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完形填空 专题二 第2课时 练习



Cloze 1 体裁:夹叙夹议文 (2016· 全国卷Ⅰ) A Heroic Driver Larry works with Transport Drivers.Inc.One morning in 2009 , Larry was __1__along 165 north after delivering to one of his__2__.Suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on.__3__he got closer, he found __4__vehicle upside down on the road.One more look and he noticed__5__shooting out from under 话题:一位英雄的司机 词数:253 时间:18′

the__6__vehicle.Larry pulled over, set the brake and__7__the fire extinguisher (灭火 器).Two good bursts from the extinguisher and the fire was put out. The man who had his bright lights on__8__and told Larry he had__9__an emergency call.They__10__heard a woman’s voice coming from the wrecked (毁坏 的) vehicle.__11__the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window.They told her to stay__12__until the emergency personnel arrived, __13__she thought the car was going to__14__.Larry told her that he had already put out the fire and she should not move__15__she injured her neck. Once fire and emergency people arrived, Larry and the other man__16__and let them go to work.Then, Larry asked the__17__if he was needed or __18__to go.They let him and the other man go. One thing is__19__—Larry went above and beyond the call of duty by getting so close to the burning vehicle! His__20__most likely saved the woman’s life. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇夹叙夹议文。短文讲述了货运司机拉里看到了一辆翻倒 着火的汽车,不顾个人安危对伤者实施救助的故事。 1.A.walking 答案 C B.touring C.traveling D.rushing

[考查语境中动词的辨析。由下文的 pulled over, set the brake 等词可

知,拉里送完货物之后正在道路上行驶。因此答案选 C。] 2.A.passengers B.colleagues

C.employers 答案


D [考查语境中名词的辨析。 拉里是送货司机, 当然是将货物送到顾客

(customers)手里。] 3.A.Since 答案 C B.Although C.As D.If


路上。since 既然;though 尽管;as 当??时候;if 如果。唯有 C 项符合语 境。] 4.A.each 答案 B.another C.that D.his

B [考查语境中代词的辨析。 前文已经提到拉里看到了一辆开着大灯的

车,这是另一辆车,故答案选 B。] 5.A.flames 答案 B.smoke C.water D.steam

A [考查语境中名词的辨析。由本段最后一句中的“the fire was put out”

可以推断有火焰(flames)从车里冒出来。] 6.A.used C.removed 答案 B B.disabled D.abandoned [考查语境中形容词的辨析。根据前文“upside down”一词及下一段

“the wrecked vehicle”这一信息可知,这辆车已毁坏。] 7.A.got hold of C.took charge of 答案 B.prepared D.controlled

A [考查语境中短语动词的辨析。由语境可知,看到这种情况,拉里赶

紧靠边停车,拿起(get hold of)灭火器去实施救援。] 8.A.came down C.came in 答案 B.came through D.came over

D [考查语境中短语动词的辨析。 根据语境可以推断, 开着大灯的汽车

司机走过来(come over)告诉拉里他已报警。 come down 下来; come through 传 来;come in 进来。均不符合句意。] 9.A.returned C.made 答案 C B.received D.confirmed [考查语境中动词的辨析。由上文内容可知,call the police (报警)符

合语境。] 10.A.then 答案 B.again C.finally D.even

A [考查语境中副词的辨析。正当那人与拉里说话,这时他们听到车

里传来妇女的声音。again 又,再;finally 最后;even 甚至。] 11.A.Starting C.Passing 答案 B.Parking D.Approaching

D [考查语境中动词的辨析。根据常识,听到车里有人喊叫,他们当

然是走过去(approach)救人。] 12.A.quiet 答案 B.still C.away D.calm

B [考查语境中形容词的辨析。由 15 空之前的“should not move”这一

信息词可以推断他们告诉这个妇女要保持静止不动(still)。] 13.A.for 答案 B.so C.and D.but

D [考查语境中连词的辨析。根据下文妇女所担心的事情,可知这里

是逻辑上的转折关系。故选 D。] 14.A.explode C.fall apart 答案 A B.slip away D.crash [ 考查语境中动词的辨析。前面提到这辆车在燃烧,依据常识,

explode (爆炸)符合语境。 slip away 消失, 消亡; fall apart 破碎; crash 撞毁。 ] 15.A.as if 答案 C B.unless C.in case D.after


就是防止脖子受伤害。 as if 好像; unless 除非; in case 万一, 以防; after 在?? 之后。显然,C 项为正确答案。] 16.A.stepped forward C.moved on 答案 B.backed off D.set out

B [考查语境中短语动词的辨析。消防队员和警方一到,拉里和那个

人自然退让(back off)到一边,让他们进行专业救援。step forward 向前走; move on 继续前进;set out 开始。均不符合语境。] 17.A.woman 答案 B.police C.man D.driver

B [考查语境中名词的辨析。前面提到了那个人拨打了报警电话,现

在消防员和警方赶到,因此拉里询问警察自己是否能帮忙或者没有安排什么 事就离开。] 18.A.forbidden 答案 B.ready C.asked D.free

D [考查语境中形容词的辨析。见上一小题解析。] B.for consideration D.checked

19.A.for certain C.reported 答案

A [考查语境中介词短语的辨析。由前文所述,拉里超越自己的职责

范围靠近燃烧的车辆去搭救别人,这件事是确定无疑的(for certain)。patience 耐心;skills 技巧;promise 诺言。均与语境不符。] 20.A.patience C.efforts 答案 C B.skills D.promise [考查语境中名词的辨析。正是拉里尽力(efforts)搭救才让这个妇女

幸存下来成为了可能。] Cloze 2 体裁:夹叙夹议文 话题:不可以装置取人 词数:264 时间:17′

(2016· 全国卷Ⅱ)Hundreds of people have formed impressions of you through that little device(装置)on your desk.And they’ve never actually__1__you.Everything they know about you__2__through this device, sometimes from hundreds of miles away.__3__they feel they can know you__4__from the sound of your voice.That’s how powerful the__5__is. Powerful, yes, but not always__6__.For years I dealt with my travel agent only by phone.Rani, my faceless agent whom I’d never met__7__, got me rock-bottom prices on airfares, cars, and hotels.But her cold voice really__8__me.I sometimes wished to__9__another agent. One morning, I had to__10__an immediate flight home for a family emergency.I ran into Rani’s office__11__.The woman sitting at the desk,__12__my madness, sympathetically jumped up.She gave me a__13__smile, nodded while listening patiently, and then printed out the__14__immediately.“What a wonderful lady!” I thought.

