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英语积累 17
1. blank bare empty vacant 的区别
1 .empty 表示完全不存在内容物,尤其指没有在通常情况下应有的事物。 some empty bottles(一些空瓶子)。 He drove through streets empty of traffic.(他驾车穿于行空荡荡的街道。) empty 也可指谈话等空洞没有内容,没有意义。如 empty talk、empty promise。 2.vacant 通常指某物处于没有被利用的状态。相似于 unoccupied。 旅馆中有待订出的房间为 vacant rooms(空房间),这当然不能理解为房间内空无一物。 apply for a vacant position(申请空缺职位) ,a vacant seat(空着的座位)。 修辞上该词指缺乏理念意志: a vacant mind. 空虚的大脑。 3 .blank 指缺少某些内容,尤其指有待填写的内容 如:blank cheque(空白支票),blank spaee(空白处),又如 a blank wall 一堵空白墙 a blank expression. 无意义的表达。 , 也可引申出“茫然”的意思。在这点上,可与 vacant 互换 There was a blank look on his face because he did not know how to answer the question the manager asked.他神色茫然,不知道如何回答经理的提问题。 4. bare 表示没有覆盖物 trees standing bare in November; 11 月树木光秃秃地; a bare head 光头 bare detail (just the bare facts ); 细节(只有空洞的事实 ); 这个单词也用来表示被剥去了内容或装备的状态: The closet is bare. 这个壁橱是空的。 2. limitation 是缺点,limit 是限制,极限 speed limit 限速 I'd like to play football, but I'm sixty and I know my limits. Despite her limitations as an actress, she was a great actor. 3.I like this jacket better than that one , but it costs almost three times as much(as that one 可省 略) 4.There are different ways (in which / that /不填)people try to deal with the problem of energy shortage.(当 ways 做先行词时,且定语从句中成分完整时,可有三种形式) 5. set aside 留出;驳回,撤销;不顾 Set off 出发;引起;动身;使爆炸;抵销;分开
6.in tune with 与, ,一致 In contrast with 与, ,对比 line up with 与, ,对齐 You bet 当然 You don’t say 是真的吗?不见得吧 Conference summary 会议纪要 Commercial advertisement 商业广告 Strike while the iron is hot 趁热打铁 闲)

set down 放下;记下;看做;确定 set up 建立;装配;开业;竖立

in parallel with 与, ,平行,与, , ,同时 in response to = respond to 回复 be engaged in 忙于某事 come up with 提出 You said it 你说对啦 You name it 任凭你说 scientific report 科学报告 scientific fiction 科幻小说 have too many irons in the fire 揽事过多 put the cart before the house 本末倒置

Keep sth trapped in = be suck in 困于。 。 。

Make a mountain out of a molehill 小题大做,言过其实

7.We work during the week , but the weekends and evenings are usually clear (clear 表示一段时间的空


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