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I’ll help to clean up the city parks. 检测题

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教学 检查同学们对本单元知识的掌握程度。 目标 重点 对所学知识的运用。 难点 教学 策略 教
III. 用所给词的 适当形式填空: 1.We should try to help those _________(able) people who have difficulties in their daily life. 2.The man would like to have a special _______(train ) dog. 3.A friend of ______(I) said that she would like to help him. 4.All of us should help those __________(home) poor people that have no place to live in. 5.I want to thank you for your _____________(kind) to me. 6.It makes a big ______________(different)to my life. 7.It’s a wonderful _________(feel) to be back home again 8.We finished doing our homework by _________(we). 9.The man has trouble _______(answer) the telephone. 10.The little girl felt _____(excite) when she saw her mother 11. I often hear the girl _______________(play) the violin in the next room. 12. Please tell the boys to stop _______________(make) noise. We’re having a meeting. 14. Do you have trouble___________(organize) the English evening? 15. Could you tell where _______(go )tomorrow? .

课前、课 中反思

I V. 选择所给短语填空
hand out, put off, call up, come up with, put up 2. We could each 1.We need to ______________a plan to tell people about it . ________10 students and ask them to come. 3. There we ___________________ our tents and made a fire to keep us warm. 4. How heavily it is raining! We have to __________________ our sports meeting.

5. Let’s make some notices, too. Then I’ll _____________ them ___________ after school. V 用表格中所给动词的适当形式填空 help, move, do, , visit, spend, ,volunteer, worry

Most people today are only _______about getting good jobs to make lots of money. In their free time, they think about what _____for fun or relaxation. However, few people think about what they can do ______ others. There are many people who are less lucky than us. ________our time to help these people is good way ______ our free time. For example, we can make plans ____ sick children in the hospital or raise money for homeless people. Some people even stop doing their jobs for a few months or a year ______ to another country, like Africa, and help people there. VI. 句型转换 1.I used to swim in the river.( 改为否定句) I________ _________ ___________swim in the river. 2.The poor boy left home when he was ten years old.( 同义句) The poor boy left home ____ ____ _____ _____10.

3.Tom got here at 9 yesterday morning and Dave did, too. (同义句) Tom and Dave got here _________ _________ _________ _________yesterday morning 4.They wondered where they could find the lost tickets.( 同义句) They wondered ______ _______ ______ the lost tickets. 5.Alice tried her best to make the sick children happy. (同义句) Alice tries he best ______ ______the sick children _____. 6. Her little brother is old enough to do it alone. (同义句) Her little brother is old enough to do it __________ ___________. ⅤII. 根据汉语提示完成句子 1.They are 2.He 3They (募捐)for the students in Lushan earthquake. (志愿帮助)old people . (有困难)climbing the mountain.

4. 海伦有一只如此聪明的狗,我们都很喜欢它。 Helen has _______ ___ ______ dog _________ we all like it. 5. 他独自一人行走在荒凉的山野里,孤身一人,但并不感到寂寞。 He was traveling _______ in the _______ mountain. He didn’t ________ _______though he was ________.

6. 当她看到孩子们脸上愉快的表情时,他得到一种强烈的满足感。 She got a strong ________ _________ ________ when she saw the________ _______ _______ on the children’s faces. 7 你可以跟他谈谈,帮他走出目前的困境。 You can _________ him by ________ with him.

8. 网络使我们在家里购物成为可能。 The Internet ________ _____ _________ for us to buy things at home. III. 任务型阅读 Dogs like living with people. They are very friendly. They can do many things for people. Some dogs help people to look after sheep, other dogs help them to find the lost children.(1) And some of the dogs can help the blind.( 盲人) There is a kind of dog whose name is Seeing Eye Dog(2). Now we can see this kind of dog all over the world. They are working for the blind. The Seeing Eye Dog is strong and easy to train( 训练). He helps the blind to walk from place to place. Before a dog becomes a Seeing Eye Dog, he must be in a training school for about three months. First the dog has to learn to sit or stay when he hears the trainer’s call. In his next lesson the dog learns to take his trainer across busy streets (3). The dog has many things to learn. 在……的末尾(4)the training, he must take tests. When he passes the tests, the Seeing Eye Dog will do things by himself. Now he can help the blind people. The new master( 主人) may be a man , a woman or even a child. It takes the dog and his blind master about a month learning to work and live together. (5) 1. 在(2)处,Seeing Eye Dog means ______________ in Chinese. 2. 将(1) 处画线词组译成中文__________________ 3. 将(4)处画线中文词语译成英语_____________________________________ 4. 对(3)处画线部分提问_______ ________ the dog ______ ________ _______in his next lesson ? 5. 找出(5)句中的错误并改正,然后用 spend 做谓语改写句子 _________________________

课后 反思

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