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完形填空 专题二 第3课时 练习



Cloze 1 体裁:说明文 话题:环境保护 词数:290 时间:16′

(2015· 安徽卷)In our modern world,when something wears out,we throw it away and buy a new one.The__1__is that countries around the world have growing mountains of __2__because people are throwing out more rubbish than ever before. How did we__3__a throwaway society?First of all,it is now easier to__4__an object than to spend time and money to repair it.__5__modern manufacturing (制造业) and technology , companies are able to produce products quickly and inexpensively.Products are plentiful and__6__. Another cause is our__7__of disposable (一次性的) products.As__8__people, we are always looking for__9__to save time and make our lives

easier.Companies__10__thousands of different kinds of disposable products:paper plates,plastic cups,and cameras,to name a few. Our appetite for new products also__11__to the problem.We are__12__buying new things.Advertisements persuade us that__13__is better and that we will be happier with the latest products.The result is that we__14__useful possessions to make room for new ones. All around the world , we can see the__15__of this throwaway

lifestyle.Mountains of rubbish just keep getting bigger.To__16__the amount of rubbish and to protect the__17__,more governments are requiring people to recycle materials.__18__,this is not enough to solve (解决) our problem. Maybe there is another way out.We need to repair our

possessions__19__throwing them away.We also need to rethink our attitudes about__20__.Repairing our possessions and changing our spending habits may be the best way to reduce the amount of rubbish and take care of our environment. 【语篇解读】 文章主要讲的是堆积如山的垃圾给环境带来的影响。随着社会的 发展,人们倾向于扔掉用旧了的东西,以新物品取而代之。而且,包装盒等一次

性产品给人们带来方便的同时,也给环境带来很大的压力。 1.A.key 答案 D B.reason C.project D.problem


C.项目;D.问题。根据第二行“the world...”可知,出现的问题是垃圾堆积如山, 故选 D。] 2.A.gifts 答案 B.rubbish C.debt D.products

B [句意: 因为人们扔掉垃圾比以往任何时候都多。考查上下文逻辑关

系。根据下文中的 throwing out more rubbish 可知。] 3.A.face 答案 4.A.hide 答案 C B.become C.observe D.change

B [句意:我们如何成为一个一次性的社会?考查动词辨析。] B.control C.replace D.withdraw

[句意: 首先, 现在我们可以更容易地替换一个对象要比花时间和金

钱来修复它更容易。] 5.A.Thanks to 答案 B.As to C.Except for D.Regardless of

A [句意:由于现代制造业和技术,公司能够迅速而廉价地制造产品。

考查介词短语辨析。A.幸亏;由于;B.至于;关于;C.除??之外;D.不顾; 不管。] 6.A.safe 答案 C B.funny C.cheap D.powerful

[句意:产品丰富多样并且廉价。 考查形容词辨析。A.安全的;B.

滑稽可笑的;D.强大的;强有力的;均不符合题意。] 7.A.love 答案 B.lack C.prevention D.division

A [句意:一次性的另一个原因是我们的爱(一次性的产品)。考查名词

辨析。B.缺乏;C.预防;阻碍;D.部门;分割。] 8.A.sensitive 答案 B.kind C.brave D.busy

D [句意:对于忙碌的人而言,我们一直在寻找方法来节省时间,让我

们的生活更容易。 考查生活常识。A.敏感的;B.和蔼的;C.勇敢的。] 9.A.ways 答案 B.places C.jobs D.friends

A [句意:见 8 题。way to do sth 为固定搭配。] B.receive C.produce D.preserve





塑料杯,照相机,等等。 考查逻辑关系。A.捐赠;B.收到;D.保护;维持。] 11.A.adapts 答案 B.returns C.responds D.contributes

D [句意:我们的新产品需求也导致一些问题。 考查固定短语搭配。

A.适应;改编;B.返回;回复;C.对??做出反应。D.contribute to “有助于; 导致”。] 12.A.tired of C.worried about 答案 B B.addicted to D.ashamed for


倦;B.对??上瘾;迷恋于??;C.担心;D.为??感到惭愧。] 13.A.newer 答案 B.stronger C.higher D.larger

A [句意: 广告说服我们: 越新越好。 我们会更乐于使用最新产品。 考

查生活常识。] 14.A.pick up C.hold onto 答案 B.pay for D.throw away

D [句意:结果是,我们扔掉有用的东西,为新的物品腾出空间。 考

查上下文逻辑关系。A.捡起;学会;B.付款;赔偿;C.紧紧抓住,抓住不放; 保持住;D.扔掉,丢弃。] 15.A.advantages C.functions 答案 B.purposes D.consequences

D [句意:在世界各地,我们可以看到这种一次性生活方式的后果。

考查名词辨析。A.优势;优点;B.目的;C.功能;D.后果;结果。] 16.A.show 答案 C B.record C.decrease D.measure


材料。考查动词辨析。A.显示;表明;B.记录;记载;C.减少;D.测量;权 衡。] 17.A.technology C.consumers 答案 B.environment D.brands

B [句意: 见 16 题。 考查上下文逻辑关系。 由文章最后的 take care of

our environment 可知。] 18.A.However C.Therefore 答案 A B.Otherwise D.Meanwhile

[句意:然而,这并不足以解决我们的问题。 考查联系副词。A.

