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小学五年级英语期中检测卷 (2015----2016 学年第二学期)
成绩 笔试 卷面 总分

(考试时间 70 分钟)

Listening Part (40%) Ⅰ. Listen and select.听句子,选出句中含有的信息。 (10%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.A.go skiing ) 2. A. twelfth ) 3. A. fifteen ) 4. A. July 2nd ) 5. A. spring ) 6. A. June to August ) 7. A. next Thursday ) 8. A. Peru B.go skating B. twentieth B. sixty B. June 2nd B. August B. July to August B. next Tuesday B. New Zealand C.goes skating C. thirtieth C. fifty C. June 3rd C. autumn C. June to October C. this Thursday C. Kenya

) 9. A. Have you ever been to India? B. Have you ever been to the UK? C. I’ve never been to Peru.


) 10. A. He has gone rafting, but he hasn’t ridden a camel. B. He has gone scuba diving, but he hasn’t gone rafting. C. He has seen the pyramids, but he hasn’t ridden a camel.

Ⅱ. Listen and complete the sentences. 听句子,写出句中所缺的单词。 (5%) 1. We like to ___________ flowers in ______________. 2. It’s _______________ cold to go _______________ outdoors. 3. It’s an _______________ day for you. Don’t _______________. 4. We are _______________ to visit Guangzhou _______________ next Sunday.

5. Has he ____________ in a ____________ before? Ⅲ.Listen and number.听录音,给图写上英文大写字母编号。 (10%)

) (

) (

) (

) (

Ⅳ. Listen and select. 听句子,选择正确的答语。 (5%) ) 1. A. It’s Wednesday. B. It’s March 15th. C. It’s sunny. ) 2. A. On September 10th. B. On March 12th. C. On December 25th. ) 3. A. It’s rainy and wet. B. It’s sunny and hot. C. It’s cold. ) 4. A. I am going to go rafting. B. I has gone rafting. C. I go rafting. ( ) 5. A. Yes, he has. B. Yes, he does. C. Yes, she does. Ⅴ. Listen and choose. 听一个对话和一个独白,回答问题。 (5 分) ( ( ( ( A. Listen to a dialogue and choose the answers. 听对话,回答第 1、2 两个小题。 ( )1. What’s the weather like in Australia now? A. Rainy and cold. B. Sunny and windy. ( )2. What does Ben like to do in autumn? A. Play outdoors. B. Fly kites. 听独白,回答第 3、4、5 三个小题。 ( ( ( )1. Where is Tom from? B. Australia. B. Summer. C. America. C. Autumn. A. China. A. Winter.

C. Winter. C. Play games.

B. Listen to the passage and answer the questions 3-5.

)2. What season is it in Australia now? ) 3. What is Tom going to do?

A. He is going swimming.B. He is going running.C. He is going skiing. Ⅵ. Listen and write. 听取信息,每空一词。(5%) Name Favourite season What doeshe/she like?

Sally’ grandpa Sally’s father Sally’s mother Sally

_____________ summer _____________ winter

travelling _____________ _____________ making ___________

Reading and Writing Part (58%) Ⅰ.phonetics: (8%) A.Choose the one with a different sound. 请选出划线部分发音不同 的一项。 (4%) ( ( ( ( )1. A. her )2. A. asleep )3. A. parent )4. A.also B.corner B.cinema B.rocket B.mango C.winter C.math C.beside C.season D.weather D.policeman D.basket D.kilo

B.Write the correct words. 请根据句意和音标写出单词。(4%) 1. Can you ___________['ɑ?ns?] this question? 2. January is the____________ [?m?dl] of winter. 3. My favourite country is ______________ ['it?li]. 4. We are going to have a sports _____________ ['mi?t??] next Friday. Ⅱ.Vocabulary and structure: (20%) A.Fill in the right word. 填写句子所缺的单词,完成句子。 (5%) 1. I am going to buy _____________ (彩色的) pencils for my sister. 2. We _____________ (更喜欢)autumn. It’s windy and we can fly a kite. 3. I don’t like summer and I don’t like winter,_____________ (也). 4. The next month of October is _____________ (十一月). 5.Thomas Jefferson is the_____________ (第三)president of the USA.

