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济宁市 2009--2015 年动词运用汇编
2009 年:

“Tom? Are you in bed yet?” called Mrs. Green. There was no answer. Mrs. Green put down her book and ___1__(go) to her 14-year-old son’s room. Tom___2___(sit) in front of a bright computer screen,playing computer games. “Oh, Tom. How long ___3___You__3___(play)on that computer? You must stop now, it’s half past eleven.If you don’t go to bed soon,you___4___(be)very fired tomorrow,”said Mrs.Green. “But I’ve nearly won the game,”said Tom to Mrs.Green.She saw the excitement on his son’s face. “You are playing on the computer. You have spent more time on this machine than on your homework.” Today many children use computers to play games,___5___(watch)videos,instead of studying.The result is that they__6___ (not,want) to study. In some other countries,computers cause minions of people to lose their jobs or cause them a lot of trouble. Scientists say something ___7__(do)to solve the problem.
2011 年:


Do you still remember Old Henry? Last Sunday, he 1 (go) for a walk with Wang Wang, his cute dog. It was a nice day. Old Henry sat down and watched Wang Wang 2 (play) with a friendly black cat. Then it was time to go home. Old Henry looked for his dog. But Wang Wang 3 (be) not there! Now Old Henry is very sad. He 4 (miss) his dog and doesn’t want to do anything.

My pen pal Peter came to Beijing 3 months ago. These days he 5 (learn) Chinese in a language school. He likes travelling. And he 6 already 6 (visit) many great places of interest in our country. Next month, he 7 (fly) to Harbin for the summer vocation. I am sure he will have a good time.
1. _______ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5._________ 6._______ 7._______


2012 年:

Middle school life is coming to an end. Different students have different memories. Let’s take a look at two of the unforgettable memories. Li Xiaohui, 15 My most unforgettable experience was the running for the PE test. When I__1__ (run), I was too tired to go on. all my classmates came up to me and cheered me up. their encouragement helped me finish the run! I 2 never 2 (forget) it! Gao Mingyi, 16 The most important one to me was my English teacher. Last year, when she 3 (know) I had given up an English-speaking contest, she told me, “any opportunity is important and you don’t know the result until you 4 (finish) it. Don’t give up easily.” Later on, I made my good use of every opportunity I had and achieved good results.

B Who’s the boy in the photo? Yes, he is Liu Wei, an armless pianist. [中%&^国#教育@出版网] Liu lost both arms in an accident at the age of 10, but he never gave up his dream of becoming a pianist. He couldn’t find a teacher 5 (teach) him to play the piano with his feet. So he learned it by himself. He kept practicing for 7 hours every day. Three years later, he became the champ ion of China’s Got Talent. And he 6 (choose) as one of the “Top Ten People Who Touched China in 2011.” He often 7 (say) “For people like me, there are only two choice: one is to give up all dream, which will lead to a quick, hopeless death. The other is to struggle without arms to live an outstanding life.” What can you learn from Liu Wei? 1._______ 2. __________ 3. _________ 4. __________ 5. ________ 6. ________ 7. ___________

2013 年: A What do you usually do with your soda-can tabs (拉环) ? Throw them away? Kayla Speelman, an American 8th-grade student, 1 now 1 (collect) soda-can tabs. She has about 20 large bags of tabs in her room. But Speelman wants to do 10 million tabs and give them to the Ronald McDonald House in her city, which gets soda-can tabs from people like Speelman to recycle. The

money from the recycled metal


(go) to the “home away from home” project,

helping the seriously ill children in hospitals. Speelman 3 (begin) to collect tabs in 2007. And now she has about 2 million. She wants to do her part__4_(get) money for sick children and their families. B I am writing to say that I am against building a new zoo in our city. Zoos
are terrible places for animals to live. I hardly move at all. When environment? I hope that day will come earlier. 7 5 (visit) many zoos in my life but 6 (keep) in tiny cages and can 7 (live) in a natural none is suitable for animals to live in. They

the animals

2014 年:

A “Are you OK?” “Yes, I am OK.” You may hear this kind of talk around you. “OK” from? 1 most widely 1 (use) around the world. Where did “OK” come

Let’s take a look!

“OK” was first written in the Boston Morning Post on March 23, 1839. It read: o.k. - oll correct (all correct). It was only a joke at that time. But later “OK” People used it 3 (say) that all was well. 2 (become) popular.

Today we use this expression many times a day. B Dear Fred, The problem with Kathy is not that she does not study, but that she 4 (not, talk) to people. If she can make some friends, her life 5 (be) more interesting. Perhaps Kathy 6 (have) this problem for a long time. It won’t be solved soon. You 7 (spend) more time with her and help her. This is the homework both you and your daughter need to do! Dan


2015 年:

六、动词运用(共 7 小题,计 7 分) 阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空, 必要时可加助动词或情态动词。 A In recent years, more and more children in the US are interested in learning Chinese and learning about China. Seven-year-old Anna _1___(study) Chinese for two years in the Confucius(孔子)

Classroom in Washington Yuying Public Charter School.During class, Anna and the other children are interested in introducing themselves and teaching visitors how “thank you” and “goodbye” in Chinese. “When she grows up, she’ll be able to communicate with Chinese.I hope she learns Chinese as early as possible,” says Anna’s mother.“I 3 a lifelong skill.” B (spend) more on this so that she can get 2 (say) “hello”,

For the last hundred years, people of two villages in Sumatra have used a 30-metre-long bridge.It 4 (make) of the roots(树根)of two trees on each side of the river.

Pakih Sohan, a teacher, began to build the bridge in 1890.Because of the river, many children 5 (not, go) to school. It took Pakih Sohan more than 26 years to make the strong

bridge. The bridge ___6____ (become) stronger and stronger because the roots grow all the time. On rainy days people should cross the bridge carefully.When it 7 (rain) ,the bridge

will become wet and slippery (滑的) . More and more people travel there just to take some photos and try crossing it.


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