Rushing out __15__ I called out over my shoulder, “By the way, what’s your name?” “I’m Rani,” she said.I turned around and saw a__16__woman with a big smile on her face waving to wish me a safe trip.I was__17__!Why had I thought she was cold? Rani was, well, so__18__. Sitting back in the car on the way to the airport, I figured it all out.Rani’s __19__—her warm smile, her nods, her ‘I’m here for you’__20__—were all silent signals that didn’t travel through wires. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇夹叙夹议类的文章。主要讲述的是作者在与 Rani 进行 电话交流时发现她比较冷漠, 但在后来的实际接触中却发现自己的看法完全是错 误的,其实她非常友好。 1.A.accepted C.heard 答案 B.noticed D.met

D [考查语境中动词的辨析。 根据第一句话可知, 许多人只是通过电话

了解你,在现实中从来都没见过面。meet 相见,符合语境。] 2.A.came 答案 B.moved C.ran D.developed

A [考查语境中动词的辨析。 因为你们之间距离遥远, 所以他们对你的

了解是来自电话。come from 来自。] 3.A.Thus 答案 B.Yet C.Then D.Indeed

B [考查语境中副词的辨析。虽然距离很远,但是他们可以通过你的声

音了解你。上下文之间是转折关系,所以使用副词 yet。] 4.A.rather 答案 C B.also C.just D.already

[考查语境中副词的辨析。这里使用 just 表示强调,别人只要通过声

音就可以了解你。just 只是,符合语境。rather 相当地;also 也;already 已经, 都与语境不符。] 5.A.telephone C.connection 答案 A B.voice D.impression

[考查语境中名词的辨析。根据上下文,特别是 6 空后的 only by

phone 可知,人们可以通过电话了解你。] 6.A.direct B.useful C.easy D.accurate


D [考查语境中形容词的辨析。 空前的 but 说明上下文之间是转折关系,

电话虽然很强大,但是也并不是很准确。direct 直接的;useful 有用的;easy 容易的;accurate 准确的。] 7.A.in person C.in public 答案 B.by myself D.on purpose

A [考查语境中介词短语的辨析。 in person 与空前的 faceless 形成对应,

Rani 是代理人,但是我们从来没有见过面。in person 亲自;by myself 靠自己; in public 当众;on purpose 故意地。] 8.A.annoyed C.discouraged 答案 B.interested D.confused

A [考查语境中形容词的辨析。根据前面的 cold voice 可知,Rani 在电

话里的声音很冷漠,这让我很不高兴,甚至想要换一个代理人。作者对她的声 音很反感。] 9.A.promote 答案 C B.train C.find D.know

[考查语境中动词的辨析。正是因为 Rani 的声音让作者很不舒服,

所以作者曾经想过另外找一个代理人取代她。promote 提拔;train 训练;find 寻找,找到;know 知道。] 10.A.arrange C.confirm 答案 B.postpone D.book

D [考查语境中动词的辨析。因为家庭中的急事作者要立刻预定回家

的航班。动词 book 与 flight 搭配,表示预定航班。] 11.A.for the first time C.from time to time 答案 B.at any time D.in good time

A [考查语境中介词短语的辨析。因为情况紧急,所以作者第一次来

到了 Rani 的办公室。for the first time 第一次,符合语境。] 12.A.expecting C.testing 答案 B.seeing D.avoiding

B [考查语境中动词的辨析。Rani 看到作者非常着急,深感同情,所

以给了作者以安慰的笑容 。] 13.A.shy B.comforting

C.familiar 答案


B [考查语境中形容词的辨析。根据上下文可知,她看到作者很着急,

笑着安慰作者。shy 害羞的;comforting 安慰的;familiar 熟悉的;forced 被迫 的。] 14.A.bill 答案 C B.form C.ticket D.list


者预定回家的航班机票,Rani 很快帮他把机票打印出来。] 15.A.hopefully C.gratefully 答案 C B.disappointedly D.regretfully

[考查语境中副词的辨析。 Rani 如此迅速地帮作者把机票打印出来,

而且一直面带微笑,这让他心存感激。hopefully 充满希望地;disappointedly 感到失望地;gratefully 感激地;regretfully 遗憾地。] 16.A.careful 答案 B.serious C.nervous D.pleasant

D [考查语境中形容词的辨析。现实生活中的 Rani 富有同情心,待人

热情大方。所以当作者转身时,看到的是与电话中完全不一样的人。careful 细心的;serious 严肃的,认真的;nervous 紧张的;pleasant 令人愉快的。] 17.A.amused C.helpless 答案 B.worried D.speechless

D [考查语境中形容词的辨析。电话中得到的印象有时很不准确,作

者现在真是无话可说。] 18.A.calm 答案 B.nice C.proud D.clever

B [考查语境中形容词的辨析。之前作者认为 Rani 很冷漠,但却没有

想到现实生活中的 Rani 是如此的友好善良。] 19.A.forgiveness C.friendliness 答案 C B.eagerness D.skillfulness

[考查语境中名词的辨析。现实中 Rani 对作者非常友好善良,完全

没有电话中的那种冷漠的感觉。friendliness 友好,符合语境。] 20.A.explanation C.concept B.attitude D.behavior


B [考查语境中名词的辨析。 这里表示 Rani 接待作者的友好态度。 Rani

的善良友好的态度并没有从电话线中传递过去。explanation 解释;attitude 态 度;concept 概念;behavior 行为。] Cloze 3 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:学习方式 词数:230 时间:16′

(2015 ·全国卷Ⅱ )Where do you go when you want to learn something ? School?A friend?A tutor?These are all__1__places of learning.But it may well be that the learning you really want__2__ somewhere else instead.I had the__3__of seeing this first hand on a__4____. My daughter plays on a recreational soccer team.They did very well this season and so__5__a tournament,which normally was only for more skilled club teams.This led to some__6__experiences on Saturday as they played against

teams__7__trained.Through the first two games,her__8__did not get on serious shot on goal.As a parent , I__9__seeing my daughter playing her best , __10__ still defeated. It seemed that something clicked with the__11__between Saturday and Sunday.When they __12__ for their Sunday game, they were __13__ different.They had begun to integrate (融合)the kinds of play and teamwork they had __14__ the day before into their __15__.They played aggressively and __16__ scored a goal. It __17__ me that playing against the other team was a great __18__ moment for all the girls on the team.I think it is a general principle.__19__ is the best teacher.The lessons they learned may not be__20__what they would have gotten in school,but are certainly more personal and meaningful,because they had to work them out on their own. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者女儿所在的球队因为这个赛季表现突 出而入围锦标赛。 虽然与强手角逐的前两场比赛中失利,但是善于吸取教训的孩 子们在周日的比赛中进球了。 通过这次经历, 作者得出结论: 学习的途径有许多, 通过亲身实践得来的经验更加富有意义。 1.A.public B.traditional C.official D.special



[ 考查语境中 形容词的辨析。根据首句的意思及 “School ? A

friend?A tutor?”,再结合生活常识,不难看出,这些都是传统意义上的 (traditional)学习途径。public 公共的;official 官方的,正式的;special 特别 的。均不符合题意。] 2.A.passes 答案 C B.works C.lies D.ends


学校里跟朋友交流或向导师求教, 那么它很可能会存在于其他地方。 lie (位于, 存在于)符合语境。] 3.A.dream 答案 B.idea C.habit D.chance

D [考查语境中名词的辨析。联系下文可知,“我”有机会亲自观看

了女儿的一场足球赛并领悟到了这一点。dream 梦想;idea 主意;habit 习惯。 均与句意不符。] 4.A.trip 答案 C B.holiday C.weekend D.square


六和周日的,因此答案选 C。] 5.A.won 答案 B.entered C.organized D.watched

B [考查语境中动词的辨析。这个赛季女儿所在的球队表现出色而有

资格参加锦标赛。win 赢;enter 进入;organize 组织;watch 观看。] 6.A.painful 答案 B.strange C.common D.practical

A [考查语境中形容词的辨析。由于参加锦标赛的多是技术更加娴熟

的俱乐部球队,他们的球员训练有素(well trained),技术过硬。女儿的球队艰 难鏖战, 还是没有一次真正意义上的射门(did not get one serious shot on goal)。 painful 困难的,艰难的;strange 奇怪的;common 普通的;practical 实用的。 由句意可知 A 项为正确答案。] 7.A.less 答案 8.A.fans 答案 B.poorly C.newly D.better

