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英语四级作文万能模板及范文(多种版) 英语四级作文万能模板及范文(多种版) Argumentation 型
1) some, others, I
(1)模版一 ) There is no consensus among the people as to the view of _________ (主题). Some people hold the idea that __________ _____________ (观点 A). A case in point is that _____________ ________________ (支持观点 A 的例子). On the other hand, others may have a quite different view. According to them, ______________ (观点 B). The most typical example is that __________ (支持观点 B 的例子). Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclin ed to agree with the latter. Admittedly, the former point of view seems reasonable in saying to some extent, but the latter is m ore convincing. (2)模版二 ) ___________ (主题) is a common occurrence in our lives. T he attitudes toward this issue vary from person to person. Som e people tend to ______________ when they are asked ______ ___________ (观点 A) because _______________________ (支持 观点 A 的原因). The most typical example is that ______________

______________ (支持观点 A 的例子). However, others argue that ________________________ (观点 B). They point out that _______________________ (重申观 点 B) for the reason that _______________ (支持观点 B 的原因). As far as I am concerned, I will choose to ______________ ____ (你的观点) because this choice fits my personality and my l ife-long belief.

2) My View
(1)模版一 ) When asked about ______________ (主题), some people hol d the idea that _________________________ (观点 A). As far a s they are concerned, _________________________ (展开观点 A). But I could not agree with them in several points. In my op inion, ______________________________ (观点 B). The reasons for my choice are listed as follows. In the first place, ___________________________ (支持观点 B 的理由 1). In the second place, __________________________ ____ (支持观点 B 的理由 2). In the third place, ________________ _______________ (支持观点 B 的理由 3). For the reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe ________ ____ (重申观点 B). (2)模版二 )

Some people believe that __________________________ (观点 A). For instance, they hold the idea that _______________ _______________ (支持观点 A 的例子). And it may bring them __ ___________________________ (A 带给他们的好处). In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. F or one thing, _____________________________ (我不同意的理由 1). For another, _____________________________ (我不同意的 理由 2). As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explai n my choice. For me, I agree to the thought that ___________ ___________________ (重申自己的观点).

(1)模版一 ) Nowadays many people prefer __________ (主题) because it plays a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantag es can be seen as follows. On the one hand, _______________ _ (主题的优点 1). On the other hand, ___________________ (主 题的优点 2). But everything can be divided into two. The negative aspect s are also apparent. One of the important disadvantages is that ___________________ (主题的缺点 1). To make matters worse, __________________________ (主题的缺点 2). Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspe

cts far outweigh its negative aspects. Whatever effects it has, o ne thing is certain, ________ (主题) itself is neither good nor b ad. It is the uses to which it is put that determine its value to our society. (2)模版二 ) With the development of science and human civilization, ma ny formerly unimaginable things come into reality. Some of the m have positive effects on our life, but some are distasteful. Th e phenomenon of ___________ (主题现象) is an example of the former / latter one. There are many factors that may account for it, and the foll owing are the most conspicuous aspects. To start with, ______ ____________ (原因 1). Furthermore, ______________________ (原因 2). Eventually, ________________________________ (原 因 3). Good as ____________ (主题现象) is, it has, unfortunately, i ts disadvantages. The apparent example is that _____________ _ (缺点例子 1). In addition, _____________________ (缺点例子 2). On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of the progress of the modern society. There is still a long way for us to improve / eliminate __________ (主题现象) and make our life more comfortable.

Recreational Activities 21st century has brought with it an unprecedented variety o f recreational activities ranging from traditional outdoor activities such as playing ball games to all kinds of online ones, the latt er of which is a great appeal to the young generation. So I’d lik e to narrow my topic down to online recreational activities. It goes without saying that various activities brought by mo dern technology have greatly broadened our horizon and brough t much excitement to us. With access to the Internet, you can get to know people from any country in the world and you can talk with them, play games with them --- a temptation very har d to resist, and even see them via web cam. The disadvantage, however, is that anyone who lacks self-control would very easil y get lost and become addicted to the online world, which in tu rn might seriously affect their life, work and interpersonal relati onships. As a college student, I think what really matters is to make better choice and exert more discipline. We’d better take adva ntage of good online recreational activities to enrich our lives an d broaden the scope of knowledge. When it comes to those add ictive, time-consuming and less meaningful activities, I think to stay away from them is a wise decision.

Recreational Activities With the development of living standard, people spend more time on various forms of recreational activities. People can do sports, singing karaoke, go dancing, go to the movies, play vide o games or online games, or surf the Internet. Recreational activities are good to people’s health, both phy sically and mentally. Sports and dancing can keep people fit. Si nging karaoke, playing video games or online games can satisfy people’s imagination. Surfing the Internet can bring people a lo t of information and knowledge. However, recreational activities might be harmful if people a re addicted. Spending too much time on recreational activities w ill seriously influence people’s normal lives, especially work and study. Therefore, people will benefit from recreational activities only if they take part in them properly.


