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湖北省黄冈中学 2011 届高三 10 月月考
21.I can’t advise you what to do and what not to do — it’s a matter of _________. A. conscience B. comprehension C.

awareness D. identification 22.The young couple have been admitted into a badminton club of late, where they can enjoy all the benefits and _________ of club membership. A. charges B. procedures C. privileges D. circumstances 23.Jenny suggested our going on an outing to the countryside next weekend, but the rest didn’t sound very _________ about the idea. A. anxious B. enthusiastic C. cautious D. secure 24.The newcomer to the TV station has just started her own programme, which deals with subjects as _________ as pop music and ancient Greek drama. A. accurate to be doing. A. efficient B. abundant C. shallow D. blank 26.The local government has been accused of not responding _________ to the needs of the homeless in the flood-stricken area. A. constantly looking for. A. calculated all immediate successes. A. adopted B. acquired C. adapted D. accumulated 29.It is reported that the government has _________ the outbreak of violence by sending a large group of soldiers to police the area. A. gone for B. reacted to C. appealed to D. made for 30.The study of natural history is not something to be left to biologists. In fact, their capacity _________ the time they can spend away from their offices is very limited. A. in terms of B. in view of C. in favour of D. in search of B. confirmed C. rewarded D. evaluated 28.Despite the fact that all three teams ________ different approaches to the problem, they were B. appropriately C. gradually D. selfishly 27.After hours of searching, their patience was _________ and they found what they were B. familiar C. desperate D. diverse 25.At that very moment my mind went completely _________ and I forgot what I was supposed

完形填空( 小题; 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)出可以填入空白的最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 When Alice started to cycle home from Jenny’s house, she wasn’t nervous. She was certainly not afraid of the dark. 31 , it was only a 15-minute ride home. But halfway there, she began 32 . 33 cold — very cold. Alice’s breath became to wish that she hadn’t been so

As she rounded a sharp bend, it suddenly

puffs of white cloud and her legs were so cold that it became hard to ride.

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With her heart beating fast, she struggled so hard to move


that she didn’t hear the 35 .

car which suddenly appeared beside her. She stopped by the road. The big black car also the car, something 36

Slowly, the passenger-window began to slide down. Alice held her breath. In the soft light inside . Then, the light brightened and Alice was staring at a sweet, 37 . I’m afraid I’m lost. I need 39 42 grey-haired old lady. “Hello, dear,” said the old lady. “I need “Airport? You 38

to find the nearest airport. I must be there in the next five minutes.” are lost,” Alice said. “You need to go back five kilometers 40 41 to the airport. But I’m afraid there’s no 43 45 in time.” and with you reach the T-junction. Turn left and highway. From there, just follow the you’ll get there in five minutes!” “Thank you very much, dear,” replied the old lady. “Don’t worry — I’ll The 44 moved up and the car started off. A little way ahead, it 46 47 headlights flashing, it drove past Alice. But then, something changing. First, its color but the car continued to move forward, With a faint whistling disbelief… 31.A. Therefore 32.A. curious 33.A. proved 34.A. forward 35.A. stayed 36.A. gathered 37.A. help 38.A. necessarily 39.A. if 40.A. drive 41.A. guidance 42.A. way 43.A. finish it 44.A. wheel 45.A. continued 46.A. sensitive 47.A. appeared 48.A. floating 49.A. returned 50.A. voice B. Besides B. excited B. seemed B. around B. stopped B. moved B. water B. certainly B. as B. march B. signs B. room B. get it B. window B. rushed B. strange B. developed B. rolling B. pointed B. tune C. However C. brave C. fell C. aside C. arrived C. dropped C. rest C. basically C. unless C. follow C. notices C. time C. make it C. headlight C. turned C. imaginable C. spread C. drawing C. broke C. sound D. Otherwise D. stubborn D. grew D. backward D. started D. existed D. gas D. normally D. until D. walk D. address D. doubt D. have it D. door D. passed D. horrible D. faded D. flashing D. rose D. tone 48 for about another 10 kilometers to the main

happened. The car began 49 into

from black to silvery-grey. Then, the wheels began disappearing, just above the ground. As the car

the dark sky, the big red tail-lights grew larger and larger and glowed more and more brightly. 50 , the car was gone in seconds, leaving Alice shaking her head in

第三部分:阅读理解( 小题;每小题 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题 每小题 2 分, 满分 40 分)