D [考查语境中副词的辨析。见上一小题解析。] B.tutors C.class D.team

D [考查语境中名词的辨析。联系上下文可知,女儿所在的球队在前

两场比赛中未能进球得分。故答案选 D。] 9. A.imagined B.hated

C.avoided 答案


B [考查语境中动词的辨析。作为父母,谁也不愿意看到竭尽全力踢

球的孩子遭受失败的结局。imagine 想像;hate 憎恨;avoid 避免;miss 错过。 由语境可知 B 项最能表达此意。] 10.A.if 答案 C B.or C.but D.as

[ 考查语境中连词的辨析。由空格前的 played her best 和 still

defeated 的语意逻辑,不难看出前后为转折关系。因此 C 项为正确答案。] 11.A.girls 答案 B.parents C.coaches D.viewers

A [考查语境中名词的辨析。女儿所在的球队在接下来的比赛中有了

很大的改变。由此可以推断该句意思是:“周日比赛之前,这群女孩子似乎 突然间明白了什么。”故 A 项正确。] 12.A.dressed C.made up 答案 B.showed up D.planned

B [考查语境中短语动词的辨析。由语境可知,周六比赛失利,女孩

子们又出现在周日的赛场上。show up(出现,露面)与语境相吻合。] 13.A.slightly 答案 B.hardly C.basically D.completely

D [考查语境中副词的辨析。根据下文所述,女孩子们的表现与上一

场比赛迥然不同。slightly 稍微;hardly 几乎不;basically 基本上;completely 完全地。] 14.A.seen 答案 B.known C.heard D.read

A [考查语境中动词的辨析。她们的表现之所以有很大改观是因为善

于总结经验教训,将周六比赛中看到的对方团队协作的技术运用到自己的比 赛中。由语境可知 A 项正确。] 15.A.styles 答案 16.A.even 答案 C B.training C.game D.rules

[考查语境中名词的辨析。见上一小题解析。] B.still C.seldom D.again

A [考查语境中副词的辨析。在强手面前,孩子们努力拼搏,志在必

得,甚至还进了一个球。even 甚至;still 仍然;seldom 很少;again 又,再。] 17.A.confused C.reminded B.struck D.warned


B [考查语境中动词的辨析。由作者接下来阐发的感想可知这是他从

这场比赛中突然想到的。It strikes sb that...意为“使某人突然想到??”。] 18. A.touching C.encouraging 答案 B.thinking D.learning

D [考查语境中动词的辨析。由前文对比赛的描述可知,对于球队的

每个孩子来说,这场比赛是一个学习的好机会。因此答案为 D。] 19. A.Experience C.Curiosity 答案 B.Independence D.Interest

A [考查语境中名词的辨析。通过这场比赛,孩子们学到了以前没有

接触到的东西,经历促使她们成长得更快,经历是最好的老师。 experience 经历,经验;independence 独立;curiosity 好奇心;interest 兴趣。其余三项 均与短文主旨无关。] 20.A.harmful to C.different from 答案 C B.mixed with D.applied to

[考查语境中形容词的辨析。由后面 but 一词的转折意义可以推断

本句的意思:孩子们通过比赛总结的经验或许与课堂上学到的经验不同,但 从赛场上获取的经验肯定会更有个性化,更加有意义。因为那是靠亲自实践 得来的。因此,答案非 C 莫属。] Cloze 4 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:不要做生活的“挑剔者” 时间:18′ (2015· 福建卷)One of the easiest things in the world is to become a fault- finder.However,life can be __1__ when you are not busy finding fault with it. Several years ago I __2__ a letter from seventeen-year-old Kerry,who described herself as a world - class fault - finder , almost always __3__ by things.People were always doing things that annoyed her,and __4__ was ever good enough.She was highly self - critical and also found fault with her friends.She became a really __5__ person. Unfortunately,it took a horrible accident to change her __6__.Her best friend was seriously hurt in a car crash.What made it almost __7__ to deal with was that the 词数:302

day before the __8__,Kerry had visited her friend and had spent the whole time criticizing her __9__ of boyfriends, the way she was living, the way she related to her mother,and various other things she felt she needed to __10__.It wasn’t until her friend was badly hurt that Kerry became __11__ her habit of finding fault.Very quickly,she learned to appreciate life rather than to __12__ everything so harshly(刻 薄).She was able to transfer her new wisdom to other parts of her __13__ as well. Perhaps most of us aren’t as extreme at fault-finding,__14__ when we’re honest,we can be sharply __15__ of the world.I’m not suggesting you __16__ problems,or that you pretend things are __17__ than they are,but simply that you learn to allow things to be as they are—__18__ most of the time, and especially when it’s not a really big __19__. Train yourself to “bite your tongue”,and with a little __20__,you’ll get really good at letting things go.And when you do,you’ll get back your enthusiasm and love for life. 【语篇解读】 世界上最容易做的事情之一就是成为一个挑剔的人,但是,如果 能改变一下的话,生活也许会是另外一个样子。 1.A.lonely 答案 B.great C.quiet D.uneasy

B [考查形容词辨析。如果能不忙着找别人的毛病,生活会十分棒。] B.answered C.expected D.rejected

2.A.received 答案

A [考查动词辨析。几年前,我收到了一封来自十七岁的 Kerry 的信。

收到来信用 receive;answer a letter 回信;expect 期待;预料;reject 拒绝。] 3.A.threatened C.bothered 答案 C B.interrupted D.spoiled [考查动词辨析。Kerry 在信中描述自己是一个世界级的挑剔者,总

是会受到别的事情的干扰。 bother 烦扰; 操心; threat 威胁; interrupt 打断; spoil 溺爱。] 4.A.anything C.something 答案 B.everything D.nothing

D [考查代词。在 Kerry 看来,人们总是做一些让她烦恼的事情,什么

事都不够好。只有 nothing 表示此处 Kerry 作为一个超级挑剔者的特点。] 5.A.caring C.interesting 答案 B.boring D.surprising

B [考查形容词辨析。Kerry 不仅挑剔自己,也总是找别人的毛病,她

真的变成了一个 boring(令人厌烦的)人。] 6.A.attitude C.measure 答案 B.plan D.explanation

A [考查名词辨析。 不幸的是, 改变她的态度是以一场可怕的事故为代

价的。measure 丈量;衡量;explanation 解释。] 7.A.urgent C.certain 答案 B.unnecessary D.impossible

D [考查形容词辨析。urgent 紧急的;unnecessary 不必要的;certain 肯

定的;impossible 不可能的。] 8.A.occasion C.accident 答案 C B.event D.adventure [考查名词辨析。根据上文可知,在这场事故之前,Kerry 拜访了她

的朋友。] 9.A.memory 答案 B.notice C.evidence D.choice

D [考查名词辨析。Kerry 拜访了她的朋友,不停地批评她朋友选择男

朋友(的问题)、她生活的方式问题、她和她父母相处的问题以及各种各样她觉 得她需要表达的问题。] 10.A.hear 答案 C B.contribute C.express D.admit

