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English Garden Morning Reading Materials

Many people think that when they become rich and successful,happiness will naturally follow.Let me tell you that nothing is further from the truth.The world is full of very rich peoplewho are as miserable as if they were living in hell.We have read stories about movie stars who committed suicide or died from drugs.Quite clearly, money is not the only answer to all problems.Wealth obtained through dishonest means does not bring happiness.Lottery winnings do not bring happiness.Gamble winnings do not bring happiness.To my mind, the secret to happiness lies in your successful work,There is no use sayingin your contribution towards others’ happinessand in your wealth you have earned through your own honest effort.If you obtain wealth through luck or dishonest means,you will know that it is ill earned money.If you get your money by taking advantage of others or by hurting others,you will not be happy with it.You will think you are a base person.Long- term happiness is based on honesty, productive work, contribution, and self- esteem.Happiness is not an end; it is a process.It is a continuous process of honest, productive workwhich makes a real contribution to othersand makes you feel you are a useful, worthy person.As Dr. Wayne wrote, “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”“Some day when I achieve these goals,when I get a car, build a house and own my own business,then I will be really happy.”Life just does not work that way.If you wait for certain things to happenand depend on externalcircumstances of life to make you happy,you will always feel unfulfilled.There will always be something missing. miserable ['miz?r?bl]adj. 悲惨的;痛苦的;卑鄙的 1. My life would be miserable without you. 没有你偶的生活会很凄惨的。 2. They always complained about theirmiserable fate. 他们总是抱怨他们悲惨的命运。 committed [k?'mitid]adj. 坚定的;效忠的;承担义务的 v. 承诺;委托;干坏事;付诸(commit 的过去分 词) 1. Committed to World Class Cost Management! . 致力于世界级成本管理! 2. The company is committed to a high-quality die for the development of machine equipment manufacturing, professional business services company. . 本公司是一家致力于高品质模具专用机床设备的制造开发、经营服务的专业公司。 lottery['l?t?ri]n. 彩票;碰运气的事,难算计的事;抽彩给奖法 1. Love is not lottery! Trust me. 恋爱不是买彩票。相信我! 2. She would buy a large house if she won the lottery. 如果她的彩票中了奖,她就要买一幢大房子。
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English Garden Morning Reading Materials

gamble ['ɡ?mbl]vi. 赌博;孤注一掷;投机;打赌 vt. 赌博;孤注一掷;冒险假设 n. 赌博;冒险;打赌 1. He lost his fortune gambling on the stock exchange. 他因炒股票损失了他的财产。 2. Gamble winnings do not bring happiness. 赌博所得带来不了幸福。 contribution [,k?ntri'bju:??n]n. 贡献;捐献;投稿 1. And I do value your contribution. 我也确实重视你的贡献。 2. Robot can think that we makecontribution. 机器人可以为我们做出贡献。 esteem [i'sti:m]vt. 尊敬;认为;考虑;估价 n. 尊重;尊敬 1. The old professor was greatly loved and esteemed. 这位老教授受到大家的爱戴和尊敬。 2. What we obtain too cheap, we esteemtoo lightly. 我们得到太廉价的,因我们评价太轻忽。 continuousadj. 连续的,持续的;继续的;连绵不断的 1. You can view all the code in a module in one long continuous sheet rather than one procedure at a time. 您可以在一个长而连续的表内查看模块中的所有代码而不用一次只看一个过程。 2. Firstly, no accomplishment can be achieved in a short time, and success asks for continuous industrious work and efforts. 第一,没有任何成就是可以在短时间内达到的,而是需要持续的勤奋工作和努力。 certain ['s?:t?n]adj. 某一;必然的;确信;无疑的;有把握的 pron. 某些;某几个 1. Stress prompts the body to producecertain stress hormones. 压力促使身体产生一定的压力荷尔蒙。 2. In certain areas of North China there was also the risk of attack by bandits who preyed on unsuspecting travelers. 在中国那里北部的某区域中也是藉着在无怀疑的旅客身上捕食的强盗攻击的危险。 external [ik'st?:n?l]adj. 外部的;表面的;[药]外用的;外国的;外面的 n. 外部;外观;外面 1. The peace of God is internal, notexternal. 上帝的和平是内心的,不是外部的。 2. Why should it depend for recovery onexternal demand? 其经济复苏为何要依赖于外部需求呢? unfulfilledadj. 未得到满足的;没有成就感的 1. She would have been miserable,unfulfilled and certain she was throwing her life away. 那样的话她将感到痛苦、不满足,并确信自己是在浪费生命。 2. "The Champions League is the unfulfilled dream for me, " Terry said in the News of the World. 特里对世界新闻报说道:“欧冠联赛对于我仍是一个未能达成的梦想。”

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