可是;然而;B.否则; C.因此;D.与此同时。] 19.A.by C.after 答案 B.in favour of D.instead of D [句意: 我们需要修复我们的财产而不是丢弃。 考查介词和介词短

语辨析。B.支持;赞成。] 20.A.spending C.repairing 答案 B.collecting D.advertising

A [句意:我们还需要重新思考我们对消费的态度。 考查逻辑关系。

由上文可知。] Cloze 2 体裁:说明文 话题:语言学习 词数:253 时间:15′

(2013· 安徽卷)If you want to learn a new language,the very first thing to think about is why.Do you need it for a__1__reason,such as your job or your studies? __2__perhaps you’re interested in the__3__, films or music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have a__4__of the language. Most people learn best using a variety of__5__,but traditional classes are an ideal( 理 想 的 )start for many people.They__6__an environment where you can practice under the __7__ of someone who’s good at the language.We all lead __8__ lives and learning a language takes__9__.You will have more success if you study regularly , so try to develop a__10__.It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got long.Becoming fluent in a language will take years , but learning to get by takes__11__. Many people start learning a language and soon give up.“I’m too__12__,” they say.Yes,children do learn languages more __13__ than adults,but research has shown that you can learn a language at any__14__.And learning is good for the health

of your brain , too.I’ve also heard people__15__ about the mistakes they make when__16__.Well,relax and laugh about your mistakes __17__you’re much less likely to make them again. Learning a new language is never __18__.But with some work and devotion, you’ll make progress.And you’ll be __19__by the positive reaction of some people when you say just a few words in __20__ own language.Good luck! 【语篇解读】 该篇文章属于说明文,主要讲述了学语言的原因。学好语言的方 式:班级授课及经常练习,个人学习语言的态度,即从不放弃,专心致志。 1.A.technical 答案 C B.political C.practical D.physical

[根据 your job or your studies 可知, 需要学习语言是出于“实际, 实

用” 。technical“技术的”,political“政治的”,physical“身体的”。] 2.A.After 答案 B.So C.Though D.Or

D [or 表示“选择”关系,“或者”。] B.transport D.medicine

3.A.literature C.agriculture 答案 4.A.view C.form 答案

A [根据 film,music 可知,语言与文学有关。] B.knowledge D.database B [a knowledge of“(掌握)某一方面的知识”。句意:掌握该语言对你

的帮助有多大。] 5.A.paintings C.methods 答案 C B.regulations D.computers [句意:使用多种多样的学习方法,人们能学得更好,但是传统的班

级授课制仍对于许多初学者是最好的起点。根据 traditional classes 可知,该空 应为“学习方式(方法)”。] 6.A.protect 答案 D B.change C.respect D.provide


protect“保护”,change“改变”,respect“尊重”,provide“提供”。] 7.A.control C.guidance B.command D.pressure



[under the guidance of“ 在 ?? 指 导 下 ” 。 control“ 控 制 ” ,

command“命令”,pressure“压力”。] 8.A.busy 答案 A B.happy C.simple D.normal


的”,simple“简朴的”,normal“正常的”。] 9.A.courage 答案 B.time C.energy D.place

B [learning a language takes time.学习语言需要时间,从下文 take years

可推知。] 10.A.theory 答案 C B.business C.routine D.project


力养成一种习惯。由 regularly 可推知。] 11.A.some risks C.some notes 答案 B.a lot less D.a lot more

B [句意:语言说得流利会需要好几年的时间,但勉强将就则会需要

少得多。根据 but 可知。] 12.A.old 答案 B.nervous C.weak D.tired

A [根据下文可知,该空应填入与“年龄”有关的词。] B.quickly C.privately D.quietly

13.A.closely 答案 B

[ 句意:孩子学习语言的确要比成年人快。 closely“ 密切地 ” ,

quickly“快速地”,privately“私下地”,quietly“静静地”。] 14.A.age 答案 A B.speed C.distance D.school

[句意:但是研究表明,你在任何年龄都可以学习语言。 age“年

龄”,speed“速度”,distance“距离”,school“学校”。] 15.A.worry 答案 B.hesitate C.think D.quarrel

A [worry about“担心”。] B.working C.bargaining D.learning

16.A.singing 答案 17.A.if 答案

D [句意:我也听说过人们担心他们在学习中犯错。] B.and C.but D.before

B [句意:放松并嘲笑自己的错误,你将会少犯这些错误。该处考查

连词的用法。] 18.A.tiresome C.interesting 答案 B.hard D.easy

D [句意:学习一种新语言从不是轻松的。根据下文 but 可推知。] B.amazed D.informed

19.A.blamed C.interrupted 答案

B [句意:在你能用别人的语言说出几个单词时,你将会对别人积极

的回应感到惊讶。 blame“ 责备 ” , amaze“ 惊讶 ” , interrupt“ 打断 ” , inform“告知”。] 20.A.their 答案 B.his C.our D.your

