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重点短语 1.a photo of Tony’s family一张Tony 的家庭的照片 2.on the left of…在......的左边 3.next to...紧挨着.....; 紧靠...... 4.in front of...在......前面(外面) in/at the front of...在......前部(内部) 5.Tony’s parents Tony的父母 6.in the photo照片上, 在照片中 7.at the bus station在公共车站 8.at a police station在警察局 9.a manager of a theater=a theater manager一位剧院负责人 10. a manager of a hotel =a hotel manager一位宾馆经理 11.at/in the same hospital 在同一家医院 12.a bus driver一位公共汽车司机 13.a farm worker 一位农场工人 14.a shop worker 一名店员 15.an English teacher一位英语教师 16. a man/woman driver 一位男/女司机 复数:men/women drivers 17.play basketball/football/tennis(网球)/table tennis play+球类名词 18.play the piano 弹钢琴 play+the+乐器名词 19.for example 例如(一般列举同类人或事物中的 一个) 重点句子 1.This is a photo of Tony’s family. 这是Tony的一张全家福。 2.What a big family!多大的一个家庭啊! 3.My mum’s parents are on the right.我母亲的父母在右边 4.The woman next to me is my dad’s sister. 紧挨着我的这位女子是我父亲的妹妹。 5.Is this your family ?这是你的家庭吗? 6.Are these your grandparents ?这(些)是你的祖父母吗? 7.My mother is the manager of a theater.我的母亲是剧院负责人。 8.My father’s job is at a police station.我父亲在警察局工作。 9.His parents are shop workers.他的父母是商店工作人员。 10.询问职业 ? What does your ... do?=What is\are your ...'s job?=What is your ...? He\She is a ... They're ... 例如:What does your father do? He is a worker. What is your father’s job? What is your father? 语法 (一) 感叹句

1.What 引导的感叹句(修饰名词) : ? What +a\an+形容词+可数名词单数+(主语+谓语) ! 例如: What a big school it is ! 好大的学校啊 ! ? What +形容词+可数名词复数/不可数名词+(主语+谓语) ! 例如:What beautiful flowers they are ! 他好高啊! What heavy rain!好大的雨! 2.How 引导的感叹句(修饰形容词或副词) : ? How + 形容词或副词 + 主语+谓语! 例如: How tall he is ! 他好高啊! (形容词) How fast he runs! 他跑地好快! (副词) (二)代词 ① 人称代词:代指人或物名称的词。主格在句首主语,宾格在及物动词 和介词之后做宾语。 He is a teacher. (主语) We like him.(宾格) Jim is next to me.(宾格) ②物主代词 人称 单 数 复 数 形容性物主 名词性物主 形容性物 名词性物主 代词 代词 主代词 代词 第一人称 my mine 我的 our ours 第二人称 your yours your yours his his 第三人称 their theirs her hers its its 形容词性物主代词:必须和名词在一起。my father, your teacher... 物主代词 名词性物主代词:作用相当于形容词性物主代词+名词。 例如:This is my book.=This book is mine. (三)指示代词: 单数形式:this(这个),that(那个) 复数形式:these(这些),those(那些) this(these)和 that(those)的区别 通常 this (these) 指离说话人较近的物品, that (those) 指离说话人较远的物品. 指 示代词既可以单独使用,也可以与名词连用.例如: Xiaofeng, this is Xiaoyun, my friend. These people are my friends. That is Tom near the door. Those people in the car are his brothers and sisters.

(四)名词所有格: 1.单数名词直接在词尾加 's 。Tony’s mother 2.若名词已有复数形式的词尾 -s ,则仅在词尾加 '。 students’ books 3.在并列名词表示共同所有时,在后一个名词词尾上加 's 。 Mr Smith is Mary and Tom's father. 史密斯先生是玛丽和汤姆的爸 爸。 4.并列名词表示各自所有时,在两个或两个以上的名词的词尾上分 别加 's 。 These are John's and Henry's bikes. 这些是约翰和亨利的自行车。 5.介词 of,表示无生命物体的所有格,常用: 所有物+of+所有者 例如:a photo of Tony’s family 作文 假设你是李枚, 下面的照片是你的全家福, 请你写一篇文章介绍你的家庭。 Hello, everyone! I'm Li Mei .Look! This is a photo of my family. This is me. I am 12 years old. I am a student. I like playing football very much. But I don’t like playing basketball.This is my father. He is 38 years old, and he is a hotel manager. His favourite food is meat. He can play the piano, but he can’t swim. This is my mother. She is 38 years old, too. She is a teacher at a school. She likes reading books and she also likes watching movies. Who’s that boy? Oh, he is my little brother. He is only 10 years old. I love my family very much.


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