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2016下半年四川教师面试备考之英语说课The full text speaking lesson draft of unit 10 Fun with English

2016 下半年四川教师公招考试资讯: 2016 下半年四川教师公招资格复审公告汇总 2016 下半年四川教师公招面试公告汇总 2016 四川教师公招面试辅导资料

2016 下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:英语说课稿 The full text speaking lesson draft of unit 10 Fun with English

he teaching design I’m going to talk about is for unit 10, from Fun with English for primary school, Book 1A. It mainly deals with colors , I’ll describe it mainly in 5 parts. 1. Analysis of Ss Most of the first-grade Ss haven’ t learned English. But some of them have learned some basic knowledge about English in the kindergarten. They are eager to learn more and interested in English. All these are the advantages of English learning. Analysis of the textbook The ultimate goal of Oxford English is to develop the comprehensive ability to use the language. That is to develop their four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. 2.Teaching Objectives Firstly, knowledge objective. In this unit, Ss are required to master the five words ( red, green, yellow, brown, white) and sentence structure “ What color?” Secondly, skill objective. Ss are going to learn how to apply the words and expressions they’ve learned in their daily life. For the reason of thant unit 10 is so closely connected with their daily life, it is not difficult to set a life-like language environment for them to practice what they’ve learned in class. Thirdly, emotional objective. Enable Ss to become aware of their own advantages and disadvantages in learning. And also teach them to be willing to cooperate with others. In this way to help them develop a healthy and positive character. 3.Teaching Points

The key points of this lesson are the five words ( red, green, yellow, brown, white) and sentence structure “ What color?” The difficult points of this lesson are how to motivate students’ zeal for knowledge and create life-like language situation. 4.Teaching approaches. There should not be fixed teaching approaches for one particular class. No matter what teaching approaches I apply, I think the Ss must play the principle role in each class. That is student-centered teaching. And also task-based learning and activity-based teaching . As we know, the main instructional aims of teaching English in primary school is to cultivate Ss’ basic abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing and the good sense of the English language. So in this lesson, I will mainly use “ task-based” teaching method. That is to say, I’ll create an English environment and let Ss learn in real situations. According to the topic, I’ll design four kinds of teaching activities, they are singing, chanting, guessing, drawing. Teaching aids:I will use pictures, word cards and fruit in my class. 5.Teaching procedures: In the book of Fun with English, each unit has 4 parts. Today I choose Part A and Part B as the first period. Step 1 Pre-task preparation I begin my lesson with free talk and body responses, they are helpful in creating the environment for learning and reviewing what students have learned and are also helpful in preparing the students for the next step. Such a kind of opening can bring me closer to the Ss and help set up atmosphere for language learning. Step 2 While-task procedure I prepared 8 activities in this step . Activity 1 Presentation of new word (red) Firstly, I will show the flash of apple song , as Ss like singing songs, so they will be motivated. From this apple song, I can elicit the new word “red”,

because Ss have already mastered the apple song, so the word “red” is not difficult for them, and I will not spend much time on this word. Activity 2 Presentation of the new sentence structure Since Ss have already mastered the word “ red”, so it’s time for them to learn the sentence structure “ What color”, first , I will ask Ss “ what color” when sticking the picture of apple on the blackboard, Ss will probably answer “ Red.” Then I will correct them and tell them the right expression” It’s red.” Then I will ask individual student the question “ What color?” This time , they can use the sentence structure “It’ s red.” This is a acitivity between teacher and student, then I will ask Ss to do a pair work, In my opinion, maybe the Ss will feel a little bored now. In order to attract their attention, I’ll use a game to practise the new sentence structure, it goes like this: I take out a red apple, go to student A, and then ask “What color?” studentA giving the right answer can get the apple and go to studentB and ask “What color”? StudentB giving the right answer can get the apple and go to StudentC??This game not only enable Ss to practise the new sentence structure but also makes Ss feel relaxing. Activity3 Presentation of new word (green) and practise the sentence structure “ What color?” It may seem a little bit awkward If I show a picture of watermelon and then tell Ss “ It's green.” Instead, I use a guessing game to elicit the word “ green”, the game goes like this: “ I show a small part of a picture, and then ask Ss to guess what fruit it is. In order to make it easier, I give some hint, such as : It isn’t red, it isn’t yellow?? After Ss get the right answer “ watermelon”, then the word green has been naturally elicited. Then I ask Ss to read the word green in different tones. What’s more, I use the way of “ starting the train” .That is mechanical drill of this part. It can improve their speaking ability. In order to enable Ss to put the language into use, I ask Ss to look for the color green in the classroom, it can make the Ss feel exciting and teacher can know if Ss have mastered the word green or not. Activity4 Presentation of the new word (yellow)

