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Many people think that when they become rich and successful,happiness will naturally follow.Let me tell you that nothing is further from the truth.The world is full of very rich peoplewho are as miserable as if they were living in hell.We have read stories about movie stars who committed suicide or died from drugs.Quite clearly, money is not the only answer to all problems.Wealth obtained through dishonest means does not bring happiness.Lottery winnings do not bring happiness.Gamble winnings do not bring happiness.To my mind, the secret to happiness lies in your successful work,There is no use sayingin your contribution towards others’ happinessand in your wealth you have earned through your own honest effort.If you obtain wealth through luck or dishonest means,you will know that it is ill earned money.If you get your money by taking advantage of others or by hurting others,you will not be happy with it.You will think you are a base person.Long-term happiness is based on honesty, productive work, contribution, and self-esteem.Happiness is not an end; it is a process.It is a continuous process of honest, productive workwhich makes a real contribution to othersand makes you feel you are a useful, worthy person.As Dr. Wayne wrote, “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”“Some day when I achieve these goals,when I get a car, build a house and own my own business,then I will be really happy.”Life just does not work that way.If you wait for certain things to happenand depend on external circumstances of life to make you happy,you will always feel unfulfilled.There will always be something missing.


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