A [根据上文 some people 可推知。] 题组二 尝试模拟

Cloze 1 (2016· 湖北八校联考)Most people are poor listeners.Even when we think we are listening carefully, we usually __1__ only half of what we hear, and we remember even less.Improving your listening skills can be __2__ in every part of your life. The most important __3__ of poor listening is giving in to distractions (分心的 事物) and letting our thoughts __4__.Sometimes,however,we listen too __5__.We try to remember every word a speaker says,and we lose the __6__ message by concentrating on details.In other situations,we may jump to conclusions and __7__ a speaker without hearing out the message.Finally,we often judge people by their __8__ or speaking manner __9__ listening to what they say. You can __10__ these poor listening habits by taking several steps.First ,take listening __11__ and commit yourself to becoming a better listener.Second,work at being a(n) __12__ listener.Give your undivided attention to the speaker in a genuine effort to __13__ her or his ideas.Third, __14__ distractions.Make a conscious effort to keep your mind on what the speaker is saying.Fourth,try not to be __15__ by appearance or delivery.__16__ preconceived( 事先形成的 ) judgments based on a person’s looks or manner of speech.Fifth,suspend (延缓) judgment __17__ you have

heard the speaker’s entire message.Sixth, __18__ your listening by paying attention to main points,to evidence,and to the speaker’s techniques.Finally,develop your note -taking skills.When done __19__,note taking is an excellent way to improve your concentration and to keep track of a speaker’s __20__.It almost forces you to become a more attentive and creative listener. 【语篇解读】 本文是说明文。文章介绍了如何才能成为一名好的倾听者。 1.A.grasp 答案 B.realize C.believe D.choose

A [根据上文的 poor listeners 及下文的 remember even less 可知,即便

认真去听,我们通常也只能“领会(grasp)”所听到的一半内容。] 2.A.difficult 答案 B.helpful C.possible D.practical

B [下文介绍的是提高听力技能的方法, 所以此处指提高听力技能对生

活的方方面面都有“帮助(helpful)”。] 3.A.role 答案 4.A.pass 答案 B B.factor C.function D.cause

D [容易受干扰是听力差的最重要的“原因(cause)”。] B.wander C.stop D.stay

[ 根据上文的 giving in to distractions 可知,此处指思绪 “ 乱飞

(wander)”。] 5.A.long 答案 C B.clearly C.hard D.passively

[根据下文的 We try to remember every word 可知,有时,我们听不

好是因为听得“过于认真(hard)”了。] 6.A.main 答案 A B.new C.useful D.hidden

[根据下文的 concentrating on details 可知,此处指没抓住“主要

(main)”信息。] 7.A.prejudge 答案 B.ignore C.doubt D.leave

A [根据下文的 without hearing out the message 可知,没听完对方说什

么,就“妄下结论(prejudge)”。] 8.A.words C.behavior 答案 D B.along with B.speed D.appearance

9.A.due to

C.instead of 答案 C

D.except for

[根据 speaking manner 可知,人们经常通过“外表(appearance)”或

说话方式, “而不是 (instead of)” 对方所讲的内容来评价一个人。下一段的 looks or manner of speech 也是提示。] 10.A.pick up C.take up 答案 的。] 11.A seriously C.personally 答案 A B.naturally D.wrongly B B.give up D.put up [ 下文提到的方法都是帮助大家 “ 改掉 (give up)” 不良听力习惯

[ 根据下文的 commit yourself 可知,听别人说话时应该 “ 认真

(seriously)”。take sth seriously 严肃认真地对待某事。] 12.A.clever 答案 13.A.test C.understand 答案 C B B.support D.discuss B.active C.free D.powerful

[根据本句中的 undivided attention 和 genuine effort 可知, 我们应该

做一个“积极的(active)”倾听者,努力去“听懂(understand)”对方要表达的 意思。] 14.A.consider 答案 B.share C.watch D.resist

D [根据下文的 keep your mind on what the speaker is saying 可知,倾

听时需要“抵制(resist)”干扰。] 15.A.affected C.replaced 答案 A B.Set down D.Set out [根据上一段及下文中的 judgments based on a person’s looks or B.puzzled D.persuaded

16.A.Set aside C.Set off 答案 A

manner of speech 可知,此处是说不要被外表等因素“影响(affected)”,把那

些事先形成的判断都“抛到一边(Set aside)”。] 17.A.though 答案 C B.when C.until D.since

[要“一直等到(until)”对方说完再下结论。] B.focus C.organize D.monitor

18.A.check 答案 听。] 19.A.eagerly 答案 B

[根据下文的 main points 可知,此处指要“集中(focus)”精力去




D [只有记笔记的方法“得当(properly)”,它才能在听力中发挥积极

的作用。] 20.A.questions 答案 C B.plans C.ideas D.changes

[记笔记当然是为了记录说话者的“观点(ideas)”。] Cloze 2

(2016· 太原高三模拟 )We all love watching fireworks , from the shows on the Fourth of July (a national


holiday in the US that celebrates the

beginning of the United States as a nation) to the Roman candle burning in the backyard.But let’s __1__ and think about the price we pay for just a few minutes of __2__. First,the amount of money we spend on fireworks is __3__.The excitement is gone __4__.Let’s face it,what we really are doing is burning __5__.Yet,year after our tax dollars on fireworks

year , thousands of cities and towns spend displays.Those tax

dollars would be put to much better __6__ feeding our hungry

and housing our homeless. Second,there is the matter of __7__.Fireworks contain chemicals that are harmful to people and animals.Over the years,these chemicals will __8__ the air we breathe and the water we drink. Third , let’s __9__ the trash left behind after a fireworks display.What a

__10__!One would probably __11__ that those who set off the fireworks would have the politeness to __12__ the trash afterwards.__13__,they don’t.The mess they leave behind __14__ the kind of attitude many Americans have toward our __15__.

