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作为传递信息的文学体裁,新闻报道的第一 句往往为全文的中心句(topic sentence),因此这 个句子中常包含四大元素:时间(when)、地点 (where)、人物(who)、事件(what),而在下文则 要补充事件的过程和细节,常包括原因(why)和 具体过程(how)等。文章语言要平实客观,不必 追求过分花哨的词汇和过于复杂的句型。

r /> 常用语块

1. 举行
2. 为了 3. 了解 4. 将前往 5. 集中

be held _________________________
_________________________ in order to/that

learn about _________________________
_________________________ be to set for

gather together _________________________

according to/based on 6. 根据 _______________________ 7. 被……给予深刻印象 be impressed by… _______________________ 8. 应……的邀请 at the invitation of… _______________________ 9. 使……陷入沉思 _______________________ leave…into deep thought 10. 参观旅游景点 pay a visit_______________________ to some places of interest

11. 回访
12. 极端天气

an exchange visit ________________________
________________________ extreme weather

13. 人口老龄化 ________________________ aging population 14. 严重雾霾 15. 主办城市 ________________________ heavy/serious smog ________________________ host city

套用句式 1.据报道,广东省部分中小学流感爆发。 1. It was reported that the flu broke out among students in some primary and middle schools in Guangdong Province.

2. 不可否认的是流感的爆发与广东潮湿的气候有 关。

2. It was undeniable that the outbreak of the flu was related to the damp climate in Guangdong. 3. 专家建议避免到拥挤的公共场所。 3. Experts suggest that people should avoid going to crowded public places.

4. 为了鼓励学生参与课外活动,我们学校于12月 10日组织了一次登山活动。

4. In order to encourage the students to take outdoor exercise, our school organized a mountain-climbing on December 10th.
5. 它不仅使我们亲近了大自然,而且还增强了同 学间的友谊。

5. Not only did it get us close to nature, it also promoted the friendship among classmates.

习作修改(做短文改错,背经典范文) Our school receive a group of students came



from Britain last week. During our one-week stay


in our school, the students experience the campus

life of Chinese students. For they also visited some


place of interest in our city and learned about the

local culture.

The British students not only impressed by ∧ were the kindness of Chinese students, but also clean of the city. At the invitation of a British cleanness school, 38 students in Huawen Middle School are to set to Britain for a exchange an for visit next March.

1. receive →received由句尾的last week可知 要用一般过去时。 2. came →coming此处come为非谓语动词, 与逻辑主语students是主动关系。 3. our →their从上下文可知,代指英国学生 一周的来访。 4. experience →experienced此处是英国学生 来访期间的事,故用一般过去时。或根据上 下文也可知。 5. For →And此处没有表原因的含义,而是 递进关系。

6. place →places由前面的some可知用复数, places of interest意为“名胜古迹”。 7. 在British students后加were因固定短语be impressed by意为“对……印象深刻”。 8. clean →cleanness由前面的kindness可知用 名词形式,作介词by的宾语。 9. to →for词组set for place意为“动身前往 某地”。 10. a →an因为exchange以元音音素开头。

课堂练习 希望中学(Hope High School)近期举行了一次义 卖活动(A Charity Sale Activity)。假定你叫李华, 是校英语报的记者。请写一篇短文报道此次活动。 要点如下: 1. 活动的时间和地点。 2. 活动的经过。 3. 你的评价。 注意:1. 词数100左右。 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

On the afternoon of May 20th, a charity sale activity was held on our school playground. In order to organize a meaningful activity, we made full preparations. Although it was hard work, students actively took part. Some students brought various books, daily necessities, some even made handicrafts by themselves, and others offered to design posters like “On Sale”, “Huge Discount”, “Last Day” for the sale.

The activity was a great success. The money raised from the sales would be donated to the Project Hope. We may not have many things to donate or money to buy numerous things, but we all should participate in this kind of activity, and do something to help those in need. In a word, the charity sale activity means a lot.

课外作业 5月1日,高二(3)班的学生去阳光敬老院(Sunshine Nursing Home)开展志愿者活动。假定你叫李华, 是校英语报的记者。请写一篇短文报道此次活动。 要点如下: 1. 活动的时间和地点。 2. 活动的经过。 3. 你的评价。 注意:1. 词数100左右。 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

On May 1, students from Class 3 Grade 2 went to the Sunshine Nursing Home and did some voluntary work. Warmly welcomed by the elderly for their arrival, they hugged each other in such friendly atmosphere. Then, they were busy working. Some students were cleaning the floor, rooms and windows. The others were presenting the elderly with flowers and fruits, playing jokes and telling stories.

Everything done, they, together with the elderly, chatted in the yard. The scene was just like a photo of the whole family. How fantastic human beings! Time for leaving, the elderly people thanked the volunteers for the joy brought. In a word, the loving activity means a lot and sets a good example to us.

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