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Past Participles used as object complement (过去分词做宾语补足语) Unit 2 Grammar

1). Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. 2).Finally … by getting Ireland connected in the same peaceful way. 3).You find most of the population settled in the south,…

1. repair 2. injure 3. cut 4. watch 5. paint 6. break 7. damage 8. steal 9. beat 10.bite 11.rob 12.knock 13.find

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

repaired injured cut watched painted broke damaged stole beat bit robbed knocked found

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

repaired injured cut watched painted broken damaged stolen beaten bitten robbed knocked found

需用过去分词作宾语补足语的情况 1. 使役动词get ,have ,make, keep,leave 等后,可用过去分词做宾语补足语,表: “致使某人或某事被…” We should keep them informed of what is going on here. Jane got her bad tooth pulled out at the dentist’s.

I had my recorder repaired.
(I asked somebody else to repair it.)

I had the room cleaned.

He had his foot injured.
(something bad happened.)

He had his hair cut. He had his clothes washed.
He had his room cleaned. He had his walls painted. He had his car repaired.

clothes room walls


He got his leg injured.

He got his glasses broken.

He got his camera damaged.

He got his wallet stolen.

2 .感官动词feel, find, hear,notice,see,watch等 表示感觉和心理状态的动词之后, 表:“感受到某人或某事被做”。

I was sleeping when I heard my name called. He was disappointed to find his suggestions turned down.

She found Peter’s hair cut.
She found his room cleaned. She found his car repaired.

hair room car

She found his clothes washed. clothes She found the walls painted.



I saw him ____________________ beaten by his mother.


I saw _______________________ him bitten by a dog.

knock down
I saw______________________ him knocked down by a car.

I saw __________________ him robbed by a man.

I saw him __________________ taken to the hospital.

I saw him beaten by his mother.
I saw him bitten by a dog. I saw him robbed by a man. I saw him knocked down by a car. I saw him taken to the hospital.

Fill in the blanks. I heard someone _________me. calling I heard my name________. called

I found Tom _______ break the window. I found the window _______ broken.

I had my watch repaired. She found his hair cut.
I had my room cleaned. I had my foot injured. have sth./sb. done He got his leg injured. She found his clothes washed. She found his room cleaned. find sth./sb done I saw him beaten by his mother.

He got his camera damaged. I saw him bitten by a dog.
He got his glasses broken. get sth./sb done I made him punished. I watched him killed. I saw him robbed by a man. see sth./sb. done
make sth./sb. done

watch sth./sb done

3. 表示“意欲;命令”的动词如 : like,order,want,wish,相当于过去分词短语前省 略了to be ,表示“希望/要求某人或某事被做” I wish these letters (to be) typed as soon as possible. The father wants his daughter taught the piano.

He didn’t want such question discussed at the meeting.

使役 keep, leave, get, have, make 看watch, notice, see, look at, observe catch 听hear, listen to, 感feel 闻smell 发现find 情感 want, wish, like

Sth./sb. done Sth./sb. 被…

1. Being poor at English, I’m afraid

I can’t make myself ______.
A. understand B. to understand

C. understanding
D. understood

2. I have had my bike ______, and

I’m going to have somebody
______ my radio tomorrow.

A. repair; to repair
B. repairing; to be repaired C. repaired; repair

D. to repair; repairing

3. You must get the work ______ before Friday. A. do B. to do C. doing D. done

4. ______ the room, the nurse
found the tape-recorder ______ . A. Entering; stealing

B. Entering; stolen
C. To have entered; being stolen

D. Having entered; to be stolen

5.We are pleased to see the
problem ______ so quickly. A. settled

B. having been settled
C. be settled

D. settling

settle 解决

4.有时过去分词作宾补可以变 为被动语态,这时过去分词改 作主语补足语,说明主语所处 的状态 The door was found broken.

Her bag was found stolen when she woke up.

5.“with +宾语+过去分词”结构中,过去分词 用作介词 with 的宾语补足语。例如:
The murderer was brought in, with his hands tied behind his back. 凶手被带进来了,他的双手被绑在背后。(表方式) With water heated, we can see the steam. 水一被加热,我们就会看到水蒸气。(表条件) With the matter settled, we all went home.事情 得到解决,我们都回家了。(表原因)

当用某些不及物动词的分词形式作身体部位的 宾补时,用现在分词的形式。 ? She felt her heart beating fast. 她觉得心跳很快。(beat 意为“心跳”,是 不及物动词)

掌握“使役动词 have + 宾语+过去分词” 的几种含义

He wants to have his eyes examined tomorrow. 他明 天想去检查眼睛。(“检查”的动作由医生来进行)

2. 意为“主语遭遇、遭受不愉快、不测的事情”。例如: Be careful, or you'll have your hands hurt.

当心,否则会弄伤手的。 3. 意为“使完成某事”,事情既可以是别人做完,也 可以由主语参与完成。例如:
He had the walls painted this morning. 他今早把墙漆 了。(主语自己可能参与)

6.过去分词与不定式,现在分词作宾补的 区别:三者与宾语逻辑上都是主谓关系,但 过去分词强调他们之间的被动关系,不定 式强调动作发生的全过程,现在分词强调 他们之间的主动关系,正在进行。

I saw her taken out of the classroom. I saw her come into the classroom.
I saw her coming into the classroom.

1. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see____the next year. A.carry out B.carrying out C.carried out D.to carry out 2.Mrs. Brown was much disappointed to see the washing machine she had had _______went wrong again. A.it B. it repaired C.repaired D. to be repaired

3.With a lot of difficult problems_____, the newly—elected president is having a hard time. A.settled B.settling C.to settle D.being settled 4.With trees,flowers and grass_____ everywhere, my native town had taken anew look. A.planting B.planted C.to plant D.to be planted

5. She was glad to see her child well_____ care of. A.take B. to be taken C. taken D. taking

6.The result of the entrance exams was not made _____to the public until last Thursday. A.knowing B. known C.to know D.to be known

7. I can make you _____what I say,but you can’t make yourself____in English. A.understand; understand B.understand, understood C.to understand, understand D.understand; to be understood

8.He found them____at a table_____ A.sat; to play chess B.sitting; to play chess C.seated; playing chess D.seat; play the chess 9. John rushed out in a hurry,___ the door_____. A.leaving; unlocked B.leaving;unlocking C.left, unlocked D.to leave;unlockin

10.We are pleased to see the problem___ so quickly. A .settled B .settling C.be settled D .having been settled 11.I could feel the wind ___on my face from an open window. A .to blow B.blowing C.to be blowing D .blown


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