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【别离诗】《Moving on》前行

【别离诗】《Moving on》前行 The end of school is here at last. 初中生活,终落帷幕 It has come so very fast. 韶华短促,轻易而度 We look ahead with such delight. 迢迢远顾,欢喜心慕 The future looks so very bright. 思及去路,璀璨如瀑 It's now time to say good bye. 总角已远,言辞罢休 We're all leaving junior high. 弱冠将至,芳菲逐流 Other people other places. 邂逅新人,辗转他地 Different schools, different faces. 周遭斗转,再遇新丽 Please don't feel bad and grieve. 莫说荒凉,莫说悲苍 On the one day you take your leave. 三年既定,离别难抗 But celebrate and raise your glass. 歌罢欢愉,举杯邀客 And say goodbye to all your class. 道尽别离,同袍相隔 Other subjects, a new class. 再迎新朋,再研新科 Different teachers and exam to pass. 新师难却,题愈艰涩 For everyone in this hall. 南来北往,诸人荟萃 A new life awaits you all. 未知前路,可否祥瑞 So don't look sad and cry. 莫有戚戚,莫泣珠泪 You're moving on senior high. 只是想想,还有新书未背 但不管怎么说,还是希望大家能够珍惜这段时光



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