Fourth , fireworks are __16__.Some fireworks can damage your hearing , especially the fireworks used in public displays that give off a big BANG.Losing your __17__ is too high a price to pay. __18__ all the safety warnings,we still see injuries and deaths as a result of fireworks.Approximately 10,000 Americans are injured every year by fireworks. In my view,all consumer fireworks should be __19__.Public fireworks displays should be kept to a minimum and should be paid for through volunteer funding,not tax dollars.Finally , those people in __20__ of fireworks displays should be responsible for cleaning up the mess they make. 【语篇解读】 本文是议论文。 作者就“是否应该燃放烟花”发表了自己的观点。 1.A.stop 答案 2.A.doubt C.surprise 答案 A B.hesitation D.excitement B.decide C.continue D.follow

D [上文谈到了大家都喜欢绚丽的烟花。根据转折连词 But 以及 the

price we pay 可知,作者此处表明了自己的观点 —— 他建议大家 “ 停下来 (stop)”,想一想我们为那短暂的“兴奋(excitement)”所付出的代价。下文的 The excitement is gone 也是对第 2 空的提示。] 3.A.limited C.absurd 答案 C B.worthwhile D.necessary [根据第二段的论述可知, 作者认为我们在烟花上的花费很“荒谬,

不合理(absurd)”。] 4.A.in time C.for free 答案 快。] 5.A.paper 答案 6.A.use B.oil C.time D.money B.in a flash D.for a while

B [此处表示烟花“转瞬即逝(gone in a flash)”。in a flash 立即,很

D [作者认为在烟花上的花费是在“烧钱,挥霍(burning money)”。] B.place C.shape D.play


A [作者认为钱可以有更好的用途, 比如解决吃饭和住房问题。 put sth

to (good) use 运用。] 7.A.interest 答案 C B.expense C.pollution D.safety

[根据下文的 chemicals,harmful,air,water 等可知,本段谈论的

是燃放烟花带来的“污染(pollution)”问题。] 8.A.absorb 答案 9.A.forget 答案 B B.poison C.reduce D.clean

B [烟花含有有害物质,会“污染(poison)”空气和水。] B.consider C.research D.explain

[作者谈的第三个问题是燃放烟花制造的垃圾。 consider(考虑,想

想)符合语境。] 10.A.mess 答案 B.shame C.pity D.lesson

A [燃放烟花之后,往往是一片狼藉。What a mess 杂乱。下文的 The

mess 也是提示信息。] 11.A.warn 答案 12.A.save C.pick up 答案 C B.However D.Anyhow D B.leave D.figure out B.order C.forbid D.expect

13.A.Therefore C.Otherwise 答案 B

[ 人们 “ 认为 (expect)” 那些燃放烟花的人会在结束之后 “ 收拾

(pick up)”垃圾,“然而(However)”,事实并非如此。] 14.A.changes 答案 C B.partners D.behavior B.adopts C.reflects D.shares

15.A.environment C.society 答案

A [人们放完烟花便扬长而去,压根儿不去理会他们制造的垃圾,这

“反映(reflects)”出一些人对待“环境(environment)”的态度。] 16.A.beautiful C.bright B.dangerous D.complex


B [根据下文的 Some fireworks can damage your hearing 可知,本段谈

论的是燃放烟花的“危险性(dangerous)”。] 17.A.memory 答案 C B.relatives C.hearing D.sight

[根据上文的 damage your hearing 可知答案。] B.Besides C.Beyond D.Despite

18.A.Without 答案

D [“有安全警示”和“燃放烟花导致伤亡”之间为让步关系,故选

“Despite(尽管)”。] 19.A.banned C.encouraged 答案 B.discussed D.produced

A [综合上文作者的观点,我们可以得知作者反对私人燃放烟花,故

此处选“banned(禁止)”。] 20.A.need 答案 B.charge C.honour D.case

B [“负责(in charge of)”燃放烟花的人员应该把垃圾打扫干净。] Cloze 3

(2016· 沈阳高三模拟) Two interesting aspects of the British tendency are the charity (慈善) shop and the car-boot (汽车后备箱) sale.Both of these __1__ selling goods for different purposes. Charity shops were __2__ in the early twentieth century by groups like Oxfam and The Salvation Army which wanted to raise money to __3__ charity work.People would donate bags of old clothes and other items like books,records,and furniture which could be __4__ to the public at low prices.Over the last ten years there has been a __5__ in the charity shops in the UK.Some __6__ in well-to-do areas are as expensive as up-market retailers.Go into any charity shop on a Saturday morning and you will find people of all ages and __7__ looking for a bargain; it might be a(n) __8__ CD,a book for a university course,or a brand-name shirt. Car-boot sales are __9__ popular,but they do not have the aim of raising money for charity.This is a way for people to have a __10__ clear-out and get rid of old possessions that they don’t want any more and to make __11__ at the same time.Car-boot sales __12__ at weekends in Britain.Here you will __13__ individuals