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阅读下列短文,从每篇短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选 项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A Andy rode slowly on his way to school, day-dreaming about the fishing trip that his father had promised him. He was so busy dreaming about all the fish he would catch that he was unaware of everything else around him. He rode along until a strange sound drew him to the present. He came to a stop and looked curiously up to the heavens. What he saw shocked and terrified him. A huge swarm of bees filled the sky like a black cloud and the buzzing mass seemed to be heading angrily towards him. With no time to waste, Andy sped off in the opposite direction, riding furiously — but without knowing how to escape the swarm. With a rapidly beating heart and his legs pumping furiously, he sped down the rough road. As the bees came closer, his panic increased. Andy knew that he was sensitive to bee stings (蜇). The last sting had landed him in hospital — and that was only one bee sting! He had been forced to stay in bed for two whole days. Suddenly, his father’s words came to him. “When you are in a tight situation, don’t panic. Use your brain and think your way out of it.” On a nearby hill, he could see smoke waving slowly skywards from the chimney of the Nelson family home. “Bees don’t like smoke,” he thought. “They couldn’t get into the house.” Andy raced towards the Nelson house, but the bees were gaining ground. Andy knew he could not reach the house in time. He estimated that the bees would catch up with him soon. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted a small dam used by Mr. Nelson to irrigate his vegetable garden. Off his bike and into the cool water he dived, disappearing below the surface and away from the savage insects. After holding his breath for as long as he could, Andy came up for air and noticed the bees had gone. Dragging himself out of the dam, he struggled up the hilly slope and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Nelson took him inside and rang his mother. “You’ll really need that fishing break to help you recover,” laughed his mother with relief. “Thank goodness you didn’t panic!” But Andy did not hear her. He was dreaming once again of the fish he would catch tomorrow.” 51.Why did Andy fail to notice the swarm of bees earlier? A. He was lost in the thought of the fishing trip. B. He was listening to a strange sound. C. He was going fishing with his father. D. He was riding to school. 52.Which of the following is NOT mentioned about the swarm of bees in the passage? A. They made Andy stay in hospital for two days. B. They shocked and terrified Andy. C. They tried to attack Andy in a mass. D. They crowded like a black cloud.

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53.How did Andy avoid the bees in the end? A. He rode off in the opposite direction. C. He rushed into the Nelson house. A. In time of danger, one’s mind works fast. C. Where there is a will, there is a way. B B. He hid himself under the water. D. He asked Mr. Nelson for help. B. Once bitten, twice shy. D. No pains, no gains.

54.Which of the following can best describe Andy’s escape from the bees?

The communications union Head of Research Salary: £55, 271 www.yachedu.com We are looking for a Head of Research to manage the CWU Research Department and Information Centre. You would be required to exercise control of all research work of the department and manage a team of three researchers and four support staff. The person appointed would be expected to carry out research work of a strategic nature across the range of businesses in which the CWU has or seeks membership and to contribute to the strategic thinking and direction of the union as a whole. You will need: proven line management skills, especially in managing and motivating a team; good research skills, holding a good degree in a related subject or other similar experience; a high level of mathematical and calculating skills; the ability to produce high quality work under pressure; a commitment to and knowledge of the trade union movement and social democratic politics; and knowledge and/or experience of the postal and/or telecommunications industry. To apply, please request an application pack by emailing hr@ cwu. org or by telephoning HR (Human Resources) on 020 8971 7482. When applying please state your source. Closing Date for Applications: 4th August 2010 Anticipated interview date: 17th August 2010 No agencies please 55.In which column of a newspaper could we find this advertisement? A. Arts. B. News. C. Jobs. . B. running a telecommunications company D. seeking membership for the trade union . D. Sales. 56.One of the duties of the person to be appointed is A. taking charge of research work C. managing a team of three or four members A. ask an agency for an application form B. send in your application before 4th August 2010 C. email hr@ cwu. org for an application pack D. dial 020 8971 7482 for more information

57.If you want to apply for this position, you can do all EXCEPT

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58.Which of the following applicants is most likely to be employed? A. A school teacher with a master’s degree. B. A clerk from a telecommunications company C. A director from a research centre with a master’s degree. D. A university graduate majoring in computer science. C Kong Zi, also called Confucius (551 — 479 B.C.), and Socrates (469 — 399 B.C.) lived only a hundred years apart, and during their lifetimes there was no contact between China and Greece, but it