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Unit 4 When is Easter?
B Let’s try Let’s talk

When is your birthday?

It’s on August 21st.

When is grandpa’s birthday?

It’s on October 12th.

When is grandma’s birthday?

It’s on April 20th.

When is Dad’s birthday?

It’s on November 30th.

When is Mum’s birthday?

It’s on February 23rd.

Work in groups
( V) 1. Mike’s birthday is on April 4th.

Chen jie’s mother
( X) 2. Chen jie’s birthday is on April 4th too.

Chen jie
( X) 3. Mike will cook noodles for his mother. ( V) 4. Chinese noodles are good.

( V) 5. Mike will come to chenjie’s home.

1.When is Mike ‘s birthday? It’s on April 4th. 2. When is Chenjie’s mother’s birthday? It’s on April 4th too. 3. What will Chen jie do for her mother? She will cook noodles.

Task3: Fill in the blanks
birthday Chen: When is your _____. April 4th Mike: My birthday is on ____________. birthday too! Chen: That’s my mother’s _______ Mike : Cool, What ____ will you do for your mum? Cook noodles Chen: I’ll ____________ for her. Mike: _____________ Chinese noodles are delicious! Chen: Please come then. We can have a birthday party for both of you! ___________

Task4: Listen and repeat Task5: pair work

Work in pairs

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