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必修五第二单元 the United Kingdom learning about the language

Unit 2 The United Kingdom Learning about language 一 1,unwilling 3,conveniences 5,constructing 7,administration 2,countryside 4,clarify 6,kingdom 8,accomplish 9,enjoyable be unwillingto do/furnished house/ using fax /the possibility of/that/ be familiar with Complete these questions or answers using vocabulary from the text. Then read them aloud with a partner.(P12) 1. Q: What is the currency ________ of the Great Britain? A: Pounds and pence. 2. Q: What is the flag of the United Kingdom called? A: _______________ The Union Jack . Northern Ireland 3. Q: What countries does the ______ UnitedKingdom _________? consist of A: England, Scotland, Scotland Wales plus(a./prep) Northern Wales Ireland. England 4. Q: Which part of the British Isles ___________ broke away from the United Kingdom? A: Southern Ireland. Southern Ireland institutionsare different in 5. Q: Which ___________ each country of the United Kingdom? A: Education and law. 三,1,asked2,whispered 3,screamed 4, begged 5,agreed 6,answered 7,shouted 8, complained 9,suggested Revision 1. John Snow became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera. Finally, He concluded that the polluted water was to blame inspired 用于连系动词become 后做 _____ 表 语,表示人的心理状态exposed to cholera 做后置____ 定 语修饰people,polluted 做前置_____ 定 语,修饰water,表示被动或完成。 Discovering useful structures 1.Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. 2.You find most of the population settled in th



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