(个人),groups of friends and families with a table set up at the back of their car, selling all kinds of things out of the __14__ of their car.__15__ there are asking prices for the items on sale,there is plenty of __16__ for negotiation. As with everything in Britain,class __17__ is shown in people’s behaviour around charity shops and car-boot sales.Some people who have got a good __18__ will be very proud and will __19__ tell their friends.Other people who are __20__ to buy clothes in charity shops,though,might be deeply embarrassed and ashamed. 【语篇解读】 本文是说明文。文章介绍英国的慈善商店和汽车后备箱销售。 1.A.lead to C.aim at 答案 C B.result from D.depend on [由下文的描述可知,二者的“目的(aim at)”是销售物品。] B.displayed D.founded

2.A.expanded C.noticed 答案 D

3.A.ask for C.carry out 答案 C

B.pay for D.look into [慈善商店“建立(founded)”于 20 世纪初, 目的是为了“开展(carry

out)”慈善工作。] 4.A.donated 答案 B.mailed C.sent D.sold

D [由 at low prices 可知,此处是说“出售(sold)”。] B.service C.routine D.practice

5.A.revolution 答案 A

[由 Some...in well - to- do areas are as expensive as up - market

retailers 可知,慈善商店也有了“变革(revolution)”。] 6.A.British tendencies C.public items 答案 B.charity shops D.secondhand trades

B [由下文的 Go into any charity shop 可以得到提示信息。] B.shelters C.classes D.skills

7.A.camps 答案 C

[由 of all ages 及最后一段中的 class 可知,不同“阶层(classes)”符

合语境。] 8.A.extra B.missing C.useless D.rare


D [根据常识及上文中的 old 可知,“rare(稀有的)”符合语境。] B.personally C.possibly D.naturally

9.A.equally 答案

A [由 but they do not have the aim of raising money for charity 可知,

此处是将两者对比,所以用 equally。] 10.A.good 答案 B.slight C.different D.basic

A [由 get rid of old possessions that they don’t want any more 可知,这

是一种“大清理(good clear-out)”的方式。] 11.A.progress 答案 B.money C.decisions D.efforts

B [由下文的 asking prices 可知,汽车后备箱销售同时也可以“赚钱

(make money)”。] 12.A.show up C.stay away 答案 B.take place D.run out

B [由 at weekends 可知,此处是说在周末“举办(take place)”。] B.help C.see D.greet

13.A.follow 答案 C

[由 Here 可知,此处是说来到汽车后备箱销售地,所以应该是“看

到(see)”不同的购买人群。] 14.A.doors 答案 B.windows C.roof D.boot

D [本段讲的是 car-boot sales,所以此处应填 boot。] B.Because C.Although D.If

15.A.Unless 答案 16.A.space 答案 C




B [“虽然(Although)”有要价,但是也有商讨的“余地(room)”。] B.suffering C.difficulty D.anxiety

17.A.burden 答案

D [由下文的 Some people...Other people...可知,本段主要是说明购物

的不同群体因身份阶层而带来的“焦虑(anxiety)”。] 18.A.chance 答案 B B.secretly C.normally D.finally B.bargain C.result D.advantage

19.A.readily 答案

A [由 will be very proud 可知,此处应该是说一些人买到了“物美价

廉的货物(bargain)”,“乐意(readily)”告诉他们的朋友。] 20.A.forced 答案 B.ordered C.invited D.reminded

A [由 be deeply embarrassed and ashamed 可知, 有一些人是考虑生计,

“被迫(forced)”去这些地方买东西的。] Cloze 4 (2016· 南京高三模拟 )Once there was a billionaire , who got a severe eye irritation(发炎).He got a famous doctor to __1__ his eye.The doctor advised him to __2__ bright light for one month so he could heal naturally.Immediately the rich man __3__ all his windows,and replaced all the bright and colorful curtains with dull cloth.He also __4__ all the bright chandeliers(枝形吊灯).In one word, he made all his house __5__. One month later,the doctor paid a visit to the billionaire to ask about the __6__ of his eyes.To the doctor’s __7__,everything in the house had been made dark and dull.Then the doctor said, “Your common sense should have told you that you can buy a pair of __8__ to protect your eye from bright light __9__ spending so much money on all these things to make your house darker.” The same phenomenon __10__ all of us.We often see many __11__ in others.We are very __12__ to change the attitude and behavior of others which doesn’t __13__ our own. We have many likes and dislikes.__14__ other people also have.But we are often interested in imposing(把??强加于) our opinion and thinking on others __15__ we never made any error.Accordingly we want to __16__ this world with our own rules and theory. However, we __17__ that other people who share this world equally with us also think in a similar way and __18__ us to behave according to their wishes.Then who __19__ your thinking?In order to bring about certain change in the people around us,first it is “we” that have to change. __20__,any needed change can occur only when it starts with us. 【语篇解读】 本文是议论文。不要总想改变别人;改变应从自身开始。 1.A.treat B.open C.shade D.test


