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newspaper story writing

Unit 4

Writing: Newspaper Story

Which would you prefer, English newspaper or Chinese newspaper? Why? Have you ever read any English newspaper or Chines

e newspaper? What are they?

China daily
New York Times

21 century What kind of newspaper do you usually read?


Washington post

English weekly

Enjoy an EnglishA newspaper story charity sale activity On the afternoon of May 20th, a charity sale activity was held on our school playground. In order to organize a meaningful activity, we made full preparations. Although it was hard work, students actively took part. Some students brought various books, daily necessities, some even made handicrafts by themselves, and others offered to design posters like “On Sale”, “Huge Discount”, “Last Day” for the sale. The activity was a great success. The money raised from the sales would be donated to the Project Hope. We may not have many things to donate or money to buy numerous things, but we all should participate in this kind of activity, and do something to help those in need. In a word, the charity sale activity means a lot.


1. 新闻报道的 第一句 往往为全文的中心句 (topic sentence),因此这个句子中常包 含四大元素 what (事件), when (时间), where (地点), who (人物),而在下文则要补充事件的 过程和细节,往往包括 why (目的或原因)和 how (具体过程)等。 2. 新闻报道在于平实客观的语言,不必追求过 分花哨的词汇和过于复杂的句型。

上周, 一批英国学生到达佛山华文中学进行访问交流。假 设你是该校通讯员, 请根据以下内容给当地一家报社写一 篇英文报道。 [写作内容] 时间 地点 事件 行程 上周 华文中学 一批英国学生到访

了解中国学生的校园生活、参观佛山的著名 景点,体验当地文化 佛山印象 洁净的市容、友善的学生、美味的食品 回访计划 华文中学38名学生应邀明年三月访问英国

时间time 地点place 事件what 行程activity 佛山印象 impression 回访计划plan

上周 华文中学 一批英国学生到访 了解中国学生的校园生活、参观佛山的 著名景点,体验当地文化 洁净的市容、友善的学生、美味的食品 华文中学38名学生应邀明年三月访问英 国

learn about 1. 了解 be to set for 2. 将前往 3. 名胜古迹 places of interest an exchange visit 4. 回访 gather together 5. 集中 get close to 6. 靠近 7. 最著名的旅游景 the best-known tourist spot 7. 在……的邀请下 at the invitation of 8. 被……给予深刻印象 be impressed by

词汇整理 翻译或完成下列短语。 句2: experience the campus life (1) 感受校园生活:_____________________ of Chinese students ____________________ 句3: visit / pay a visit to some (2) 参观著名景点:_____________________ places of interest / tourist attractions _________________________________ (3) 体验当地文化:__________________
learn/know about the local culture

句4: (4) 洁净的市容, 友善的学生, 美味的食品: the clean city, friendly students and delicious _____________________________________ food / the cleanness of the city, kindness of _____________________________________ the students and niceness of food(注意并列词 _____________________________________ 组的词性一致) __________________ 句5: an exchange visit (5) 回访:________________

难句翻译 句4:洁净的市容、友善的学生、美味的食品给学生留下 了深刻的印象。

The British students were deeply impressed by the clean city, friendly students and delicious food. / What expressed the British students deeply was the clean city, friendly students and delicious food. / The clean city, friendly students and delicious food left a deep impression on the British students.

句 5: 华文中学38名学生应邀明年三月访问英国。 In return, 38 students in Huawen Middle School are invited to visit Britain next March. / At the invitation of a British school, 38 students in Huawen Middle School are to set for Britain for an exchange visit next March.

连句成篇 [参考范文]

Huawen Middle School in Foshan City received a group of students from Britain last week. During their one-week stay in Foshan, the students experienced the campus life of Chinese students. They also visited some places of interest in Foshan and learned about the local culture. The British students were impressed by the kindness of Chinese students, cleanness of the city and niceness of food. At the invitation of a British school, 38 students in Huawen Middle School are to set for Britain for an exchange visit next March.

句型/词组提炼 1. were deeply impressed by…/what expressed …(sb.) deeply was/let a deep impression on 2. At the invitation of… 相关句型 据说诗歌还有助于缓解压力。 1. It was also said that … It was also said that poetry could help them release pressure. 2. it’s likely that … 很可能那位著名的体育明星也要参加火炬接力。 It’s likely that that famous sports star will also run with the torch.

Writing task
假设你是《英文早报》的兼职小记者, 伦敦组委会公布了奥 运火炬传递的路线, 你将为这一事件进行报道, 以下是报道的内容。 基本情况 伦敦奥组委员会公布伦敦奥运火炬传递(Torch Relay)路线(the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games) 11月7日,



1. 途经多个著名景点 2. 历经1000多个村庄, 城镇和城市,历时70天 3. 6200多万英国人中的95%的人口都可以目睹 5. 在温德米尔湖(Lake Windermere)火炬在汽船 (steamboat)上传播, 在泰晤士(the Thames)河在划艇 (rowboat)上传播, 在某处还会在马上传播 火炬传递者 8000名, 大多数是普通的公众, 但也可能有著名球星, 如:贝克汉姆

As is reported, the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games released the route of the London 2010 Olympic Torch Relay on November 7. The Olympic Torch will visit some of Britain’s bestknown tourist spots, covering 1, 000 villages, towns and cities across the country and reaching more than 95% of Britain’s 62 million population. The 70-day torch relay will be carried in a steamboat across Lake Windermere, on a rowboat on the Thames, and on horseback elsewhere. According to the Committee, most of the 8, 000 torchbearers will be ordinary members of the public, but it’s likely that famous sports stars like David Beckham will also run with the torch.

Thank you

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