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Page 31

Listen to the tape and answer the questions.

Who is speaking?

Where was the person at the time?



to the tape and then tell whether they are true or false. just awake 1. The man was sleeping downstairs when the


earthquake happened.
2. Many huge buildings were shaking –

bricks were falling.


3. A lot of people were buried under the ruins. Some cows cows were dropped into deep crack in Market 4. Some killed in a the fire. Street. 5. He He felt felt safer safer when because go awaycared easily. he he was being for by the soldiers after he got away from the city.

3 Listen to the tape again and answer the following questions

1. When did the earthquake begin? The earthquake began around 5 o’clock in the morning. 2. What did the speaker do after he woke up? The speaker rushed outside as soon as he woke up.

3. What did he see and hear outside? When he got outside he thought the world had come to an end. He heard people crying and shouting. He saw people running everywhere and bricks falling down from buildings. There were big fires too.

4. What happened to the man next to him? The man next to him was killed by bricks falling from a nearby building. 5. How did he get away from the city? He got away from the city by boat. 6. Which of your adjectives describe the man’s feelings most closely? Very shocked, devastated.


Page 62

Read the statements and then listen to the whole text. Decide whether the statements are true or false. Give your reasons.

Part 1

Part 2

T 1. It is believed that on the surface of the
earth are a number of plates.

T 2. The plates are always moving. F 3. If the plates stop moving, there is an

F 4. If the plates move, there is an earthquake. F 5. Wherever you live, you are in an
earthquake area.

T 6. China has two plates pushing on her and
they make mountains and earthquakes.

2 Listen to the text and answer these questions.

Part 1:
1. Why do earthquakes happen? 2. Why do California, China and Japan have a lot of earthquakes? Earthquakes happen when two moving plates jump and push against each other. California, Japan and China have a lot of earthquakes because they are placed in areas where different plates meet.

Part 2:
1. Do not build houses along a line where two plates meet.

2. Make sure you build houses on rock rather than on sand.
3. You must make the houses as strong as possible .

Weak buildings will fall down and strong ones may stay up.


Discuss this question in small groups:

Why do some earthquakes kill more people than others?
? Some earthquakes are stronger. ? Some houses are not built strongly enough to withstand earthquakes.

? More people die if they do not know what to do when there is an earthquake. ? …………..

Speaking and Writing

Discussion (3m)

Which would you prefer, English newspaper or Chinese newspaper? Why? Have you ever read any English newspaper or Chinese newspaper? What are they?

China daily New York Times

21 century

What kind of newspaper do you usually read?
English weekly


Washington post

Brainstorming for writing (3m) Do you know what an outline is? outline Headline an interesting title that tells the reader what your topic is

Main ideas

Headline Main ideas Details


The most important news first the least important news last

Writing Part Headline

Newspaper Story Attract readers’ attention Begins with big details and includes small details later.

Short story


Begins with small details and includes big details later.

Use of main ideas Use of paragraphs




Has no conclusion General conclusion


Read the example of a newspaper story on page 31. Find the headline, main ideas and details of each paragraph.

Headline: Cyclists Ready to Go on the Road for Disaster-Hit Areas
Paragraph 1

Main idea: Cyclists plan to get money for disaster-hit areas

Detail 1: Their trip will be made in July in Yunnan and Tibet. Detail 2: An important meeting will be held in Beijing in early June.
Detail 3: The cyclists hope to raise money to help children in disaster-hit areas.

Paragraph 2

Main idea: More information about the cyclists and their project Detail 1: The team of cyclists come from many places in the world. Detail 2: The team has men and women, young and old. Detail 3: The team hopes to collect 1 million yuan for the schools in disaster-hit areas.


Write your outline for the newspaper on page 31. Before you write it, ask yourself these questions: What happened? When did it happen? Where? Who took part? Why? Then write your article based on the outline.

Writing task
Write a poster to explain to people what they should collect in a personal earthquake bag and why. Give a list of the items chosen and give reasons for the choice. You must also explain why other things should not be chosen.

Divide your poster into three parts 1.What the poster is about and why.

2.The items and why they are chosen.
3.What should be avoided and why.

Homework Finish the Writing task on page 67.

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