[考查动词辨析。解析见上题。] B.afraid of D.confused about

11.A.aware of C.curious about 答案

A [考查形容词短语的辨析。直到她朋友受了重伤之后,她才意识到

自己的(乱挑剔)的习惯(可能会给别人带来严重的后果)。 become aware of 意识 到;be afraid of 害怕;be curious about 好奇;be confused about 困惑。] 12.A.discuss B.realize C.judge D.settle




刻薄地去评判任何事。judge 判断,评判;discuss 讨论;realize 意识到;settle 解决。] 13.A.family 答案 B.life C.career D.education

B [考查名词辨析。她能够把她的新的智慧也传递到她的生活中的其

他部分。] 14.A.so 答案 C B.or C.but D.for


们可能会对这个世界十分的挑剔。此处表示转折关系。] 15.A.proud 答案 16.A.face 答案 B.sure C.hopeful D.critical

D [考查形容词辨析。critical 对应本文的线索词 fault-finder。] B.create C.solve D.ignore

D [考查动词辨析。发现了问题,我不是建议你去忽略这些问题。或

者假装这些事比他们事实上好。] 17.A.rarer 答案 B.better C.stranger D.worse

B [考查形容词辨析。解析见上题。] B.at last C.by far D.so far

18.A.at least 答案

A [考查介词短语辨析。但是要至少大部分时间学会允许这些事情的

存在。] 19.A.task 答案 B.deal C.result D.duty

B [考查名词辨析。特别是不是什么大事的时候。big deal 大事。] B.speech C.rest D.pity

20.A.practice 答案

A [考查名词辨析。训练自己“咬住自己的舌头”,少说话,多这样

做,你会真的学会放手了。practice 做法,实践。] Cloze 5 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:实现个人价值 时间:18′ (2015· 浙江卷)Since finishing my studies at Harvard and Oxford,I’ve watched one friend after another land high - ranking , high - paying Wall Street jobs.As 词数:334

executives (高级管理人员) with banks,consulting firms,established law firms,and major corporations,many are now __1__ on their way to impressive careers.By society’s __2__,they seem to have it made. On the surface, these people seem to be very lucky in life.As they left student life behind,many had a __3__ drink at their cheap but friendly local bar,shook hands with longtime roommates , and __4__ out of small apartments into high buildings.They made reservations at restaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine __5__ a college year’s monthly rent.They replaced their beloved old cars with expensive new sports cars. The thing is, a number of them have __6__ that despite their success, they aren’t happy.Some __7__ of unfriendly coworkers and feel sad for eight-hour workweeks devoted to tasks they __8__.Some do not respect the companies they work for and talk of feeling tired and __9__.However,instead of devoting themselves to their work,they find themselves working to support the __10__ to which they have so quickly become __11__. People often speak of trying a more satisfying path,and __12__ in the end the idea of leaving their jobs to work for something they __13__ or finding a position that would give them more time with their families almost always leads them to the same conclusion:it’s __14__.They have loans,bills,a mortgage (抵押贷款) to __15__, retirement to save for.They recognize there’s something __16__ in their lives,but it’s __17__ to step off the track. In a society that tends to __18__ everything in terms of dollars and cents,we learn from a young age to consider the costs of our __19__ in financial terms.But what about the personal and social costs __20__ in pursuing money over meaning? These are exactly the kinds of costs many of us tend to ignore—and the very ones we need to consider most. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者通过讲述朋友大学毕业后的工作、 心情、经历告诉我们:我们不应该为了高质量的生活只追求金钱,个人价值和社 会价值的实现才是最重要的。 1.A.much B.never C.seldom D.well


D [考查副词词义辨析。根据后面的 they seem to have it made 可知,大

学毕业后, 我观察到现在我的很多朋友们并没有创造出一番令人赞叹的事业。 ] 2.A.policies C.experiments 答案 B.standards D.regulations

B [考查名词词义辨析。我认为他们没有,但按照社会的标准,他们似

乎已经达到了。 standard 标准, 符合语境。 policy 政策; experiment 试验; regulation 规章,规则。] 3.A.last 答案 B.least C.second D.best

A [考查形容词词义辨析。根据前面的 as they left student life behind 可

知,当他们离开学校时,很多人在便宜且友好的当地酒吧喝完最后一杯酒。] 4.A.cycled 答案 B B.moved C.slid D.looked


out of 搬离,符合语境。] 5.A.shared 答案 C B.paid C.equaled D.collected

[考查动词词义辨析。 在饭店里一瓶酒的价格相当于大学一个月的租

金。equal 与??相等或相同,符合语境。] 6.A.advertised 答案 C B.witnessed C.admitted D.demanded


成功,但并不快乐。admit 承认,符合语境。advertise 做广告;witness 目击; demand 要求。] 7.A.complain 答案 B.dream C.hear D.approve

A [考查动词词义辨析。根据后面的 unfriendly coworkers and feel sad

可知,一些人抱怨同事不友好。complain of 抱怨,诉苦,符合语境。] 8.A.distribute 答案 9.A.calm 答案 B.hate C.applaud D.neglect

B [考查动词词义辨析。 完成他们不喜欢的工作任务他们才感到悲伤。 ] B.guilty C.warm D.empty

D [考查形容词词义辨析。根据前面的 feeling tired and 可知,empty 空

虚,符合语境。calm 镇静的;guilty 有罪的。] 10.A.family C.lifestyle B.government D.project




是为了维持这种很快就习以为常的生活方式。 lifestyle 生活方式, 符合语境。 ] 11.A.accustomed C.unique 答案 B.appointed D.available

A [考查形容词词义辨析。固定表达 become accustomed to 对??变

得习以为常,习惯于。] 12.A.yet 答案 B.also C.instead D.rather

A [考查副词词义辨析。根据上下文可知,这里表示转折关系,故要

用 yet。] 13.A.let out C.give up 答案 B.turn in D.believe in

D [考查动词短语辨析。 离职去从事他们自己所信仰的事情。 believe in

信奉,信仰,符合语境。let out 使出来,放出;turn in 上交,呈交;give up 放弃。] 14.A.fundamental C.impossible 答案 C B.practical D.unforgettable

[考查形容词词义辨析。根据后面的 they have loans...可知,放弃现

在的工作去从事自己喜爱的事情是不可能的。] 15.A.take off C.put off 答案 B.drop off D.pay off

D [考查动词短语辨析。因为他们有抵押贷款要偿还。pay off 付清,

还清,符合语境。take off 取下,起飞;drop off 落下,减少;put off 推迟。] 16.A.missing 答案 A B.inspiring C.sinking D.shining

[ 考查形容词词义辨析。这时他们意识到生活中缺失了什么。

missing 失掉的,失踪的,找不到的,符合语境。] 17.A.harmful 答案 B.hard C.useful D.normal

B [考查形容词词义辨析。但很难脱离现在的生活轨迹。] B.suffer C.digest D.deliver

18.A.measure 答案

A [考查动词词义辨析。在一个倾向于用金钱来衡量一切的社会里。

measure 衡量。] 19.A.disasters C.campaigns 答案 B.motivations D.decisions

D [考查名词词义辨析。从小时候我们就学会了从经济的角度来考虑

所做出的决定的代价。] 20.A.assessed 答案 B B.involved C.covered D.reduced

[考查动词词义辨析。追求金钱所涉及的个人和社会代价呢? (be)

involved in 牵涉,涉及,符合语境。] Cloze 6 体裁:记叙文 话题:人生感悟 词数:328 时间:18′

(2014· 天津卷)One night,when I was eight,my mother gently asked me a question I would never forget.“Sweetie,my company wants to __1__ me but

needs me to work in Brazil.This is like your teacher telling you that you’ve done __2__ and allowing you to skip a grade(跳级),but you’ll have to __3__ your

friends.Would you say yes to your teacher?”She gave me a hug and asked me to think about it.I was puzzled.The question kept me __4__ for the rest of the night.I had said“yes”but for the first time,I realized the __5__ decisions adults had to make. For almost four years,my mother would call us from Brazil every day.Every evening I’d __6__ wait for the phone to ring and then tell her every detail of my day.A phone call, however, could never replace her __7__ and it was difficult not to feel lonely at times. During my fourth-grade Christmas break, we flew to Rio to visit her.Looking at her large __8__ apartment,I became __9__ been in Brazil herself.It was then __10__ how lonely my mother must have