B. Find out the odd one. 找出与其他三个不同类的单词。 (5%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. )2. )3. )4. )5. A. museum A. cloudy A. second A. April A. ski B. plant B. farm B. rainy C. camp B. fourth B. Tuesday C. Australia D. important C. eleven D. tenth C. June D. August D. meeting C. wind D. sunny

C. Choose the correct answer. 单项选择。 (10%) ) 1. --_______ today? --It’s May 4th. C. What’s the date C. will...go C. is dancing C. playing C. also C. to fly C. play A. What day A. are...going A. are dancing A. plays A. too A. flying A. plays ( B. What date B. is...going B. dancing B.play B.either B. fly B. playing

) 2. What_______ your parents _______ to do this weekend? ) 3. Look, these women_______ under the tree. ) 4. My father and I usually_______ football at the weekend. ) 5. I don’t like summer and my mother doesn’t like summer,____? ) 6. It’s windy and autumn is the best for _________ a kite. ) 7. She doesn’t like _______ chess with her friend.

) 8. December is the _______ month of a year. B. twelfth C. twelveth

A. twelve ( A. at (

) 9. Mike’s birthday is _______ October 10th . B. on ) 10. The food is too hot __________. C. in

A. to eating Ⅲ.Reading. (20%)

B. for eating

C. to eat

A. Read and choose the right words. 完型填空。 (5 %) Today is Friday. It is the 1._______ day of a week. We will begin our holiday tomorrow. We are 2._______ to travel Australia. We are going to get there by plane. We will enjoy the beautiful places and 3._______ delicious food there. I am going to have a good time on the beach. And we are going to 4.________ many photos there. We will go 5._______ before we come back. ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.sixth )2.A.going )3.A.eating )4.A.take )5.A.shops B. fifth B.go B.eat B.taking B.shopping C.fine C.will C.ate C.took C.department store

B. Read and choose the right sentence. 根据上下文选择最佳答案。 请 把大写字母编号写在横线上。 (5 %) A.I see now. B.I prefer summer. C. It’s very cold.

D.I don’t understand.

E. Summer is the best time for swimming.

A: Hello, everyone. This is my cousin Katy. She is from New Zealand. She is visiting me for the winter holidays. B: _______________ It’s July now, the middle of summer. How can you have a winter holiday? A: It’s winter in New Zealand now. Our winter is from June to August.

B: _______________ What’s winter like in New Zealand? A: ________________ And we must wear warm clothes. B: What’s your favourite season? A: I don’t like winter. It’s too cold. ______________ B: Why? A: I love swimming.________________ C.Read the passage and write True or False.判断对错,在括号里写 T 或 F。 (5%) Ben is going to travel in Guangzhou for five days. On his first morning, he will fly to Guangzhou. Then he will visit Yuexiu Park and Liuhua Park in the afternoon. On the second day, he is going mountain climbing on Baiyun Hill. On the third and fourth day, he is going shopping and he can eat delicious food in Beijing Road. On the fifth day, he will fly back home and do his homework. ( ( ( Hill. ( ( ) 4. Ben will go shopping and eat delicious food in Beijing. ) 5. Ben will fly back home and do his homework on the fifth day. ) 1. Ben will travel in Guangzhou for four days. ) 2. Ben will visit Yuexiu Park and Liuhua Park on the first day. ) 3. On the second day, Ben is going mountain climbing on Baiyun

D. Read the passage and choose the right answers. 阅读短文,选择 正确的答案。(5%) Janet: Hello, Ben. What day is it today? Ben: Is it Thursday? Janet: Oh no. Tomorrow is Thursday. Ben: What’s the date today? Do you know? Janet: Yes. It is May 1st. it’s May Day.

Ben: Oh yes. There is no school today. Janet: Let’s go to the park to fly kites, OK? Ben : Oh, no. It is cloudy today. And it’s raining soon. Let’s visit the museum. OK? Janet: OK. Good idea. ( ( ( ( ( )1. What day is it today? B. Wednesday. B. On May 1st. B. May 1st. B. Fly kites. B. It’s cloudy today. C. Friday. C. May 2nd . C. May 3rd. C. Visit the museum. C. It’s windy today. )2. When is May Day? )3. What’s the date tomorrow? )4. What are they going to do today? ) 5. What’s the weather like today? A. Thursday. A. On Thursday. A. May 2nd. A. Go to the park. A. It’s raining today. Ⅳ.Writing. (10%) A. Make up sentences. 连词成句。 (5%) 1. to have New Zealand been ever you ?