A [由上文的 a severe eye irritation 及 a famous doctor 可知,富豪找到

一位名医“治疗(treat)”他的眼睛。] 2.A.enjoy 答案 B.produce C.provide D.avoid

D [由下文的 everything in the house had been made dark and dull 可推

断,医生建议富豪应“避免(avoid)”强光。] 3.A.dressed 答案 B B.advertised D.decorated [ 富豪要避免强光应当就会 “ 关闭 (closed)” 所有的窗户, “ 撤掉 B.closed C.cleaned D.broke

4.A.bought C.removed 答案 C

(removed)”明亮的枝形吊灯。] 5.A.pretty 答案 B.dark C.noble D.tidy

B [由上文的 the rich man...all the bright chandeliers 可推断,富豪把整

个家弄得很“黑暗(dark)”。] 6.A.growth 答案 C B.function C.recovery D.shape

[由上文的 a severe eye irritation 可推断,医生来询问富豪的眼睛的

“康复(recovery)”情况。] 7.A.delight 答案 C B.horror C.surprise D.excitement

[由下文医生所说的话可推断, 当他看见富豪家里一片昏暗时感到很

“惊讶(surprise)”。] 8.A.shoes 答案 D B.in case of D.in terms of B.trousers C.gloves D.sunglasses

9.A.instead of C.in spite of 答案 A


of)”需要花很多钱使所有东西都变暗。] 10.A.responds to C.turns to 答案 B.applies to D.sticks to

B [发生在富豪身上的这种事同样发生在我们身上。apply to 适用于,

涉及。] 11.A.advantages C.differences 答案 B.mistakes D.adventures

B [由下段中的 we never made any error 可知, 我们总是看到别人的很

多“错误(mistakes)”。] 12.A.sure 答案 B.proud C.able D.eager

D [由下段中的 we are often interested in imposing our opinion and

thinking on others 可推断,我们总是“急于想(eager)”改变他人的态度和行 为。] 13.A.suit 答案 分。] 14.A.Luckily 答案 C B.Gradually C.Similarly D.Finally A B.keep C.feel D.make

[ 我们想改变他人的态度和行为中与我们不 “相一致 (suit)” 的部

[由下文的 also have 可知,我们有很多喜欢和不喜欢的东西,“同

样地(Similarly)”,其他人也有。] 15.A.so that 答案 C B.even if C.as if D.now that

[我们总是喜欢将自己的想法强加于他人, “似乎(as if)”我们从不

犯错。] 16.A.view 答案 D B.lead C.travel D.change

[ 由上文的 we are often interested in imposing our opinion and

thinking on others 可推测,我们想要用自己的规则和理论“改变(change)”世 界。] 17.A.regret 答案 B.think C.doubt D.forget

D [由 However 可知,想要改变他人和世界的我们“忘记(forget)”了

他人也和我们一样想改变别人。] 18.A.expect 答案 B.force C.allow D.advise

A [他人也“期望(expect)”我们的行为符合他们的愿望。] B.searches for D.prepares for

19.A.cares about C.worries about


A [既然人人都想改变他人,那么有谁会“在乎(cares about)”你的想

法呢?] 20.A.However C.Otherwise 答案 B.Therefore D.Besides

B [下文的 any needed change can occur only when it starts with us 是上

述论述得出的结论,故填 Therefore。] Cloze 5 (2016· 郑州模拟)On August 17, 2013, a hunter made a campfire.He just wanted to __1__ some soup.But he __2__ started the third-largest wildfire in California’s history. The __3__ carried sparks( 火 花 ) from the hunter’s campfire into the woods.Soon,a wildfire was burning __4__.It spread with __5__ speed.For a while, it doubled in size every day. The blaze( 烈 火 ) became known as the Rim Fire.It lasted for two months.Thousands of __6__ worked to stop it.When they finally did,400 square miles of forest had __7__.That’s an area larger than Dallas,Texas. Wildfires have always been __8__ in the western U.S.In recent years,they have been getting bigger and harder to control.That’s partly because the weather has been __9__ and drier than in the past.Forest plants have dried out.That makes the plants burn very __10__.The average fire is three times larger than it was in the 1980s. The Rim Fire started in a remote area.Fighting such a fire can be a big __11__.Firefighters often use planes to __12__ the fire.Then they dump(倾倒) huge loads of water from these planes.Sometimes that is not __13__ to stop a wildfire,so firefighters jump down. After they jump onto the __14__ , these firefighters use axes to __15__ plants.They create a line of bare soil near the edge of the fire.When the fire reaches this line,there is __16__ to burn.The fire stops spreading. In the past , people often __17__ in wildfires.Today, wildfires are __18__ deadly.Early warnings usually help people get to safety before it’s too __ 19__.Even

though the Rim Fire __20__ 11 homes and caused millions of dollars in damage,no one was killed. 【语篇解读】 本文是说明文, 文章介绍了发生在加利福尼亚州的一场森林火灾。 1.A.heat up C.give up 答案 B.drink up D.store up

