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2016—2017 学年度第一学期四年级英语期末统考模拟卷
一、选出不同类的单词,把序号写在括号里。 (10 分) ( ( ( (

A、or ( A、in ( ( ( ( ( ( )5、Let____ help you. A、go A、me A、What

B、in B、under B、me B、His B、Where B、has B、 has B、Let B、bedroom

C、and C、near C 、I C、her C、How C、is C、have C、Look C、bathroom — ________

)4、What’s______the classroom?

) 1、A teacher ) 2、A kitchen ) 3、A noodles ) 4、 A tall ) 5、 A fan



C brother

D mom D knife D strong D cook

B bathroom C classroom D study B chopsticks C spoon B quiet B floor C computer C wall

)6、What’s his name?. -_____name is Zhang Peng. ) 7、_______ is the desk?—It’s in the classroom. ) 8、She______long hair. A、have ) 9、Can I A、like A、Let’s some noodles. Please ?



二、为图片选择合适的单词,把序号写在横线上。 (15 分)

A、fork B、long hair C、fan

D、strong E、candy

F、door G、computer H、driver I、picture J、mathbook


封 不

) 10、______clean the board. )11、Go to the _____ and take a shower. A、living room ) 12 、Would you like some beef ? A. Sure. Here you are.






______ ( (


______ ( ( (




______ (

B、Yes, please. C、OK C、a math s book


三、单项选择。 (30 分) )1、We ____ a new classroom. A、have A、to B、are B、and C、has C、or (

) 13、How many ________do you have? A、maths books B、maths book


)14、He is tall and strong. He ______ black glasses. A、have B、has C、is
B、key, toy, notebook )15、I have three _____, two _____ and a _____ in my desk . A、keys, toys, notebook

)2、Look, he is tall ____ strong. )3、A boy____girl? – A boy.

C、keys, toys, notebooks 四、读一读,连一连。(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( )1、Are they in the living room? )2、What’s his job? )3、What’s her name? )4、Let’s clean the window. )5、What would you like ? is what his (?) in (?) A. He is a doctor. B. I’d like some fish. C. No, they aren’t. D. Her name is Amy. E. OK.

Amy: Amy:

Good morning, John. Welcome to my home! There are four. my parents, my sister and me.

Jane: Wow, it’s so big! 1______________________ Jane: 2_______________________________ Amy : She’s a teacher. . Jane: 3____________________________ Amy: Amy: Yes ,it is. 4______________________

五、连词成句: (15 分) 1、name ___________________________________________ 2、study the is she ___________________________________________ 3、has friend hair long my (.) ___________________________________________ 4、vegetable I’d some like please (.) ___________________________________________ 5、are in family there people your many how (?) ___________________________________________ 六、补全下列对话,将序号写在相应的横线上。( 10 分) A: What's your sister's job? B: Is this the kitchen ? C: How many people are there in your family? D: Are they in the kitchen? E: What would you like for Breakfast?

Jane: I’d like some vegetables and noodles. Your noodles. Where are the chopsticks? Amy: 5___________________________ Jane: No! they are on the table. 七、 阅读短文,选择答案,将编号填在题前的括号内。(10 分) Hi! My name’s Amy. Look at my family photo. This is my father. He’s a teacher. He’s tall. He likes sports. This is my mother. She’s a teacher, too. She likes reading. This is my brother. He’s a baseball player. He’s strong. I love my family. 1.( 2.( 3.( 4.( 5.( )What’s Amy’s father? A、 He’s a teacher. B、He’s a doctor. ) What’s Amy’s mother? A、She’s a teacher. B、 She’s a nurse. )Is Amy’s father tall? A、 No, he isn’t. B、 Yes, he is. )Is Amy’s brother strong? A、 No, he isn’t. B、Yes, he is. )How many people are there in Amy’s family? A、4 B、5. Jane: Thank you.

封 线 内 不 得 答 题


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