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Language Points (1)

Unit 3 Language point

Unit 3
I. Words:
1. 运送, 运输 2. 更喜欢 3. 说服, 劝说 4. 从那以后;自从 5. 梦想 6. 劝说

7. 固执的
8. 坚持

9. 下定决心的
10. 改变主意


12. 屈服,让步

Useful words and phrases
1.梦想做某事 dream of / about doing sth 2.骑自行车旅游 take a bike trip 3.说服?做? persuade sb to do 4.关心,介意 care about 5.改变主意 change one’s mind 6.下定决心 make up one’s mind 7.屈服,让步 give in 8.使某人对·····感兴趣 get sb interested in

1.transport (v./n.) 运输,运送 (1) 请找另外的交通工具吧。 means of transport Please find another_________________. (2) 100台电脑被运到了东源中学。 were transported to 100 computers ____________________ Dongyuan High School. transportation n. 交通工具

public transportation 公共交 通工具(e.g. bus, subway)

2. prefer (v.) 较喜欢, 宁愿


n. n. ? I prefer _______ to _________.
doing ____ ( to eating doing______ ). ? I prefer eating

do ____ rather than eat ? I prefer to eat do ____.
? I prefer not to eat do ________.

3. ever since自从,从那以后 (1) 自从2004年以来,我就一直住在河源。 ever since I have lived in Heyuan __________2004.

(2) 自从我来到河源,我就爱上了这里的一切,包括河源 的空气、美食和善良的人们。 现在完成时 +过去时 Ever since I have fallen in __________ came to Heyuan, I ___________ love with everything to do with Heyuan, including ________ the fresh air, delicious food and kind people.
(3)我上一次是两年前在河源见到他,自那以后,我再没 见过他了。 I saw him last in Heyuan two years ago and I ever since haven’t seen him ___________. 现在完成时

4. dream about /of 梦想, 梦见
实现梦想: ? realize/ achieve one’s dream ? one’s dream has come true ? make one’s dream come true

dream 常与not, little连用, 表示“想不到”。 I little dreamed of seeing you here. 真没有想到会在这遇到你。 与dream相关的其他词组: dream up 虚构, 凭空想出 go to one’s dream 进入梦乡 read a dream 解梦 dream a (sweet/terrible…) dream 做了一个(甜蜜的、可怕的)梦 构词法: dreamer 做梦的人; dreamful 多梦的; dream like 梦一般的; dreamland 梦境; dream reader 解梦的人

5. persuade(vt.)说服, 劝说(暗示是成功的, 如果未成功则用try to persuade) ? persuade sb. (not) to do sth. ? 说服某人(不)做某事 ? persuade sb. into doing sth. ? 说服某人干某事 ? persuade sb. out of (doing) sth. ? 说服某人不做某事 ? persuade sb. of sth. 使某人相信某事 ? persuade sb. + that从句 说服, 使某人相信

(1) 除非他改变主意,否则没人能说服他干这件事。 Unless he changed his mind, no one could persuade him to do that. __________________
(2) 她最终说服我不要买了。 me not to buy it. She finally persuaded ________________ (3) 我设法想说服他别吸烟,但是他不愿听我 的。 persuade him out of smoking, but I tried to ________________ he wouldn't listen to me.

(4)怎么才能说服他参加我们的活动呢? joining us? How can we persuade him into ______ (5) 你能说服她放弃她那愚蠢的打算吗? persuade her out of her foolish Can you _______ plan? (6) 我怎样才能使你相信我说的是实话呢? persuade you that I am telling How can I _______ the truth? (7) 他设法使我相信他的诚实。 persuade me of his honesty. He tried to __________

6. stubborn 1) He is too stubborn to apologize. 倔强的, 固执的 2) You’ll have to push hard, that door is a bit stubborn. 难以移动的
3) The old man has got a stubborn cough 难以治愈的 that has lasted for weeks.

7. insist : declare firmly 坚持认为, 坚持主张

1) insist on/upon one’s doing sth 坚持做, 坚决做 e.g. They insisted on/upon their running.

2) insist that sb. (should) do sth. 坚决主 张做某事, 后接的宾语从句常用虚拟语气, 既 “should +v.” e.g. She insisted that she (should) organize the trip properly. I insisted that he (should) hand back the girl’s wallet, but he insisted that he hadn’t stolen it.

Do you know their differences?
adj. 形容 词
be determined to do sth.坚决做某事

Once she was determined to learn English well. She determined to learn 100 vocabularies everyday. And finally, her great determination made her succeed.

n.:“决心; 毅力”

v.:“决定” determine to do sth. (决定做某事)

10. determine v. “决定,确定,下定决心” determined adj. 有决心的,坚决的,果断的 (1) 我决定要好好学习英语。 determined to learn I ____________________ English hard. (2) 他们决心上课不再睡觉。 were/are determined not to sleep They _______________________ in class. (4) 我下定决心不会再犯同样的错误。 was determined that the same mistakes I _____________ would not be repeated. (5) 艾米是一个很果断的女人。 determined woman. Amy is a very _________

11. change one’s mind 改变主意 make up one’s mind 下定决心, 作出决定 一旦我下定决心,什么也不能让我改变主意。 make up my mind nothing can Once I _______________, change (my mind) ________________. 他用了很长时间才打定主意要好好学英语。 It took him a long time to make up his mind to learn English hard. _________________

13. give in (to sb./sth.) 屈服于, 让步

1) He would rather die than give in. 屈服
2) Wang Kun had to give in because he knew his sister well. 让步 3) Please give your examination

papers in ( to the teacher) when
you’ve finished. 上交

1. 这个小女孩梦想成为流行歌星。
(dream about) The little girl dreamed about ________________________ becoming a pop star. ________________________

2. 我决定不听他的劝告。(determine) I_____________________________ deternined not to follow his advice.

3. 说服他放弃这个计划很难。(persuade) It’s difficult to persuade him to give ____________________________

up this plan. ____________________________
4. 最后, 我不得不做出让步。(give in) Finally, I had to give in. _____________________________ 5. 他总是喜欢和小孩子玩。(be fond of)
He _____________________________ is always fond of playing with children.


Jordon Romero, a thirteen-year old boy from America, climbed the Qomolangma successfully and became the first youngest man to climb the has an altitude of mountain, which ①___________________( 海拔 was fond of 高度是)8848 meters. He ②_____________ (喜 欢)climbing when he was a child, and successfully climbed other highest mountains of the other six continents. ③ (爬山之前) Before ___________climbing, he said that he ④ (决定) _________________ was determined to climb it and if he couldn’t reach the peak this time, he wouldn’t⑤ (改变主 change his mind either. 意) ________________

persuaded him not to Jordon’s parents ⑥_________________ (劝说他不要)take any unnecessary risk and if he was in trouble, such as the bad give in (放弃) and weather, he’d better ⑦______ return home. ⑧_______ As usual(像往常一样), he had a positive ⑨________ attitude (态度)to climbing and prepared well for his ⑩ journey _________.

13岁的美国男孩乔丹?罗梅洛(Jordon Romero) 在2010年5月成功登上珠穆朗玛峰,成为登上 珠峰年纪最小的人。珠穆朗玛峰的海拔高度是 8848米。他从小就喜欢登山,而且成功攀登了 其他六大洲的最高峰。在攀登之前,他说: “我下定决心去做,如果这一次我没有到达峰 顶,我也不会改变主意。” 乔丹的父母劝他 不要冒任何不必要的风险,如果中途遇到问题, 如:恶劣天气,最好放弃,返回。像往常一样, 他对攀登有很积极的态度。他为旅程做好了准 备。

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