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Ice-breaking English Party

Ice-breaking English Party
滕云 杭师大继续(成人)教育学院 28865783,judyty@tom.com

Part I: Peer introduction
? Remembering each others’ English and Chinese full names

? Contents: Name, place, job, 3 favorite things or objectives
? Requirements: 3 sentences at least within 2 minutes. ? Be brief, clear, fluent and interesting !!

? Name, ? Origin, ? Expectations and objectives

My three objectives:
1.Language Learning and Teaching is always my first love and drive--the only thing that I take as my pride, for which I can even forget myself,like my toothache today. I can do well in it as long as I’m fine.

My three objectives:
2. Someone you’d like to spend a day with.
----My family, my friends …….

My three objectives:
? 3. A place I’d like to be right now is a quiet stay at home. Once I dreamed to study abroad. The dream has been perfectly fulfilled. I observed many classes, consulted many professors I would like to invite for my program. I made a lot of friends and had many worthwhile learning and traveling experiences.
? Attached are a folder of pictures:Judy in YSU.JPG,with presid-1.JPG

Panel becoming
? Another group of members who fail to do peer introduction fluently, briefly, clearly, interestingly or fail to meet the requirements will stay out to be -? Panel (6 persons from 6 groups) for scoring the best winner group.

Part 2: Team show (40 points) Be creative and impressive !!
1)Flag design: (Sample show) (10 points) ? Team title name or slogan (like eagle, phoenix, and etc); ? Team logo; ? team members’ full English and Chinese names on the flag.

2)Team song; (10 points) 3) Call each team member by the English or Chinese full name. (10 points) 4) Team pose for camera; (10 points)

Panel representative decides and announces the scores each group wins.

? The scoring scheme: 评分方案
? Artistic taste; (10 points) ? The number of right naming; (10 points) ? The voicing impression; (10 points) ? The teamship manners(10 points)

Part 3: A Language Task ( 40 points)
? Situation:To survive the crash!

? 7 best from 15 choices to get the right rescue and survival.

Group Discussion:

To survive the crash.doc

The scoring scheme: 评分方案
? The number of right choices; (20 points) ? Logical and clear explanation (ideas, language use, grammar) (20 points).

Part 4: Video Play and Reflections (20 points)

Be clear and logical!
? 1) Language use (accuracy, fluency and complexity) (10 points)
? 2) Logical ideas (relevance, coherence; enrichment and enlightenment) (10 points)

Answer the questions as followed:
? What does it feel like being a teacher? ? What problems do we find in our way of teaching? ? What do we teach as our main focus, the book, language knowledge, language skills or something else? ? Why does she think that she is not teaching the book? What does she teach then? ? What do you think is the most important thing to do in our teaching?

Congratulations !


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