A [由上文的 a hunter made a campfire 可推测,猎人只是想“加热(heat

up)”一些汤。] 2.A.quickly C.accidentally 答案 C B.secretly D.gradually

[由上文的 He just wanted to...some soup 可推测,猎人“意外地

(accidentally)”引起了一场大火,而非故意。] 3.A.rain 答案 B.snow C.light D.wind

D [由下文的 carried...into the woods 可知,“风(wind)”将火花吹到了

树林里。] 4.A.out of mind C.out of date 答案 B.out of time D.out of control

D [由下文的 For a while,it doubled in size every day 可推测,一场大

火“失控(out of control)”了。] 5.A.exciting C.constant 答案 B.terrifying D.average

B [由下文的 For a while, it doubled in size every day 可知, 大火以“可

怕的(terrifying)”速度蔓延。] 6.A.firefighters C.policemen 答案 A B.doctors D.campers [ 由 下 文 的 worked to stop it 可 知 , 此 处 是 指 “ 消 防 队 员

(firefighters)”。] 7.A.broken C.dropped 答案 B.disappeared D.developed

B [由上文的 It lasted for two months 可推测,当消防队员最终灭掉火

时,四百平方英里的森林已经“消失了(disappeared)”。] 8.A.distant 答案 C B.similar C.common D.strange

[由下文的 In recent years,they have been getting bigger and harder to

control 可知,在美国西部大火一直很“普遍(common)”。] 9.A.warmer 答案 B.hotter C.colder D.cooler

B [由下文的 Forest plants have dried out 可推测,近年来天气比以往更

加“炎热(hotter)”。] 10.A.gently 答案 B.easily C.quietly D.brightly

B [干热的天气使植物很“容易(easily)”燃烧。] B.mistake D.opportunity

11.A.success C.challenge 答案 12.A.make 答案 C C

[灭边远地区的火可谓一大“挑战(challenge)”。] B.fuel C.reach D.cause

[由下文的 Then they dump huge loads of water from these planes 可

推断,消防队员们经常得开飞机“到达(reach)”着火的地方。] 13.A.enough 答案 B.valuable C.necessary D.helpful

A [由下文的 so firefighters jump down 可推断,有时从空中倒水并不

“足(enough)”以灭掉大火。] 14.A.building 答案 B.platform C.street D.ground

D [由下文的 these firefighters use axes to...plants 可推断,此处是说消

防队员降落到“地面(ground)”上之后。] 15.A.protect 答案 B.water C.grow D.remove

D [由上文的 axes 及下文的 They create a line of bare soil 可推断,消

防队员们用斧子“清除(remove)”植物。] 16.A.something C.everything 答案 B.nothing D.anything

B [由上文的 bare soil near the edge of the fire 及下文的 The fire stops

spreading 可推断,大火到达隔离带时就“没有什么(nothing)”可烧的了。] 17.A.died B.hurt C.shouted D.cried


A B.rarely D.never

18.A.always C.sometimes 答案

B [由下文的 Early warnings usually help people get to safety 可推测,

过去人们常“死(died)”于大火,如今大火“很少(rarely)”致命。] 19.A.soon 答案 域。] 20.A.replaced C.destroyed 答案 C B.repaired D.occupied B B.late C.much D.long

[ 早期警报通常会帮助人们在为时已 “晚 (late)” 之前到达安全区

[大火“毁坏了(destroyed)”11 座房屋。] Cloze 6

(2016· 江西省九校联合考试)Many people argue that working can be a valuable experience for the young.However,working more than about 15 hours a week is it reduces their involvement __1__ for teens because __2__

with school,and

a materialistic and expensive lifestyle. Schoolwork and the benefits of extracurricular activities tend to be __3__ when teens work long hours.As more and more teens have filled __4__.They must both

the many part-time jobs,teachers have faced increasing keep the attention of __5__

pupils and give homework to students who

simply don’t have time to do it.__6__,educators have noticed less involvement in the extracurricular activities that many consider a people.School bands and athletic teams are __9__ __7__ influence on young

__8__ players,and sports events are

attended by working students.Those teens who try to do it all may find

themselves __10__. Another __11__ of too much work is that it may promote materialism and an unrealistic lifestyle.Some parents say that working helps teach teens the __12__

of a dollar.__13__ that can be true.It’s also true that some teens work to help their

family or to save for college.__14__,surveys have shown that a lot of working teens use their earnings to buy luxuries ( 奢侈品 ).These young people won’t spend __15__—they can just about have it all.In many cases,they are getting used to a lifestyle they won’t be able to longer have parents __17__ __16__ several years down the road,when they no car insurance, food, and so on.At that point, they

won’t have enough money to pay for necessities as well as luxuries. Teenagers can __18__ simply by __19__ the benefits of work while avoiding its drawbacks,

their work hours during the school year.As is often the case,

a moderate (适度的) approach will be the most healthy and __20__. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文。文章主要论述了青少年打零工的弊端。 1.A.bad 答案 B.dull C.important D.useful

