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外研版小学英语(三起)五年级上册 Module4Unit2 单元巩固练习(A)
Module4Unit2 单元巩固练习 Module4Unit2 What’s the matter with Daming?大明怎么啦? 一、读单词,判断每组单词的加黑部分发音是(√)否(×)相同。 ( )1.cake hat ( )2.rice ride ( )3.boy point (

)4.rope cold 二、读一读,圈出每组单词中与所给单词粗体部分发音相同的字母或 字母组合。 1.cake lake make 2.bike like nice 3.boy point boy 4.boat home coat 三、按要求完成下列各题。 1.lost(过去式) 2.found(动词原形) 3.where(同音词) 4.can’t(完全形式) 5.eat(过去式) 6.met(动词原形) 7.fly(过去式) 8.ride(过去式) 9.at the lost-and-found(英译汉) 10.在小车上(汉译英) 四、选择正确答案。 ( )1.What’s the matter you? A.with B.of C.for ( )2.Look!There a cap on the floor. A.am B.is C.are ( )3.I my pen under the desk. A.finds B.found C.to find ( )4. your shoes.

A.This is B.Those is C.Those are ( )5.Where did you your keys? A.lose B.lost C.be lost 五、选择相应的句子,完成对话。
A.It’s red. B.I lost my coat. C.Yes,it’s my coat. D.I lost it yesterday.

A:What’s the matter with you? B: 1 I like it very much. A:When did you lose it? B: 2 A:What colour is it? B: 3 A : Is that your coat?Li Ming found it on the playground yesterday afternoon. B: 4 Thanks! 六、用所给单词的正确形式填空。 1.There are two (pair)of (short) on the line. 2.Mum (buy)a new dress for (I). 3. (what)the (matter)? 4. (do)you (wash)your hands?Yes,I did. 5.Let’s (go)and (fly)my new kike. 6.Sam (take)my T-shirt.He wants (wear)it. 7.——Is this (you) new bike?——No,it’s (Sam). 8.Mum (buy)new clothes for Sam yesterday afternoon.


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