I started to appreciate the tough choices

she had to make on __11__ family and work.__12__ difficult decisions,she used to tell me, you wouldn’t know whether you made the right choice, but you could always make the best out of the situation,with passion and a __13__ attitude. Back home,I __14__ myself that what my mother could do,I could,too.If

she __15__ to live in Rio all by herself,I,too,could learn to be __16__.I learnt how to take care of myself and set high but achievable __17__.

My mother is now back with us.But I will never forget what the __18__ really taught me.Sacrifices proved to be a __20__ __19__


in the end.The separation between us has

for me.

【语篇解读】 “我”还是八岁小孩的时候,母亲就让我明白,成人有时也会面 对工作和家庭的艰难选择,要努力平衡两者的关系;随着年龄的增长,我越来越 能够体味母亲的坚强与独立; 聚少离多的生活也使我在理解母亲的同时,成长为 一个坚强独立的人。母亲的牺牲获得了回报。 1.A.attract 答案 2.A.little 答案 3.A.leave 答案 A C B.promote C.surprise D.praise

B [考查词义辨析。根据上下文可知母亲将被升职,故选 B。] B.much C.well D.wrong

[考查语境理解。根据下文“允许你跳级” ,说明做得好,故选 C。] B.refuse C.contact D.forgive

[ 考查语境理解及词义辨析。 A. 离开; B.拒绝;C. 和?? 联系;D.

原谅。根据上下文,可知因为跳级要离开朋友,故选 A。] 4.A.explaining C.wondering 答案 C B.sleeping D.regretting


遗憾。根据上下文,这个问题让“我”一直思考,可知选 C。] 5.A.poor 答案 D B.timely C.final D.tough

[ 考查词义辨析与语境理解。根据第三自然段第三行 the tough

choices 提示,可知选 D。] 6.A.eagerly 答案 B.politely C.nervously D.curiously

A [考查副词辨析。A.热切地;B.礼貌地;C.紧张地;D.好奇地;根据

语境, 母亲在外地工作, 很难见面, “我”一定是“热切地”盼望母亲来电话, 故选 A。] 7.A.patience C.intelligence 答案 B.presence D.influence

B [考查名词辨析。A.耐心;B.出席,在场;C.智慧;D.影响。根据语


知选 B。] 8.A.comfortable C.empty 答案 C B.expensive D.modern [考查形容词辨析。A.舒适的;B.昂贵的;C.空荡荡的;D.现代化的。

根据语境:“看到她空荡荡的寓所,我也意识到母亲自己在巴西也很孤独”与 下文中的“lonely”语境呼应,故选 C。] 9.A.interested in C.doubtful about 答案 B.aware of D.satisfied with

B [考查短语辨析。A.对??感兴趣;B.意识到;C.对??感到怀疑;

D.对??感到满意,根据语境可知选 B。] 10.A.when 答案 B.where C.which D.that

D [考查强调句型。句意:直到那时,我才开始理解母亲为了平衡工

作和家庭所做出的艰难选择。此句是强调时间状语,故选 D。] 11.A.abandoning C.comparing 答案 B B.balancing D.mixing


知选 B。] 12.A.Depending on C.Faced with 答案 C B.Supplied with D.Insisting on


D.坚持。根据语意:“面对艰难的抉择,她常告诉我,你不可能知道自己的 选择是否正确, 但你可以用热情和乐观的态度去充分利用这种情况。”可知, 选 C。] 13.A.different C.positive 答案 C B.friendly D.general [考查形容词辨析。A.不同的;B.友好的;C.乐观的;积极的;D.

大致的,大体上的;根据语境,“应用乐观的态度面对这种情况”,可知选 C。] 14.A.criticized C.warned B.informed D.reminded


D [考查动词辨析。A.批判;批评;B.通知,告知;C.警告。D.提醒;

根据语境: “回家后我提醒自己: 母亲可以做到的, 我也能做到。 ”故选 D。 ] 15.A.managed C.attempted 答案 B.offered D.expected

A [考查动词辨析。manage to do 设法成功做到;offer to do 主动提出

做??;attempt to do 尝试着做??;expect to do 期待要做,预料到做??; 根据语境“母亲成功做到独自在异地生活”。故选 A。] 16.A.grateful C.independent 答案 C B.energetic D.practical


的。根据上文“She managed to live in Rio all by herself”可知,此处强调其独立 性,故选 C。] 17.A.examples 答案 D B.limits C.rules D.goals


与动词 set 搭配,且用 achievable 作定语修饰,语境:“我学会了照顾自己和 设立高但可达到的目标”可知选 D。] 18.A.question C.history 答案 B B.experience D.occasion [考查名词辨析。A.问题;B.经验,经历;C.历史;D.场合。该空

在该句中做主语,应是概括前文讲到的经历,故选 B。句意:我永远都不会 忘记这次经历教给我的一切。] 19.A.pay off C.run out 答案 A B.come back D.turn up [考查短语辨析。A.没有白费;得到报偿;B.回来;C.用光,用完

了;D.出现,到场,该句主语是 sacrifices。句意:这些牺牲最后都没有白费。 故选 A。] 20.A.blessing 答案 B.gathering C.failure D.pleasure

A [考查名词辨析。A.保佑;赐福;B.聚集,汇聚;C.失败;D.乐趣,


使我获得了意想不到的收获。所以,就像上苍赐给我的福气,故选 A。] 题组二 尝试模拟

Cloze 1 (2016· 杭州一模)Many sports players have not only accomplished incredible(不 可思议的) acts of athleticism, but also unbelievable acts of sportsmanship.There were some __1__ examples in 2014,and I’ve __2__ two that inspired me. One example of sportsmanship took place in the Sochi Olympics.Russian

Anton Gafarov was hobbling (蹒跚而行) along the track, far __3__ the rest of the skiers.One of his skis was broken.He had tried to __4__ with the damaged equipment.Canadian ski coach Justin Wadsworth was the only one who had a(n) __5__ ski.Wadsworth didn’t want Gafarov to finish slowly,hobbling across the line.He wanted him to finish with __6__.The Canadian skiers were already out of the race,giving Wadsworth two __7__:Leave Gafarov to hobble across the line on one ski,or give him the spare one.Wadsworth gave him the extra ski,__8__ Gafarov to get second place in the quarter-finals.__9__,he came in sixth in the semi-finals.It was Wadsworth who helped Gafarov __10__ his Olympic dream. The other example took place in the 2014 World Cup quarter-final between Brazil match

and Colombia.The game had just ended.Brazil had won ,2-

1.Brazil was __11__ on the sidelines,cheering and having a good time.Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez had just had his World Cup dream __12__ despite scoring a record-breaking six goals in the competition.Brazilian defender David Luiz walked over to him,pointed at him,and __13__ the crowd to acknowledge him.He then declared his __14__ for a game well played and __15__ him for his wonderful World Cup performance.It made both the crowd and Rodriguez __16__. As an athlete,I know it’s easy to get caught up in the __17__ of a game.But I also know that __18__ is just as important as winning and losing. Always remember to __19__ your opposing team.Play hard,but play fair.And always be nice.It’s the right thing to do and it always __20__. 【语篇解读】 本文是夹叙夹议文。作者通过两个赛场上的例子诠释体育精神。

