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00 CET-6 2011年6月真题+答案

Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

1. B. The low graduation rates of minority students

2. D. its increased enrollment of minority students

3. B. The rising generation will be less well educated than the previous one.

4. C. Fifiteen percent

5. B. they recruit the best students

6. A. Universities are to blame.

7. B. They cannot afford the high tuition.

8. that they are less qualified

9. some preparatory cources

10. be closed 11 C) She has not got the man’s copies for her 12 B) She was late for the appointment 13 C) It won’t be easy for Mark to win the election

14 A) It failed to arrive at its destination in time 15 A) Just make use of whatever information is available 16 D) The woman isn’t qualified to take the course the manmentioned 17 A) They are both to blame 18 A) They are in desperate need of financial assistance 19 C) We derive some humorous satisfaction from theirmisfortune 20 C) They don’t know how to cope with the situation 21 A) They themselves would like to do it but don’t dare to 22 C) To relieve her feelings 23 D) Bringing a handgun into Hong Kong 24 D) He is suspected of having slipped something in Kunmar’sbag 25 B) Find Alfred Foster 26 B) They think travel gives them their money’s worth 27 D) Launch a new program of adventure trips 28 B) The way people travel 29 B) The changing roles played by men and women 30 A) Offer more creative and practical ideas than men 31 C) To show that women are capable of doing what men do 32 B) Reporting criminal offenses in Greenville 33 D) It has fewer violent crimes than big cities 34 A) There are a wide range of cases 35 A) Write about something pleasant

In America, people are faced with more and more decisions everyday, whether it’s picking one of thirty-one ice cream (36)flavors, or deciding whether and when to get married.That sounds like a great thing, but as a recent study has shown,too many choices can make us unhappy, evenparalyzed with indecision. ‘That’s (37)confused, (38)particularly

truewhen it comes to the work place’, says Barry Schwartz, an author ofsix books about human (39)behavior. Students are graduatingwith a (40)variety of skills and interests, but often findthemselves

(41)overwhelmed when it comes to choosing anultimate career goal. In a study, Schwartz observed decision-makingamong college students during their (42)senior year. Basedon answers to questions regarding their job hunting(43)strategies and career decisions, he divided the studentsinto two groups : maximizers, who consider every possible option,

andsatisficers, who look until they find an option that is goodenough. You might expect that the student (44)who had undertakenthe most exhausted search would be the most satisfied with theirfinal decision, but it turns out that’s not true. Schwartzfound that while maximizers ended up with better-paying jobs thansatisficers on average, they weren’t as happy with their decision.The reason (45)why these people feel less satisfied is that aworld of possibilities may also be a world of missedopportunities. When you look at every possible option, you tendto focus more on what was given up than what was gained. Aftersurveying

every option, (46)a person is more acutely aware ofthe opportunities they had to turn down to pursue just onecareer。 。 Part IV Reading Comprehension (Reading in depth) Section A Questions 47 to 51 are based on the following passage. 47. what is in your boss' mind 48. challenging our boss's authority 49. possible consequences 50. be proposed and reviewed 51. confrontations Section B Passage One Questions 52 to 56 are based on the following passage. 52. What can we learn from the first paragraph? 答案:D. 答案: The general public thinks differently from most economists on the impact of immigration. 53. In what way does the author think ordinary Americans benefit from immigration? 答案:B. They can get consumer goods at lower prices. 答案: 54. Why do native low-skilled workers suffer most from illegal immigration? 答案:C. 答案: They have a harder time getting a job with decent pay.










better-educated employees about the inflow of immigrants? 答案:D. It may place a great strain on the state budget. 答案: 56. What is the irony about the debate over immigration? 答案:C. 答案: People are making too big a fuss about something of small impact. Passage Two Questions 57 to 61 are based on the following passage. 57. What characterises the business school student population of today? 答案:A. Greater diversity. 答案: 58. What is the author's concern about current business school education? 答案:B. It will produce business leaders of a uniform style. 答案: 59. What aspect of diversity does Valerie Gauthier think is most important? 答案:C. 答案: Attitude and approach to business. 60. What applicants does the author think MBA programmers should consider recruiting? 答案:C. 答案: Applicants from outside the traditional sectors. 61. What does Mannaz say about the current management style? 答案:D. It is shifting towards more collaborative models. 答案:

Part V Cloze 62 employers 63 but 64 devote 65competitive 66 academic 67 necessarily 68 outside 69 demanding 70 potential 71 relevant 72 up 73 voluntary 74 and 75 Exceptional 76 perform 77 formally 78 For instance 79 demonstrated 80 scheme 81 peers 82. would rather stop to enjoy the beautifulscenery

83. neither chose to give up its ownposition 84. could have cured the cancer patient 85. so kind of you to have given me so muchhelp 86. before they got reunited

2011 年 6 月 18 日六级考试真题作文高分范文 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Certificate Craze. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below: 1.现在许多人热衷于各类证书考试 现在许多人热衷于各类证书考试 2.其目的各不相同 3.在我看来 其目的各不相同 在我看来 Certificate Craze. The pursuit for certificate is a time-honored phenomenon in the colleges and universities; however, faced with the tough job market, the certificate craze has swept people from all walks of life in recent years. People vary from one another in their purposes for acquiring certificates. Some of them hold that professional certificates are important supplement for their school work because the employer values professional competence, while the school courses lay particular stress on the imparting of knowledge. Besides, diplomas and vocational credentials can effectively enhance the competitiveness of university graduates. Professional certificates will improve the chances of

employment, without a doubt. But there is no lack of people, who hold down quite a good job, taking professional certificates to enhance their self-worth. In my opinion, people should avoid blindness in their pursuit for professional certificates because the capabilities outweigh the

certificates when the enterprises recruit staff. Therefore, choosing certificates in accordance with one’s career development is wise move.

2011 年 6 月英语六级作文范文 昂立版 月英语六级作文范文(昂立版 昂立版) Nowadays, a growing number of people are enthusiastic about a wide variety of certificate exams. According to a recent survey, most people say they are preparing for all kinds of exams for career or academic development. Then why is phenomenon so popular? in the following paragraphs I will explore the factors involved and offer my views on it. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon. First of all, some people say with the fierce competition in the job market, you must be well prepared all the time in order not to be eliminated. A certificate can increase your competitiveness greatly. In addition, for some companies, you must have some kind of professional recognition before they offer you a position. Even for others, they take the exam just for the reason that most people do this. As far as I am concerned, certificate is only a sign for you, but not

everything. So we should better not always follow the suit. After all, the most important thing is your ability, and qualification for you to succeed.

2011 年 6 月英语六级作文范文高分版 沪江外教版 月英语六级作文范文高分版(沪江外教版 沪江外教版) For a growing number of Chinese people, the most productive thing to do with one's spare time is to study for some kind of certification. From languages to business skills to teaching, certifications act as proof that you are skilled in something very specific. More and more, a resume with degrees and work experiences looks a bit boring; certifications are like accessories – they complete the outfit. Certifications accomplish several purposes. First, they show employers that you're diversified; you have made an effort to learn skills outside of your major or occupation. Also, certifications show that you are proactive; you don’t sit around in your spare time. Instead, you’re constantly looking to improve yourself. This is what sets applicants apart from the rest when applying for a sought-after position. In my opinion, certifications are attractive, but should not be over-emphasized. Communication skills are equally as important, and can be honed and strengthened without paying for a class. After all, interviews are concerned with more than what is on the paper.

2011 年 6 月六级作文高分范文及点评 沪江网校版 月六级作文高分范文及点评(沪江网校版 沪江网校版)

Recently the phenomenon of certificate craze has become a big concern of the public. It is also a new craze in the university, which seems like a routine activity on campus, for certificates do play a vital role when students look for a decent job. Admittedly, there are different purposes behind this phenomenon. Some people aim at certificates because of the employment pressure. With the admission expansion of colleges, a great many graduates have to face the fierce competition in the job market. So it is the certificates that can make them more competitive. However, some others consider all the diploma and certificates important standards by which a person’s ability can be measured. They spare no effort to get the certificates for the sole purpose of proving that they are qualified in a certain field. Moreover, there are those who just want to enrich their life by preparing for the certificates because they really enjoy their progress. From my point of view, we should be more rational when it comes to certificates, since certificates do not necessarily prove one’s ability. Being crazy in getting certifications blindly is nothing but wasting time. To conclude, we should focus on improving our ability but not merely getting a certificate.


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