A [根据下文的“because it reduces their involvement with school”可知,

打零工占用的时间过多对青少年是“不利的(bad)”。] 2.A.witnesses C.changes 答案 D B.requires D.encourages [ 根据第三段中的 “it may promote materialism and an unrealistic

lifestyle”可知,此处指 “ 助长 (encourages)” 一种过于物质的、奢侈的生活方 式。] 3.A.adopted C.disbelieved 答案 B B.forgotten D.considered [ 根 据 下 文 的 “educators have noticed less involvement in the

extracurricular activities” 可知 ,青少年打零工时间过长会使得他们 “ 忽略 (forgotten)”学业和课外活动。] 4.A.demands C.difficulties 答案 C B.threats D.expectations

[根据下文的“They must both...have time to do it.”可知,老师因此也

得面对越来越多的“困难(difficulties)”。] 5.A.tired 答案 B.naughty C.lazy D.weak

A [根据上文的“As more and more teens have filled the many part-

time jobs” 可知,因为学生兼职要浪费很多精力,所以上课时就会很 “ 累 (tired)”。] 6.A.Above all C.By contrast 答案 B.In addition D.For example

B [第二段开头提到“Schoolwork”和“extracurricular activities”,前半段

谈了 schoolwork,故此处是在说另一方面。“此外(In addition)”符合语境。] 7.A.healthy 答案 B.direct C.short D.bad

A [根据本段开头的“the benefits”可知,很多人都认为课外活动对学生

“有益(healthy)”。] 8.A.welcoming C.losing 答案 C B.needing D.training [因为很多学生打零工占用了他们太多时间,所以学校的乐队、运动

队的学生都在 “ 流失 (losing)” ,打零工的学生参加体育比赛的人也 “ 不多 (poorly)”。] 9.A.normally C.actively 答案 D [解析见上题。] B.energetic D.worried B.regularly D.poorly

10.A.exhausted C.disappointed 答案

A [根据上文的“try to do it all”及上文语境可判断,想要打工、学习、

参加活动都不误,当然会感到“疲惫(exhausted)”。] 11.A.side C.drawback 答案 C B.benefit D.character [ 本文介绍的是学生打零工的两个弊端,此段是另外一个 “ 弊端

(drawback)”。] 12.A.size 答案 C B.cost C.value D.effect

[打零工可以帮助学生了解金钱的“价值(value)”。] B.Undoubtedly D.Unnecessarily

13.A.Unfortunately C.Unusually



[根据下文的“It’s also true”可知,此处是说上面提到的 “ 确实

(Undoubtedly)”是打零工的一个好处。] 14.A.However C.Instead 答案 A B.Besides D.Therefore [ 根据下文的 “a lot of working teens use their earnings to buy

luxuries(奢侈品)”可知,学生打零工可以帮他们了解金钱的价值、贴补家用、 为上大学攒钱,“但是(However)”,这也导致学生追求奢侈的生活方式。] 15.A.freely 答案 C B.willingly C.wisely D.honestly

[根据下文的“they can just about have it all”可知, 因为觉得自己什么

都要拥有,这些学生从不考虑“理智(wisely)”消费。] 16.A.afford 答案 B.imagine C.face D.develop

A [根据下文的“they won’t have enough money to pay for necessities

as well as luxuries”可知,等到以后父母不帮他们“付(paying for)”车险、食 物等费用后,他们自己根本就“负担(afford)”不起各种开支了。] 17.A.looking for C.working for 答案 18.A.enjoy 答案 D [解析见上题。] B.learn C.share D.remember B.caring for D.paying for

A [根据下文的“while avoiding its drawbacks”可知,此处指青少年只

要规避打零工的缺点,就能“享受(enjoy)”打零工所带来的好处。] 19.A.ignoring 答案 B B.limiting C.counting D.choosing

[ 根 据 上 文 的 “long hours” 及 下 文 的 “a moderate( 适 度 的 )

approach”可知,作者建议“缩减(limiting)”打零工的时间。] 20.A.practical 答案 C B.acceptable C.rewarding D.popular

[ 根 据 该 空 前 的 “healthy” 可 知 , 此 处 是 说 适 度 才 会 “ 有 所 得



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2018届高考英语二轮专题复习专练:完形填空专练(3)_高考_高中教育_教育专区。完形填空专练(三) 夹叙夹议文(一) A (2017· 烟台诊断) I spent last summer ...
安徽固镇县2016高考英语二轮完形填空专题练习(3)及答案_计划/解决方案_实用文档...由第段第五句中的“the fly to try hard enough to succeed in...”...
2018届高三英语二轮复习试题:专题完形填空 练习 Wor...
2018届高三英语二轮复习试题:专题完形填空 练习 Word版含解析 - [全国卷 3 年考情分析] 注:句内层次题:空格的答案由空格所在句子决定。句组层次题:空格的...
(新课标)2018届高考英语二轮复习第部分完形填空专题能力训练完形填空()(...I never felt an urge to 3 any sign language before.My entire family is...
...练习:第三板块题型五 完形填空 教师用书 Word版含答...
2017届高三英语二轮复习(通用版)练习:第三板块题型五 完形填空 教师用书 Word版...一、基础保分课 ——巧用 7 大方法力保句内、句组层次题不失分 对应学生...
第2专题二:完形填空与阅读理解 一
网课后练习一学科:英语 轮次:高一英语同步复习课程--上学期 专题:完形填空与...2.选 B。for 意为“相对于……来说”,合乎文意。 3.选 B。normally 意...

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