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2015—2016 学年度第一学期小学英语四年级期末英语试题

一、选出不同类的单词,把序号写在括号里。 (5 分) ( ( ) 1、A teacher B father C brother D mom ) 2、A kitchen Bbathroom C classroom D study D knife D strong Ccomputer Cwall D cook

( ) 3、A noodles B chopsticks C spoon ( )4、Atall ( )5、Afan B quiet Bfloor

二、为图片选择合适的单词,把序号写在横线上。 (10 分) A、fork B、long hair C、fan D、strong E、candy

F、door G、computer H、driver I、picture J、mathbook











三、根据汉语提示补全单词。 (10 分)
1. fl__ __ r 地板 4. ph__ ne 电话 7. Ch__n__se 语文 10. v__g__table 蔬菜 2. m__ths 数学 5. kn__fe 刀 8. c__ __k 厨师 3. h__ __r 头发

6. d__ct__r 医生 9. __ncle 叔父

四、单项选择。 (30 分) ()1、We ____ a new classroom.



C、has B、and C、or

()2、Look, he is tall____strong.A、to ()3、A boy____girl? – A boy. A、orB、inC、and ()4、What’s______the classroom? A、in ()5、Let____ help you. A、go A、me ( ( ( ( B、me B、His A、What A、have ) 9、Can I C、I C、her B、Where B、has B、under


()6、What’s his name?. -_____name is Zhang Peng. ) 7、_______ is the desk?—It’s in the classroom. C、How C、is ) 8、She______long hair. some noodles. Please ?

A、like B、 has C、have ) 10、______clean the board. A、Let’s A、living room ( ( B、Let B、bedroom C、Look C、bathroom

()11、Go to the _____ and take a shower. ) 12 、Would you like some beef ? A. Sure. Here you are. A、maths books — ________

B、Yes, please. C、OK C、a math s book

) 13、How many ________do you have? B、maths book


)14、He is tall and strong. He______ black glasses. A、have B、has C、is

( )15、I have three _____, two _____ and a _____ in my desk . A、keys, toys, notebook B、key, toy, notebook

C、keys, toys, notebooks 五、读一读,连一连。(10 分) ( )1、Are they in the living room? A. He is a doctor. ( )2、What’s his job? ( )3、What’s her name? ( )4、Let’s clean the window. ( )5、What would you like ? 六、连词成句: (10 分) 1、name is what his (?) ___________________________________________ 2、study the is she in (?) ___________________________________________ 3、hasfriendhairlong 4、vegetable my (.) please (.) ___________________________________________ I’d some like ___________________________________________ 5、are in family there people your many how (?) ___________________________________________ 七、补全下列对话,将序号写在相应的横线上。( 15 分) A: What’s your sister? B: Is this the kitchen ? C: How many people are there in your family? D: Are they in the kitchen? E: What would you like for Breakfast? Amy: Amy: Good morning,John.Welcome to my home! There are four. my parents,my sister and me. Jane: Wow,it’s so big! 1______________________ Jane: 2_______________________________ Amy : She’s a teacher. . B. I’d like some fish. C. No, they aren’t. D. Her name is Amy. E. OK.

Jane: 3____________________________ Amy: Amy: Yes,it is. 4______________________ Jane: I’d like some vegetables and noodles. Your noodles. Where are the chopsticks? Amy: 5___________________________ Jane: No! They are on the table. 八、阅读短文,选择答案,将编号填在题前的括号内。(10 分) Hi! My name’s Amy. Look at my family photo. This is my father. He’s a teacher. He’s tall. He likes sports. This is my mother. She’s a teacher, too. She likes reading. This is my brother. He’s a baseball player. He’s strong. I love my family. 1.( 2.( 3.( 4.( 5.( )What’s Amy’s father? A、 He’s a teacher. B、He’s a doctor. ) What’s Amy’s mother? A、She’s a teacher. B、 She’s a nurse. )Is Amy’s father tall? A、 No, he isn’t. B、 Yes, he is. Jane: Thank you.

)Is Amy’s brother strong? A、 No, he isn’t. B、Yes, he is. )How many people are there in Amy’s family? A、4B、5.


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