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m1u3 复习检测

Unit3 期末复习 一 单词拼写 1. It has been ten years since he _____________(毕业)from the famous university. 2. First of all t, we should develop a good ______________(态度)to life. 3. He used to be the president of the World Health_______________________(组织) 4. When I was a child , I ____________________(更喜欢) staying at home to going out. 5. We _______________________(说服) him out of his foolish plan at the end of the meeting. 6. I will let you know our _________________(最终)decision tomorrow. 7. What decision did you _________________(最终) arrive at? 8. He is a _______________(可靠) man, who you may turn to . 9. The World Bank offered a new health ___________________(保险) to the poor in Senegal. 10. ______________(骑车) to work in a sandstorm is frightening. 11. My glass are ____________(弯曲) because I left them on my bed and then sat on them. 12. Water _____________(沸腾)at 100 centigrade, which is common knowledge. 13. Tears ________________(流) like a river on hearing the news of his death. 14. There is a river ______________(流) through the rich lands covered with tall trees. 15. She gave me a ____________________(坚定) look---the kind that said she wouldn’t change her mind. 16. She is so ____________(顽固) that she never change her mind. 17. As new ________________(毕业生), they don’t know what it takes to start a business here. 18. Because of the weather , the sports meeting was held a week ahead of ______________(进度表). 19. __________________(决定) to catch up with the others, the boy studies much harder than before. 20. Don’t let yourself be __________________(说服) into buying that product which is not good actually. 21. All goods will be _____________________(运输) immediately because they are not easy to store in summer. 22. A careful organizer always pays attention to every _________________(细节) 23. Hi, Wang Hua! There is a __________________(包裹) from Guangdong for you. 24. At this _____________(高度) the air is very thin and the weather is uncertain. 25. If you _______________(骑车) to a place, that means you ride a bike there. 二 语法填空 1.He was fond _____drawing when he was a child. 2.Teachers asked that every student should attend classes_____ schedule. 3.Although I got up with headache, I went to work ______usual. 4.When we were only a few miles from that village, the petrol gave _____. 5.He insisted _____walking me to the station to see me off. 6.It was in New Zealand _____Bob first met Mr. Smith. 7.It was not until I came here ______I realized it was famous for not only its beauty but also its weather.

8.It is not what you says but what you do ______matters. 9.Where was it ____he was saved one month after the boat went down? 10.He has been dreaming of a chance _______(visit)Beijing. 11.Nowadays, many foreign words keep _______(come) into English. 12.She persuaded my brother _________(go) abroad for further education. 13.It was Sunday. Rather than _______(stay) at home, I prefer_______(travel). 14.I prefer _________(work) rather than sit there______(do)nothing. 15.He prefers ______(read) books to _____(watch)TV. 16.It is three years since he _________(graduate). 17.The boss insisted the man _________(steal) the money and insisted he ______(leave)the company . 18.She gave me a _________(determine)look---the kind that said she would not change her mind. 19._________(determine)never to come back before he could make a big fortune,Mike left home without saying a word. 20.She has the ________(determine) to overcome all the difficulties. 21.In order to support his study ,his brother can’t wait ______(earn) money. 22.I don’t like the way ________he speaks to his parents. 三 单句改错 1. Even on holidays Mr Wang preferred reading to do nothing. 2. She persuaded her husband to go to the concert, but failed. 3. What’s your attitude of this problem? 4. No one can imagine the difficulty he had in persuade his son to get rid of the habit of playing computer games. 5. She has made up her minds to go abroad for further study. 6. In the way her health is much improved, but she needs a good rest. 7. It will be five years after we meet again. 8. Of the six people in the plane that crashed, only one was survived. 9. The computer is in so dad condition that I can’t work with it. 10. Once you will understand this rule, you will have no further difficulty.


一、 单词拼写 1. graduated 2.attitude 3.Organization 4.preferred 5. persuaded 6.final 7.finally 8.reliable 9.insurance 10.Cycling 11.bent 12.boils 13.flowed 14.flowing 15.determined 16. stubborn 17. graduates 18.schedule 19.Determined 20.persuaded 21. transported 22.detail 23.parcel 24.altitude 25.cycle 二、 语法填空 1. of 2. on 3. as 4.out 5.on 6.that 7.that 8.that 9.that 10.to visit 11.coming 12.to go 13.stay;to travel 14.to work; doing 15.reading; watching 16.graduated 17.had stolen; leave 18.determined 19.Determined 20.determination 21.to earn 22. that/in which 三、 单句改错 1.do 改为 doing 2. persuaded 改为 advised 3.of 改为 to/towards 4.persuade 改为 persuading 5.minds 改为 mind 6.the 改为 one 7.after 改为 before 8.was 去掉 9.so 改为 such 10. understand 前的 will 去掉



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