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牛津七年级U6 Electricity

U6 Electricity all around One evening , Daisy said, “I’m going to buy a packet of sweets. Does anyone want anything?” Benny, Daisy’s brother, replied, “Can you get me a packet of electricity?” “Yes, I can,” said Daisy. Then she went out. Benny laughed ,”She can’t buy electricity in packets like sweets! She ’ll look foolish. ” Mum said,”You mustn’t say that,Benny!” “What do you know about electricity,Benny?”Dad asked. “Electicity gives us power. It flows through wires. It’s like water, in a way.”said Benny. “You’re right! Electricity comes into our flat through wires. These are connected to cables under the street,”Dad added. “What are the cables connected to ?”asked Benny. “They’re connected to a power station,”answered Dad. A moment later, Daisy came back. “May I have my packet of electricity?”Benny asked. “Here you are!”said Daisy. “But … these are batteries!” said Benny. “Daisy’s right, ” said Dad.”The chemicals inside batteries produce electricity.”

Mum said, “Who looks foolish now, Benny?” 1. 他不能像买糖一样一包包地买电。 in packets 意为“一包包地” 。in 后接量词的复数形式常常用于显示 某物的形状、包装或数量。例如: in groups, in rows, in bags 等等。 2. 她将会看上去很傻。 *look 是连系动词,意为“看来好像;似乎;显得” ,foolish 在句中 作 look 的表语。 *look 作系动词 行为动词,意为“看;瞧” ,常用副词来进行修饰。 例如:The mother looks sad. She looks sadly at her son. 前一个 look 为系动词, 后跟形容词 sad,描述 the mother 的状态。 后一个是行为动词,sadly 修饰 look. 3. 从某种程度上讲,它就像水一样。 4. “??它们与街道下面的电缆相连接。 ”爸爸补充道。 (be)connected to 意为“连接到” ,这是被动语态的结构。 (八年级 讲) 5. 过了一会儿,戴西回来了。 a moment later 意为“过了一会儿” Later 是副词,放在一段时间之 。 后,意为“??之后” 。例如: Mary returned to her home town ten years later. 6.妈妈说: “本,这会儿谁看上去很傻呀?”



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