1.A.amusing C.amazing 答案 C

B.interesting D.embarrassing [由下文的例子可知,作者举的这两个赛场上的例子很 “不可思议

(amazing)”。上文的 incredible 和 unbelievable 也是提示信息。] 2.A.collected 答案 B.picked C.made D.created

B [由下文可知, 作者是从 2014 年的众多体育比赛中“挑选(picked)”

出两个例子。] 3.A.behind 答案 A B.off C.from D.back

[ 由下文的 One of his skis was broken.He had tried to...with the

damaged equipment 可知,Gafarov 已远远“落后于(behind)”其他选手。] 4.A.walk 答案 B.go C.work D.continue

D [由下文可知,Anton Gafarov 努力着“继续(continue)”比赛。] B.extra D.temporary B [由下文的 give him the spare one 可知,Wadsworth 有 “ 备用的

5.A.broken C.new 答案

(extra)”滑雪板。] 6.A.respect 答案 B.kindness C.love D.pride

D [由上文的 Wadsworth didn’t want Gafarov to finish slowly,hobbling

across the line 可知,Wadsworth 想让 Gafarov“骄傲(pride)”地完成比赛。] 7.A.questions C.choices 答案 C B.chances D.problems [由冒号后面的内容 Leave Gafarov to hobble across the line on one

ski,or give him the spare one 可知,Wadsworth 面临两个“选择(choices)”。] 8.A.allowing C.instructing 答案 B.advising D.wanting

A [Wadsworth 的帮助“使得(allowing)”Gafarov 获得四分之一决赛第

二名。] 9.A.Finally C.Particularly B.Specifically D.Gradually


A [Gafarov“最终(Finally)”拿到半决赛的第六名。] B.enjoy C.have D.complete

10.A.share 答案

D [在 Wadsworth 的帮助下, Gafarov“圆(complete)”了他的奥运梦。 ] B.reviewing D.training

11.A.imagining C.celebrating 答案 C

[由上文的 Brazil had won,2-1 以及下文的 cheering and having a

good time 可 知 , 此 时 比 赛 刚 刚 结 束 , 巴 西 队 球 员 在 边 线 上 “ 庆 祝 (celebrating)”。] 12.A.achieved C.followed 答案 B.torn apart D.broken in

B [由上文的 Brazil had won,2-1 可知,哥伦比亚球员 Rodriguez 的

世界杯之梦“破碎(torn apart)”了] 13.A.urged 答案 B.forced C.expected D.warned

A [由上文的 scoring a record-breaking six goals in the competition 可

知,David Luiz“鼓动(urged)”大家就对方球员 Rodriguez 的精彩表现予以肯 定。] 14.A surprise C.curiosity 答案 B.doubt D.appreciation

D [David Luiz 对 Rodriguez 的精彩表现表示“欣赏(appreciation)”] B.challenged D.interviewed

15.A.prepared C.recognized 答案 16.A.shy 答案 B C [“认可(recognized)”。] B.happy



[由上文 David Luiz 表现出的体育精神可知,这些行为让观众和

Rodriguez 都很“开心(happy)”。] 17.A.fun C.meaning 答案 右。] 18.A.sportsmanship B.friendship B.advantage D.competitiveness

D [作为一名运动员,很容易被比赛的“竞争性(competitiveness)”左

C.leadership 答案


A [由文章主旨可知,“体育精神(sportsmanship)”与输赢同样重要。

这与首段的 unbelievable acts of sportsmanship 呼应。] 19.A.learn from C.keep up with 答案 B.fight against D.shake hands with

D [由上文的两个例子可知,作者想说的是要永远和你的对手“握手

(shake hands with)”表示善意。] 20.A.pays out C.pays off 答案 C B.pays back D.pays up [由上文可知,我们应该尊敬、善待对手,这会给双方都“带来回

报(pays off)”。] Cloze 2 (2016· 太原市第二学段测评)Eyes are a kind of language we use to express ourselves.Through one’s eyes, we can __1__ and many other __3__ sorrow, happiness or encouragement

__2__.Eyes are always one of the fastest and most direct organs to

our thoughts.

I still remember an __4__experience,which happened when I took part in a singing contest at the age of nine.It was the __5__ of my mother’s eyes that encouraged __6__ in singing

me to go for it.I had showed great

before that.But I was too shy to sing in __8__

__7__.So one day my mother took me to __9__ and

up for the singing contest.With my mother’s

encouragement,I was determined to meet that suddenly found I became the couldn’t even __12__ __11__

__10__.Standing on the stage,I

of all the eyes.I got so nervous that I

my eyes open.When it was my turn to be introduced to the

audience and sing,I became even more __13__.I felt my legs were shaking and my memory seemed help,I __15__ __14__,as I couldn’t remember anything.Searching for my mother’s eyes which were sparkling with encouragement __16__ to me,“Come on,Baby!

and strong power.It seemed that they were

Take it easy.I’ll that moment I

__17__ be with you! ” I read the message through her eyes and at __18__ my confidence and began to sing my song.When I came __19__ hug,saying,

down from the stage,she came up to me and gave me a

“Great!I’m proud of you!” At that time,I found her eyes filled with tears of __20__.Sometimes,you see,just the encouraging eyes themselves can make a shy person brave. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。眼睛是人们表达情感的器官之一。透过 眼神,人们可以读懂其中的喜怒哀乐。 1.A.feel 答案 B B.read C.find D.cause


等多种情绪。故 B 项正确。] 2.A.emotions C.expressions 答案 A B.passions D.impressions

[emotion“ 情绪,情感 ” 。根据本句中的 “sorrow , happiness or

encouragement and many other”可推知,这里是指像悲伤、愉悦等其他情感。 故 A 项正确。] 3.A.rewrite 答案 C B.rebuild C.reveal D.repeat


想情感的人体器官之一。故 C 项正确。] 4.A.unbelievable C.unable 答案 D B.unfair D.unforgettable [unforgettable“难以忘怀的”。根据下文可知,9 岁时,作者在妈

妈的鼓励下,参加了歌唱比赛。这段经历令作者难以忘怀。故 D 项正确。] 5.A.right 答案 B B.power C.sense D.sight


我参加歌唱比赛。由 15 空后的“strong power”也可得到提示。故 B 项正确。] 6.A.interest 答案 B.pride C.surprise D.delight

