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sometime sometimes区别及练习

口诀:分开“一段时间” some time 分开 S 是“倍数” some times

相聚“某个时侯” sometime 相连 S 是“有时” sometimes

1. After the explosion it was


before the

town resumed its everyday routines. 2. After we had haggled for


decided to the bargain, and Jones bought the cloth for 50 pence per yard. 3. I'm sorry to trouble you, but I wondered if we could have a word _____________. 4. Everyone should invest


community service. 5. It took me _____________ to digest what I had heard. 6. These ideas have been in circulation for some time. 7. This meat takes when cooking. 8. The writer decided to live in the Sahara Desert for _____________. 9. He is my _____________ boss. 10. I hope to see you again _____________ next year. 11. I saw him _____________ last summer. 12. Phone me _____________ next week. 13. Let's get together _____________. 14. I want to look them up _____________.

to brown properly

15. It is reported that the car accident took place


16. _____________ the patient cried for the pain. 17. _____________ I go by car. 18.

we went to the beach and at other

times we sunbathed on the patio. 19. He _____________ writes to me. 20. Love is _____________ put in range with a career. 21. Mr. Smith

condescends to help his

wife with the housework. 22. Good student as he is (=Though he is a good student), he _____________ makes mistakes.


some time sometime sometimes区别
some timesometimesometimes区别 1.some time 作为名词短语,是指一定的时限而言,表示相当长的一段时间( a long time) ;作副词短语时,意为“随便何时”...
sometimes_sometime_some_time_some_times_的区别_英语_初中教育_教育专区。sometimes...some time practicing speaking English every day.我每天花一些时间练习说 英...
sometime-sometimes-some-time-some-times用法区别 - sometime, sometimes, some time, some times 用法区别 口诀:...
sometimes sometime some time some times区别
sometimes sometime some time some times区别 答:这四个词语看起来极为相似,但其含义和用法完全不同: 1)sometimes 是个频度副词,意为“有时候”,多用于...
Sometime用法练习_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。一、Sometime”是个时间副词,意思...sometime sometimes区别... 4页 1下载券 sometimesometimes、s... 2页 免...
区分sometime sometimes some time some times
sometime, sometimes ,some time,的区别和用法. some timesome times 不...练习: I ___ receive letters from him. She wondered if she could have the...
sometimes some times sometime some time区别
sometimes some times sometime some time区别 - (1) sometimes 副词= 有时候; at time; now and then (a) So...
辨析some time,sometime,some timessometimes
辨析some time,sometime,some timessometimes (1)some time 意为“一段时间” ;sometime 意为“某个时候” ;some times“几次” ; sometimes 意为“有...
sometimes区别_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。sometimes , sometime, some times,...练习: 1. We’ll take our holiday sometime in August. 2. I spend some...
雅思词汇辨析之some timesometimesometimes
智课网 IELTS 备考资料 雅思词汇辨析之 some timesometimesometimes some time,sometime,sometimes Some time 作为名词片语,是指一定的时限而言,表示相当长...

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