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剑桥英语培训学校 2017 年元月

PEP 五年级上册期末测试
Name Mark 一、听句子,选出一个合适的单词解释所听内容。(14 分) ( )1. A. house B. city C. building ( )2. A. lake B. zoo C. park ( )3. A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Friday ( )

4. A. bedroom B. living room C. bathroom ( )5. A. young B. helpful C. funny ( )6. A. healthy B. thirsty C. beautiful ( )7. A. speak B. sing C. want 二、听录音,回答问题(6 分) ( )1. Where is the computer?

( )2. Can Sarah play the computer games?

( )3. How many computers are there in Zhang Peng’s bedroom?

三、请判断划线部分发音是否相同,相同的打“√”,不相同的打“×”(6 分)。 ( )1. uncle building ( )2. love often ( )3. fish five ( )4. grape lake ( )5.kind live ( )6. watch schedule 四、单项选择。(10 分) ( ) 1. There is a bridge the river. A. on B. over C. under ( ) 2. There a book, two pens and some erasers. A. is B. are C. many ( ) 3. ---- What's he like? ---A. He is a teacher. B. He is tall. C. He is an English teacher. ( ) 4. ---- Can you water the flowers? ---A. Yes, you can. B. Yes, I can. C. No, thank you. ( ) 5.The panda in China. A. live B. lives C. living ( ) 6. Are you at home? A. help B. helps C. helpful

( ) 7. I’d like some bread and milk breakfast A. for B. in C. on ( ) 8. ---- Is she strict? ---- Yes, but she's very . A. strong B. tall C. kind ( ) 9. She often her homework at school. A. do B. does C. doesn’t ( ) 10. Can you use computer? A. a B. an C. one 五、快乐对对碰(5 分) ( )1. Is there any fish in the river? ( )2. Can you set the table? ( )3. What can he do? ( )4. What's your favourite fruit? ( )5. What do you have for lunch? A. We have tomatoes and noodles. B. No, there isn't. C. Yes, I can. D. He can cook the meals. E. Apples.

六、选择合适的词填空,将字母编号填在横线上。(10 分)
A. new F. air B. trees G. It’s C. from H. river D. lunch I. to E. day J. water

Amy is my USA. Her favourite

classmate. She’s 10. She often has

at school. She’s

is Sunday. Because sometimes Amy and I can go and a pretty. in it. The is

the nature park on Sunday. There are many clean. The 七、 is fresh. We like the nature park.

选择合适的句子,将对话补充完整, 并将字母编号填在横线上。(10 分)

A. Hey. Why are you so happy? B. Do you like her? C. What about her class? D. Who are they? E. What’s your music teacher like? E. A:F: _______________________________________________? How many new teachers do you have? G. She can play the B:violin. We have three new teachers. A: ______________________________________________? B: An English teacher, a music teacher and a computer teacher. A: ______________________________________________? B: She’s young and pretty. A: ______________________________________________? B: It’s so much fun.

A: _________________________________________________? B: Yes. She has kind heart. 八、 读短文并判断下列句子,正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”。(5 分)
Hello! My name is Tom. I like English very much. My favourite food is beef, eggplant and tofu. I’m very helpful. I can do the dishes, set the table and water the flowers. Today is Saturday. I often read books, do my homework and watch TV on Saturdays. What do you do on weekends? My home is near a river, there are some mountains behind my house. There is a road in front of my house, you can see two bridges over it .Welcome to my home. ( ) 1. Tom likes beef, eggplant and tofu. ( ) 2. Tom can sweep the floor. ( ) 3. Tom often water the flowers on Saturdays. ( ) 4. There are some mountains in front of Tom’s house. ( ) 5. There are two bridges over the river.

九.根据要求完成句子(8 分)

1. We have art and music at Mondays. (改一处错误)

2. There is a ruler under the desk. (改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答) ?

3. Stone likes playing the guitar. (改为否定句)

4. There are seven desks in the classroom. (对划线部分提问) How many ?

十、连词成句,请注意大小写及标点符号(8 分)
1. often TV watch on I Saturdays (.)






Sunday (?)

3. who







4. is






十一、英汉互译(14 分) hard-working draw cartoons read books go boating
在周末 做运动 唱英文歌

water bottle do homework speak English play basketball
在...前面 洗衣服 浇花

十二、 根据要求写出单词. (4 分)
1. old(反义词)______ 3.can not (缩写形式)______ 5.let us(缩写形式)________ 7.big (反义词)________ 2.that (复数形式)_______ 4.these(单数形式) ______ 6.she (宾格)________ 8.have(第三人称单数)_______

☆ 复习五年级上册所有课文。 ☆ 抄写五年级上册单元词汇表所有单词各四遍。 ☆ 抄写五年级上册常用表达一遍。

☆ 学校开学后第一个星期六。
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