A [interest“兴趣”。根据语境可知,9 岁时作者就参加了歌唱比赛,

这说明至此以前她擅长唱歌, 对唱歌很感兴趣。 show interest in...“对??表现

出兴趣”,故 A 项正确。] 7.A.audience 答案 C B.school C.public D.hall


太害羞而不敢在公开场合唱歌。in public“在公开场合下”。故 C 项正确。] 8.A.sing 答案 B.jog C.join D.sign

D [sign up for“报名参加??”,符合语境。故 D 项正确。] B.company D.conduct

9.A.cooperation C.comprehension 答案

B [cooperation“合作”;company“陪伴”;comprehension“理解”;

conduct“引导,指导”。根据语境可知,在母亲的陪伴和鼓励下,作者参加 了歌唱比赛。故 B 项正确。] 10.A.challenge C.change 答案 A B.difficulty D.discussion [challenge“挑战”。根据语境可知,在母亲的陪伴和鼓励下作者

参加了歌唱比赛。这意味着她要面对挑战,克服害羞,在公众场合唱歌。故 A 项正确。] 11.A.distance 答案 C B.direction C.focus D.front


众都看着她(多双眼睛聚焦于她),她慌了神。故 C 项正确。] 12.A.have 答案 B.make C.let D.keep

D [根据语境可知,作者站在舞台上,观众都看着她,她慌了,不敢

睁开眼睛看。keep“使某物一直保持??状态”,这里是指作者“不敢让眼 睛一直睁着”。故 D 项正确。] 13.A.curious 答案 B.nervous C.serious D.anxious

B [nervous“紧张的”。根据上文“so nervous”以及“even more”可知,

当被介绍要唱歌时,作者感到更加紧张。故 B 项正确。] 14.A.gone 答案 B.brought C.missed D.left

A [根据下文“as I couldn’t remember anything”可知, 作者双腿打颤,

头脑一片空白(失去记忆)。故 A 项正确。] 15.A.turned B.opened C.met D.raised




母亲的眼神中,她获得了鼓励和力量。故 C 项正确。] 16.A.telling 答案 B.passing C.sending D.speaking

D [根据下文“Come on,Baby...”可知,母亲的眼睛好像会说话,让

作者加油,别紧张。speak to sb“对某人说话”,符合语境。tell sb sth“告诉 某人某事”,tell 后接双宾语。故 D 项正确。] 17.A.usually 答案 B.always C.almost D.even

B [母亲的眼神鼓励作者加油,要她别紧张,母亲会一直陪伴其左右。

always 的频度大于 usually,更能突出母亲对作者的关爱。故 B 项正确。] 18.A.regained 答案 B.recited C.received D.returned

A [regain“重新获得”。 根据语境可知, 作者读懂了母亲眼神的意味,

因此重新获得了信心和力量,开始唱了起来。故 A 项正确。] 19.A.sudden 答案 C B.blank C.big D.suitable


大大的(big)拥抱,这体现了母亲的高兴和自豪。故 C 项正确。] 20.A.encouragement C.regret 答案 B.sorrow D.joy

D [joy“高兴”。 根据语境可知, 作者克服了害羞, 成功唱完整首歌。

母亲为之高兴、自豪,欣喜的眼泪夺眶而出。故 D 项正确。] Cloze 3 (2016· 东北三省三校联合模拟考试) “Paul must have been trying to carry his waste paper to garbage can and dropped a few pieces.” I __1__,picking them up.__2__ later I found more pieces.No quiet sighing this time.I __3__,“Who is throwing garbage?”No

answer.Instead,I saw more bits of paper silently floating __4__ from upstairs.Looking up,I saw my seven-year-old son,Paul. __5__”.“Sorry,what did

“Stop making a mess.” “It’s not a mess.They’re you say?” I hadn’t heard him clearly.

He didn’t answer me.Paul has autism ( 自 闭症 ) and question,especially when he’s __7__


answers a

attentively on something else.He ran down

the stairs.“Where are my other butterflies?”he asked,__8__ around.Every time Paul __9__ five or more words together,my heart says a __10__ of thanks.But

lately he seems to communicating are

__11__ that the benefits of forming complete sentences when __12__ of the effort. __13__ them from the garbage,__14__ __15__

Butterflies.Of course.I rushed to

them off and handed them to my young artist.“Want to see them

again?”he asked with a shy smile.“Oh yes!They’re beautiful,”I whispered.He ran back upstairs to float his beautiful butterflies. That day Paul __17__ me to look up at __18__ instead of down at __16__ down again.They really did look like

garbage.How many other masterpieces do I miss because I’m too caught up in my __19__ to take time to appreciate what’s right in front of me?Life is not what happens to us.It’s __20__ we look at it.Now,I look up.

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。“我”七岁的儿子 Paul 患有自闭症, 但是他却把飘着的纸片看作是飞舞的蝴蝶,而“我”看到的只是地上的一堆垃 圾。生活亦如此,不是我们身上发生了什么,而是我们应该如何看待它。 1.A.laughed 答案 B.sighed C.amazed D.shouted

B [根据第一段第四句“No quiet sighing this time.”可知, “我” 叹了口

气,把掉在地上的几张废纸捡了起来。sigh“叹气”,符合语境。] 2.A.Days 答案 C B.Years C.Moments D.Weeks


一会儿发现了更多的废纸。由此可推知,时间应该很短。moment“片刻”, 符合语境。] 3.A.called out C.got in 答案 B.turned up D.added to

A [根据语境可知,这一次“我”不再静静地叹息,而是大声喊:“是

谁在扔垃圾?”call out“大声叫喊”,符合语境。] 4.A.up B.down C.away D.off



[根据本句中的“from upstairs”可知,纸是从楼上飘下来的;又由倒

数第二段倒数第二句中的“down again”可知,空格处意为“向下”。] 5.A.planes 答案 B.papers C.leaves D.butterflies

D [根据第三段第四句中的“Where are my other butterflies?”可知,

“我”的儿子认为这是蝴蝶。butterfly“蝴蝶”,符合语境。] 6.A.rarely 答案 B.frequently C.willingly D.eagerly

A [根据“Paul has autism(自闭症)”可知,儿子有自闭症,他很少回答

问题。rarely“很少”,符合语境。] 7.A.devoted 答案 C B.depended C.focused D.addicted


focus on 为固定搭配,意为“专注于??”,符合语境。] 8.A.showing 答案 B.looking C.playing D.drawing

B [句意:他一边问一边四处看。look around“四处看,环顾四周”,

符合句意。] 9.A.spells C.pushes 答案 B.puts D.accumulates

B [根据上文可知,Paul 患有自闭症,很少说话,所以每次当 Paul 把 5

个以上的词放在一起时, “我” 就很激动。 put sth together“ 把某物放在一 起”,符合语境。] 10.A.sound 答案 B.remark C.report D.prayer

D [根据语境可知,每当 Paul 多说话时,“我”就会因感谢而祈祷。

prayer“祈祷”,符合语境。] 11.A.refuse 答案 B.hear C.mind D.realize

D [根据本段第四句 Paul 的提问“Where are my other butterflies?”

可推知,最近他似乎认识到了交流时说完整句子的好处。realize“认识到”, 符合语境。] 12.A.worthy 答案 B.aware C.fond D.typical

A [根据语境可知,Paul 最近认识到了交流时说完整句子的好处,这

种好处是值得努力的。worthy“值得的”,符合语境。] 13.A.hide B.destroy C.rescue D.remove



[ 根据段首的 “Butterflies.”及本句中的 “garbage”表达的语境可知,

“我”跑过去把这些蝴蝶从垃圾堆里救出来。rescue“拯救”,符合语境。] 14.A.tore 答案 B.dusted C.cut D.seized

B [根据常识可知,垃圾堆里是很脏的,据此可以判断,要除去上面

的灰尘。dust...off“除去??的灰尘”,符合语境。] 15.A.throw 答案 B.flow C.land D.fly

D [根据本段中的“He ran back upstairs to float his __16__ down again.”

