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外研版高一年级(必修4) Module 1 Introduction

Introduction and reading





What do you think of the life in the future??

/> Do you like Duo La A Meng ? Do you want to fly like Duo La A Meng ?

City in the future












What materials do we need to build them?

aluminum brick
mud plastic

concrete glass
rubber steel



1. Aluminum _________ is a very light metal. 2. _____ Steel is a very strong metal.

3. Both ______ rubber and _____ wood come form trees. 4. Plastic ______ is light, strong, very popular, and man-made. 5. Bricks ______ are often used to build walls. 6. ________ Concrete is very strong and used in many modern buildings.

7. _____ Mud is wet earth. 8. Stone _____ is a natural hard material. 9. _____ Glass is used to make windows.

What kinds of materials are they made of/from?

Let’s have a competition to say as many words as you can!
1. What materials do you think your house is made of in the future? 2. What will the city be like in the future? List your imagination.

用方框内所给单词或短语的适当形式填空。 material, mud, brick, be made from, be made of 1. They often use _____ bricksto build houses. 2. After the rain, the roads were covered in ____. mud 3. When building ________ materials cost more, the price of houses increases.

4. Their houses __________ is made of ice and their boat ____________ wood. is made of 5. Bread ____________ is made from flour, and flour ______________ wheat. is made from

? Work in groups. Imagine your house of the future. One draws the picture of the future house while others trying to describe it. ? Then present it to all.

My dream house
1. Where is it?

2. What is it made of?/What materials will you use to build your dream house?
3. How big is it?

4. Why do you choose this kind of materials?

My dream house I want to live in a house which is made of glass. It looks like a bottle. What’s more, it can float on the ocean. The reason why I want to live in glass house is that I can see beautiful scenery as well as all kinds of fish. In addition, I can travel around the world. I hope that my dream house has two floors. On the first floor, there is a telescope that is used to look at the sky; on the second floor, which is under the water ,I can watch all kinds of fish. In a nutshell, I love my dream house, which is full of love and colorful life.

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