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PEP五年级第一单元Let's talk教案详案

Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

Lesson Plan
Unit 1 This is my day, Let’s talk

Lesson Type: Listening&Reading Duration: 40 min Students: Grade 5 Teacher: Sarah Zhu



Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

Teaching ideology
New English Curriculum advocates quality education and all-round learning which pays more attention to Ss’ comprehensive development of language skills, learning strategies and affects.In order to improve their listening skills and cultivate sense of language, situational and communicative teaching methods are to be followed. TPR and visual teaching methods also effective in teaching vocabulary and phrases.

1. The analysis of teaching Material
The teaching material is from Unit 1 This is my day, grade 5, PEP primary English students’ book. This unit is the continuing context of last book of grade 5. The main focus of this unit is talking about students’ time schedule of living and study and the plan of weekends activities. And for the let’s talk part, it focuses on talking about time table and the main knowledge is the expression of when do you...? and the answer I usually... at.... The conversation reviews the verb phrases, like eat breakfast/play sports. The main focus is that Ss can use these sentence patterns to express timetable. And it’s a little difficult for Ss to use these in real situation. But the conversation is about Ss’ daily life and their timetables, so it’s familiar and

2. The analysis of learning conditions
For grade 5 Ss, they can organize their English well and their spoken English is fluent.They would like to design their own study plans, and weekends activity plans. So Ss will be interested in this topic and they would like to share. Besides, grade 5 Ss have already learned many verb phrases about daily issues like do housework/ watch TV/ read books/... But they have difficulty using sentence patterns in conversations. Ss have to practice a lot and put these in daily use.

close to them.

Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

3.Language focuses and anticipated difficulties
1. Review the verb phrases. Ex: eat breakfast/ do morning exercise/ play sports/ have English class/ eat dinner. 2. Practice using the sentence patterns: When do you eat breakfast? I usually eat breakfast at 7 O’clock. 3. Ss can make conversations talking about their timetables.

1. It’s a little hard for Ss to make their own sentences about timetables.
2. Ss will be stimulated to make conversations and put these in real

situation use.

4.Learning objectives
Language focus Language



Cultural awarene ss

Learning strategies

Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

4.1 Language focus
1.Ss can understand and use the verb phrases like do housework/ watch TV/ read books/...in conversations. 2.Ss will be able to express time correctly using at. 3.Ss will be able to use sentence patterns like when do you...? I usually... at.... to make conversations. 4.Ss can understand the concept of timetable and will be able to make timetables.

4.2 Language skill
1. Ss will be able to listen for specific time like at 6:00 and activities. 2. Ss will be able to make conversations talking about their timetables in real situations.

4.3 Affects
Ss will be able to plan their time schedules and have a good study and life habit.

4.4 Learning strategies
1.Ss will communicate with others in English while doing group talking. 2.Ss can combine their old knowledge with their new sentence patterns “when do you...?”

5. Teaching Methods
Teaching methods Communicative methods How to use I will encourage students to communicate a lot and give them questions during the class. Task-based language teaching I will guide to train students’ listening and reading skills through the task. Situational methods I will ask students to act the conversation and encourage them to make conversations vivid and life like. visual learning I will bring clocks for students, and play the video.


Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

6. Teaching aids
Teaching aids PowerPoint Blackboard How to use In order to arouse students’ interest, to improve teaching It is used to highlight the new and difficult words,review the main knowledge. It is used in the pair work-make conversations.

Flashcards, paper clocks

7.Teaching procedures
Warming upGreeting and sing a song

Arouse Ss’ interest, review the Intention expression of time and verb phrases, and lead in today’s topic.

Listening and speaking practice

Train Ss’ listening and speaking Intention skills, use variety ways to improve their communicative skills.

Consolidating& Enhancing
Making conversations and timetables

Consolidate what they learned, Intention and improve their ability of using the sentence patterns.


Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

7.1 Warming up (10min)
Activity-Sing a song
The teacher plays the song at the begin and sing the song with body language(movements) according to the context. And teacher plays the music again and encourage Ss to sing and do together.
T: Hello, boys and girls. Would you like to enjoy a song? S: Yes! T: Let’s listen to the song and sing along with it. T: This time, let’s sing and move our bodies together!

Activity- guessing
Teacher gives her own time table of a day without time. Ss have to guess the right time of each activities. (they have to show teacher the right time on the clock.)

T: Can you guess when do I get up? -- Ms.Sarah usually get up at 6:00? Eat breakfast------------------------------------------at 7:00 Go to work--------------------------------------------at 7:30 Have lunch-------------------------------------------at 11:00 Go home----------------------------------------------at 5:00 Have dinner------------------------------------------at 7:00 Go to sleep-------------------------------------------at 9:00

Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

Teaching notes
1. Using a song contains activities and time to help Ss review the verb phrases and the expression of time. 2. Sing a song and move their bodies with it. It can arouse Ss’s interesting of learning. 3. Using a guessing game to lead in today ’s topic.

7.2 Presenting and practice(20min)

Activity-listening to the tape
1.Teacher leads into the conversation on the book.
T: Do you remember our friends Amy and Zhang peng? They are talking about their timetables. Let’s listen to their conversation.

2.Ss listen to the tape and write down the activities and the time. (Ss can do pair work.)
Amy: Zhangpeng:

3.Ss share what they have heard and use their paper clocks to answer the time. Listen to the tape again and check the answers. 4.Ss open the book and read the conversation following the tape. And Ss practice the conversation in pairs.
-When do you get up? -At 6:00. What about you? -I usually get up at 6:30. When do you eat breakfast? -At 6:20.

Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

-When do you go to school? -At 7:00. And you? -At 7:00, too.

Activity-making dialogues.
Ss work in pairs and make dialogues according to the pictures.

Teaching notes
1. Use manipulates like paper clocks to develop Ss’ physical learning. 2. Listen to the conversation and answer questions to train their listening skill; read the conversation to practice the reading skill. 3. Practice making dialogues to help them remember the sentence patterns and improve the communicative skill.

7.3 Consolidating & enhancing(8min)

Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

Activity: Interview your friends Ss interview their deskmates and make a timetable for him/her. Then make a conversation according to the timetable and share with the class. Example:

Conversation making: Using these two sentence patterns to make conversations according to the interview. When do you...? I usually...at...


Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

Activity-Who is she/he? Ss asking their partners according to the table and guess who is he/she.

Teaching notes
1. Making dialogues to consolidate what they learned, and enhance them to communicate in real situations and daily life. 2. Through Interviewing, Ss are engaged to practice their speaking skills and improve their cooperative abilities. 3. End up with a game to help Ss review the context again.


Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

Timetable When do you...? I usually...at...

Activities Get up Eat breakfast Do morning exercise Have lunch

Time At 6:30 At ... ... ...

9. Homework (1mim)
? Listen to and repeat “Let’s talk” . ? Help your parents to make a timetable.


Unit 1 This is my day --part A -let’s talk

10. Blackboard design

Unit 1 This is my day
When do you________? I usually_____at______. _____Timetable





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