可知,儿子拿到了 “ 我 ” 递给他的碎纸片,害羞地问我: “还想看它们飞 吗?”fly“飞”,符合语境。] 16.A.masterpieces C.inventions 答案 A B.schoolwork D.imagination

[ 根据 “young artist” 以及最后一段第二句中的 “How many other

masterpieces do I miss”可知, 患有自闭症的儿子让这些碎纸片像蝴蝶那样在空 中飘舞,这是“艺术家”儿子的杰作。masterpiece“杰作”,符合语境。] 17.A.reminded C.intended 答案 B.forced D.permitted

A [句意:那一天,Paul 提醒了“我”要抬头看美的东西而不是低头

看垃圾。remind“提醒”,符合语境。] 18.A.mistakes C.beauty 答案 C B.weaknesses D.scenery [根据本句中的“instead of down at garbage”可知,空格处与该处形

成对比,由此可推知,“我”抬起头看到了美。beauty“美丽”,符合语境。] 19.A.amusement C.communication 答案 B.housework D.homework

B [根据上文“我”拾起地上的废纸可推知,“我”总是做家务活,

没有时间去欣赏眼前的东西。housework“家务”,符合语境。] 20.A.when 答案 B.whether C.where D.how

D [根据语境可知,生活不是指在我们身上发生的事,而是我们要如

何看待它。how“如何”,符合语境。] Cloze 4

(2016· 哈尔滨第三中学第一次模拟) University Can Wait I was on my way to the library to do some studying for history class.That’s when I saw my friend and her family __1__ As I was standing __2__ on doors.

one house,my friend’s brother walked past me __3__,I heard him say, __5__

and went to the door of the house.When the resident “Excuse me,I am __4__

money for my mom.She needs to have

but we don’t have enough money.Could you please The lady gave him some

__6__ with a donation?”

__7__ and he said,“Thank you so much!God

bless you.” Then he walked on to the next house. I could see he didn’t have much and I also saw he had been __8__. __9__ going to the library,I went to the bank.I told her I wanted to __10__

all my savings.The lady in the bank said to me,“But,sweetie,I thought you were going to use that money to go to __11__.” I told her something else __12__

so she gave me the money.Then I walked to my friend’s house. They had only raised nine hundred and sixty - two dollars , which wasn’t __13__ a quarter of what they needed.I told my friend to __15__ __14__ my

money.When she saw it she money.

straight away it was my university

The idea of going to university had been a very


one for

me—__17__ I got accepted—but she needed the money more than I did.It was this __18__ of money that could save her mother’s life. I hope all goes well for her and her family.My love and __19__ go out to them.Leo Tolstoy once said,“Nothing can make our life,of the lives of other people,more beautiful than permanent __20__.”

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。“我”看到朋友及其家人在为他们的妈 妈筹钱做手术后, 去银行取出“我”打算用来上大学的钱借给他们。就是这笔钱 可以挽救他们妈妈的生命。 这使“我”领悟到:没有什么东西比永恒的仁慈能使 我们的生活更美好。 1.A.meeting B.waiting

C.knocking 答案 C

D.quarreling [固定短语 knock on 意为“敲” ,符合语境。] B.above C.behind D.outside

2.A.inside 答案

D [根据上文可知, “我”看到朋友和她的家人在挨家挨户地敲门, 由

此可知,“我”在一所房子外面站着。outside“在??外部”,符合语境。] 3.A.replied C.opened 答案 B.understood D.answered

D [根据上一句中的“went to the door of the house”可推知,朋友的弟弟

在敲门,居民回应了他,所以用动词 answer“应答”。故答案选 D。] 4.A.raising C.increasing 答案 A B.accumulating D.making [ 根据 第六 段第一句 中的 “raised nine hundred and sixty - two

dollars”可知,他们在筹钱。raise“筹集”,符合语境。] 5.A.health C.examination 答案 B.surgery D.break

B [根据第七段中的“that could save her mother ’s life”可推知, 她的妈

妈需要做手术。surgery“外科手术”,符合语境。] 6.A.provide C.deal 答案 B.help D.compete B [根据上下文可知, 他在筹钱给妈妈做手术,因此他请求居民帮忙捐

款。help“帮助”,符合语境。] 7.A.advice 答案 C B.medicine C.coins D.food


选 C。] 8.A.laughing C.thinking 答案 B.begging D.crying

D [根据上文可知,他要筹钱给妈妈做手术,但是筹到的钱却不多,所

以此处应为“我”看到他一直在哭。cry“哭”,符合语境。] 9.A.Instead of C.Other than B.Regardless of D.Except for



[ 根据第一段第一句 “I was on my way to the library to do some

studying for history class.”以及本句中的“I went to the bank”可知, “我”没有去 图书馆而是去了银行。instead of“代替,而不是”,符合语境。] 10.A.deposit C.withdraw 答案 C B.donate D.collect


银行,说明“我”想取出“我”所有的积蓄。另外,从下文中银行里女士的 话也可得到提示。withdraw“(从银行)取(钱)” ,符合语境。deposit“存放”; donate“捐赠”;collect“收集”。] 11.A.university C.theatre 答案 A B.company D.work [ 根据第六段最后一句中的 “it was my university money” 可知,

“我”打算用这笔钱上大学。故答案选 A。] 12.A.held up C.put up 答案 B.came up D.took up

B [此处指“我”告诉她发生了其他事情。come up“发生”,符合语

境。hold up“举起”;put up“建立”;take up“占据,从事”。] 13.A.even 答案 B.already C.still D.ever

A [句意:他们只筹到了 962 美元,甚至还不到他们所需要的钱数的

四分之一。even“甚至”,符合语境。] 14.A.return 答案 C B.consider C.take D.pay


钱。take“接受”,符合语境。] 15.A.received 答案 C B.refused C.realized D.admitted

[根据本句中的“it was my university money”可知,当她看到这笔钱

时,她立刻意识到这是“我”上大学的钱。realize“意识到”,符合语境。] 16.A.disappointing C.appealing 答案 C B.depressing D.realistic

[此处指假设“我”被录取的话, 上大学是很吸引“我”的一件事。

appealing“吸引人的”,符合语境。] 17.A.assessing C.appointing 答案 B.advocating D.assuming

D [分析句子结构和语境可知, 此处为插入语, 表示假设。 assume“假

设”,符合语境。assess“评估”;advocate“提倡”;appoint“任命”。] 18.A.kind 答案 B.item C.share D.sum

D [此处指这笔钱可以挽救她妈妈的生命。this sum of money“这笔

钱”,符合语境。] 19.A.imagination C.ideas 答案 B.prayers D.stories B [根据前面一句话“I hope all goes well for her and her family.”可知,

“我”希望她和她的家人一切都好, 由此可知, 这是“我”的祈祷。 prayer“祈 祷”,符合语境。] 20.A.honesty C.responsibility 答案 B.kindness D.courage

B [根据上文可知,“我”帮助了朋友,这使“我”领悟到:没有什

么东西比永恒的仁慈能使我们的生活更美好。kindness“仁慈,好意”,符合 语境。]


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