You’d better + 动词原形、 I suggest ...等。例如: Would you come to dinner with me tonight?

3. 祈使句表祝愿的方式: Success to you! Wish you a good journey. May you have a happy marriage. Here’s to your success! Allow me to propose a toast to our friendship!

4. 含let 的祈使句:Let somebody v/adv. Let’s be friends. Let me have a try, will you? Let him in, please.

5. 不用动词开头的祈使句。 To pumps, every one of you! To the airport, taxi! Down with the pens! No smoking! No parking! No spitting! No litter! No admittance except on business!

break go keep look ride stop stay watch out go on the pavement. 1. Don’t ________ Stay in the bicycle lanes. 2. _____ 3. Stop ______ at red traffic lights. 4. ______ Keep the rules of the road.

5. Watch _________ out for pedestrians. 6. ______ Look behind you before you turn right or left. 7. __________ Don’t ride in the middle of the road.

1. Stand over there ___ D you’ll be able to see

it better.
A. or B. while C. but D. and

2. I’ve never seen anyone run so fast ---______ A David go.

A. just watch

B. just to watch

C. just watching D. just having watched

3. Let us pass, _______? D

A. shan’t we
C. won’t we A. shall you C. do you

B. shall we
D. will you B. will you D. don’t you

4. Wait a minute, ______? B

5. – Alice, you feed the bird today, ____? – But I fed it yesterday. A. do you B. will you C. didn’t you D. don’t you 本题中Alice 并不是句子的主语, 而是祈 使句, 为了引起对方的注意。

6. ___ down the radio—the baby’s asleep in the next room. A. Turning B. Turned C. Turn D. To turn 祈使句以动词原形开头。

7. – How about a film tonight? – ____ I haven’t been to the cinema for a long time. A. Yes, thanks B. Why not? C. No, go away D. It’s a pity. --今晚去看电影怎样? --为什么不呢? 我很久没去过电影院了。

8. You’d better not smoke here, _______? A. will you B. shall you C. have you D. had you 有had better 的句子构成反意疑问句, 用 had 构成。

9. Don’t forget to phone me, ______? A. do you B. needn’t you C. won’t you D. will you 否定祈使句的反意疑问句用will 构成。

10. Let’s have a cup of tea, ________? A. shall you B. will you C. shall we D. won’t you
以let’s 开头的祈使句用shall we, 以let us开头的祈使句用 will you, 构成反意 疑问句。

? Finish the related exercises on WB. ? Review the the grammar of this period.

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