I use a guessing game here to elicit the word yellow, the game goes like this: I take out a bag, and ask Ss to touch the fruit in the bag , then guess what the fruit is. Ss always like to do guessing games and they always show interest in something they can’ t see. Ss will review the words about fruit when going through this game. Then I will ask Ss to read the word yellow one by one, group by group . Since Ss were interested in the activity “ looking for color” , so here I will use this activity again. Up to now, these three words (red, green, yellow) have all been elicited, and the pictures of apple, watermelon and banana have been sticked on the blackboard, so I will make a rhyme to help Ss remember these three words. The rhyme goes like this: Red, red, apple is red. Green, green, watermelon is green. Yellow, yellow, banana is yellow. Such a kind of rhyme can make it easy for Ss to remember the new words they have just learned. Activity5 Presentation of the new word (brown) In order to elicit the word brown naturally, I try to find the relation between yellow and brown, banana is yellow, monkey likes bananas, and monkey is brown. This is the relation between yellow and brown. So I first show the picture of cat and fish on the screen, then I show pictures of banana and four animals (bear, mouse, tiger, monkey) on the TV screen, and then I ask Ss to choose a animal that likes bananas. Ss will probably choose monkey, then I will have Ss chant and dance “Five little monkeys”. They like chanting and dancing, so it can make them exciting. Then I will let Ss read the word brown one by one, group by group. Activity6 Presentation of the new word (white) I use a guessing game to elicit the rabbit, the guessing game goes like this: It is a kind of animal, it has long ears, it can jump, it has red eyes, what is it? Can you guess, most Ss can get the answer :rabbit, and then I will ask Ss: What color is the rabbit? SS can answer the question using the sentence structure “It’ s white.” Ss sing and dance “ Ten little rabbits”, it can stimulate Ss and make the class lively and interesting. Step 3 Post-task activity

According to the task-based English teaching approach, the meaningful drill is very necessary in class. This is really a good way to develop their ability to use the language of English.Up to now, All the five new words and sentence structure have been taught to the Ss, so I think I’d better to give Ss a chance to improve their speaking ability, that is to say a short passage using the words and expressions they learned in class. It is a bit difficult for the first-grade Ss to do such a job. In order to make it easier, I set an example first: Look, this is a monkey. It’s brown. Brown, brown, monkey is brown. For the first and second time, I will ask Ss to read after me, then I will invite several Ss to give a presentation. After that, I show the picture of rabbit in the TV screen, and I will ask Ss to say a short passage about the rabbit. And I will also invite two or three Ss to give a presentation. In the last activity, speaking ability has been trained, but it is also very important for the Ss to put the language into use. So I design a drawing practice here to check up if Ss have mastered the knowledge they have just learned. I will hand out pictures that are in white and black to the Ss, and ask Ss to color the objects according to teacher’s instructions. Step 4 Homework 1. In order to check the knowledge Ss have learned in this unit, I will ask Ss to say the rhyme they have learnt in the class to their parents. Red, red, apple is red. Green, green, watermelon is green. Yellow, yellow, banana is yellow. Brown, brown, monkey is brown. White, white, rabbit is white. 2. Another task is to ask Ss to find different colors at their homes and give a report in the next English class. That’s all for my lesson design. Thank you for listening.


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