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Unit 6
I’m going to study computer science

move to Shanghai finish high school and college a race car driver a fast car take singing lessons go to a cooking school t

ake acting lessons sounds difficult next September write articles 搬去上海 上完中学和大学 一名赛车手 一辆速度快的车 上声乐课 上烹饪学校 上表演课 听起来很难 明年九月 写文章

短 语

1. learn to play the piano 2. make the soccer team 3. get good grades 4. eat healthier food 5. get lots of exercise

句 A: What are you going to do? 型 B: I’m going to... A: What do you want to be? B: I want to be a… A: How are you going to do that? B: I’m going to…


discuss …with sb. be able to do sth. make resolutions

做决定;下决心 ?的观点

the idea of
the meaning of different kinds of



a kind of

向某人做出承诺 从?回来

most of the time
make promises to sb.

get back from… at the beginning of…
write down


be about physical health have to do with self-improvement take up a hobby learn to play the guitar have to do with better planning make a weekly plan for schoolwork 与身体健康有关 与自我提高有关 开始从事/培养某种兴趣爱好… 学弹吉他 与合理的时间规划有关 制订一周学习计划

have one thing in common too… to… forget about for this reason have no resolutions 有一个共同之处 太?而不能 忘记,将?抛在脑后 因为这个原因 没有决心

1. The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway. 海 明威的《老人与海》。 此处介词by为“由……所著”之意。再如: a short story by Lu Xun (鲁迅的一部短篇小说), the music by Mozart(莫扎特写的音乐), paintings by Van Gogh(梵高的绘画)等。

2. I'm going to keep on writing stories, of course. 当然 我会继续坚持写故事。 keep on with sth. 继续坚持某事。 keep on doing sth. 继续坚持做某事。
? He kept on talking in class. ?My father kept on with his work after an hour's rest.

3. I'm not sure about that. 我还不确定。 be sure about/of … 对…有把握;相信

He is sure about/of success.
4. Not everyone knows what they want to be. 并非每个人都清楚自己想做什么。 常见的部分否定: not every… not all… not both… Not every book is educational. Not all teachers are good teachers. Both the windows are not open.

5. Just make sure you try your best. 保证尽自己的最大努力。
make sure 意为“确信;务必;查明,弄清楚”。常 用于祈使句中,表示请求或要求对方按照要求做某事, 后接"that"引导的宾语从句或of短语。 e.g. Make sure that you would come.

6. Then you can be anything you want! 那么你就能 当上你想做的人了。 此句的基本意思是you can be anything,不定代 词anything指代未来所从事的某一职业,you want用来修饰anything。

表示将要发生的事,或打算、计划、决定要 做的事含有“打算”的意思。
注意:句型中有be动 tomorrow, 词, 用is还是am还是 next week/Sunday, are,取决于主语. this evening… 主语 + be going to + 动词的原形

She is going to play football. He is going to go fishing. I’m going to be a teacher when I grow up. They’re going to play volleyball next week.

Language points
1. discuss the questions with sb. 1) discuss …with sb. Let’s discuss the housing problem. 2) discuss doing sth. 让我们来讨论一下住房的问题。 discussion n. have a discussion about… 2. be able to do sth. e.g. I was able to speak English when I was two years old. I was not able to agree with you. 3. different kinds of… a kind of ︱two kinds of ︱some kinds of ︱ many kinds of ︱all kinds of ︱ many different kinds of

4. make promises to sb. 1) make a promise to sb. 2) keep a / one's promise 3) break a / one's promise e.g. Don't make promises to others easily.
5. write down 1) write down n. = write n. down 中间 2) write pron. down 代词只能放_______ e.g. Please write down your name on your paper.

6. be about physical health 身体健康

7. have to do with self-improvement ? have to do with… 与……有关;关于 ? have something to do with… ? have noting to do with… e.g. I have nothing to do with Tom. have to do with better planning 8. take up a hobby 开始做,学着做+n./doing up 短语大集合: cut up; get up; put up; stay up late; wake up; make up; dress up 9. have one thing in common ? have nothing in common ? have something in common

10. too… to… 太…而不能… e.g. He is too young to play the games. He is too young to go to school.

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