_____________________________________________________ 2. scuba has before diving gone she . _____________________________________________________ 3. important is anything this there else month _____________________________________________________ 4.it when make can a snows I snowman ________________________, ____________________________ 5. the growing best time is flowers for spring _____________________________________________________




B . Writing. (5%) My favourite season (提示:写出季节名称,可以谈论天气、服装和 活动等等) My favourite season
_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


Ⅰ. Listen and select.听句子,选出句中含有的信息。 (10%) 1. Ben will go skating with me next week. 2. It’s his twelfth time to come here. 3. My brother has fifty toy cars now. 4. Mike’s birthday is on June 2nd. 5. I always travel in autumn. 6. The winter in Australia is from June to August. 7. They’re going to visit the school next Thursday. 8. I’ve been to Kenya. 9. Have you ever been to India? 10. He has seen the pyramids, but he hasn’t ridden a camel. Ⅱ. Listen and complete the sentences. 听句子,写出句中所缺的单词。 (5%) 1.We like to plant flowers in spring. 2. It’s __too__ cold to go _camping___ outdoors. 3. It’s an __important___ day for you. Don’t ___forget___. 4. We are _going__ to visit Guangzhou _Museum____ next Sunday. 5. Has he hiked in a rainforest before? Ⅲ.Listen and number.听录音,给图写上英文大写字母编号。 (10%)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 1. –Hi everyone! This is my cousin. He is from the UK. 2. --What did you do last weekend? --I played outdoors with my friends. 3. --We are going to visit a farm the day after tomorrow. Don’t forget. --Ok. See you then. 4. –What’s your favourite season? Why? --I love winter best because I can go skiing in winter. 5. --What do you usually do in autumn? --I like climbing mountains with friends.

Ⅳ. Listen and select. 听句子,选择正确的答语。 (5%) 1. What’s the date? 2. When is Teachers’ Day? 3. What’s spring like in Guangzhou? 4. What are you going to do this weekend? 5. Has your father seen the pyramids before? Ⅴ. Listen and choose. 听一个对话和一个独白,回答问题。 (5 分) A. Listen to a dialogue and choose the answers. 听对话,回答第 1、 2 两个小题。 Ms White: Welcome to Australia, Ben. Ben: Thank you. Ms White. Ms White: It’s winter in Australia now. Do you like the weather here? Ben: No,it’s raining outside. And it is too cold to play outdoors. Ms White: What weather do you like best? Ben: Sunny and windy. Ms White: And what’s your favourite season? Ben: I like autumn best. I can fly kites with my friends. B. Listen to the passage and answer the questions 3-5. 听独白, 回答第 3、4、5 三个小题。 Hello, my name is Tom. I am a Chinese boy. It is winter in China and it is very cold. If I am in China, I must wear warm clothes. But now I am in Australia , it is summer here. I only wear a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, and I feel so hot. So I am going swimming with my cousin Lily. After swimming, we want to eat ice cream. Do you want to have your winter holiday here too? Ⅵ. Listen and write. 听取信息,每空一词。(5%) Hello, my name is Sally. Everyone likes a different season in my family. My grandpa is old but strong. He likes travelling in spring. So his favourite season is spring. My father is tall and strong. He likes sports. His favourite season is summer. My mother is thin and pretty. She likes fruit very much. So her favourite season is autumn. I like making snowmen. Of course my favourite season is winter. 参考答案:

Listening Part I. BACBC AACAC II. 1. plant spring 2. too camping 3. important forget 4. going Museum 5. hiked rainforest III.CEDBA IV. BAAAA V. ABABA VI. 1. Spring 2. sports

3. autumn

4. fruit 5. Snowmen

Reading and Writing Part I. A. ACAC B. answer 2. middle 3. Italy 4. Meeting II. A. 1. colourful 2. prefer 3. either 4. November 5. third B. DCDCB C. CAABB ABBBC III. A. AABAB B. DACBE C. FTTFT D. BBACB IV. A. 1. Have you ever been to New Zealand? 2. Has she gone scuba diving before? 3. Is there anything else important this month? 4. When it snows, I can make a snowman. 5. Spring is the best time for growing flowers.


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