一、听力理解题型解读 听力部分旨在通过听力的方式考查考生对于校园生活, 日常交际以及一些科普与历史文 化信息获取和判断推理能力, 从而测试考生的听力与综合理解能力。 听力部分的录音材料均 为标准的英音和美音朗读,语速约为每分钟 150 个单词,属于正常语速。考试时间为 35 分 钟,分值占六级考试总分的 35%。共分为三个部分:对话部分,包括短对话和长对话,占

分值的 15%;短文理解部分,占分值的 10%;复合式听写部分,占分值的 10%。 (一) 对话部分 短对话与长对话均采用选择题的形式进行考查, 短对话共 8 组, 每组为一轮对话和一个 问题,长对话共两段,每段为 7-8 轮对话,后面有 3-4 个问题。每个问题后有 13 秒的答题 时间。考试时对话内容和问题均只读一遍。 (二)短文部分 通常由 3 篇文章组成,每篇 240-260 个单词,每篇后面有 3-4 题,共 10 题。每个问题 后也是有 13 秒的答题时间。考试时短文内容和问题也只读一遍。 (三)复合式听写 主要包括单词听写与句子或从句听写两种考查方式,从不同层面考查了考生的听力理 解、文意把握以及词汇速记等综合能力,属于新题型,文章为 240-260 字,前 8 个空要求准 确填入所缺单词,后三个空格较长,要求考生将所听到的内容用原文或自己的话表达出来。 考试时全文朗读三遍,第一遍朗读时中间没有停顿,要求考生听懂全文大意;第二遍朗 读时,在每个空格所在句的后面都有停顿,以便考生可以填写所缺内容;第三遍朗读时没有 停顿,目的是供考生校对所填内容。

二、 应试要点与解题技巧 (一)改革后听力理解的要求 听力理解部分测试学生获取口头信息的能力,包括理解主旨大意、重要事实和细节、隐 含意义,判断话语的交际能力、说话人的观点、态度等。大学英语六级考试听力理解部分要 求考生达到《教学要求》中较高要求,即“能基本听懂英语国家人士的谈话和讲座,能听懂 题材熟悉、篇幅较长的国内英语广播或电视节目,语速为每分钟 150 词左右,能掌握其中大 意,抓住要点和相关细节。能听懂外国专家用英语讲授的专业课程。 ” (二)听力理解的应试要点 1. 听力理解的考前准备要求 a. 掌握听力考试的一般题材,如:校园生活、人际交往、科技文化以及人物传记等。平时 注意积累一些欧美文化的常识性知识。 b. 就听力考试常考题材准备一定的词汇,词汇是听力理解的基础。词汇的累积如同登上, 要稳步向前,重在坚持不懈。另外,要有目的的记忆,以《教学要求》所涉及的词汇范 围为蓝本,以泛记和精记相结合。泛记的词是指在听音时只需辨别词汇本身含义的词;

而需精记的词是指那些除了了解词汇本身的含义,还要熟知其用法和搭配的词汇。 c. 熟悉标准的英式与美式发音,基本了解常用词汇在发音上的区别。由于部分考生的个人 偏好,有时厚此薄彼,这点在考前需要调整。 d. 注意听写的训练。有些考生平时会购买大量的听力材料进行训练,做大量的习题,虽然 成绩会有所提高,但是还远达不到预期的目标,究其原因是其复习方法还有待改进。大 部分考生购买听力资料之后只会用它来做大量的习题,殊不知这些对话,尤其是短文还 是听写的良好素材。听力理解的难点,并非仅仅在于听不懂单词,即使是能够读懂的文 章,如果出现较多的弱读或连读,仍然会让考生为难,而听写不仅可以增强我们的瞬时 记忆功效,还可以帮助我们适应和熟悉英美发音的连读和弱读,甚至还可以巩固我们的 词汇掌握。 e. 注意泛听和精听的结合 文武之道,贵在一张一弛,听力训练也是如此,精听练习适用于那些难度较高,题 材具有很强代表性的材料,比如:历年真题,而泛听练习则适用于那些选材广泛,形式 多样,内容时尚的素材,比如:英语新闻,各类电视辅导性英语节目。精听的目的在于 提高考生的听力理解能力,熟悉考试题型,而泛听的目的在于帮助考生熟悉各类发音, 增强词汇的敏感性,了解不同领域更加广泛的词汇表达。 2. 听力理解的考试技巧 听力部分考试技巧有个十六字决:看题猜题 一马当前 不识既过 无字亦书。具体 的意思就是: 在听力录音开始前,先将题目快速浏览一遍,在浏览的过程中不仅要对即将播出的 听力素材的内容有个初步判断,同时还必须学会“猜题” 。 听力考试时碰到听不懂的词句, 切不可纠缠其中, 这样很容易影响后面的答题效果。 对于新增长对话部分和短文理解部分,其信息量远远大于考生可以瞬时记忆的能力范 畴,因此,有效的做笔记也是解题的一个关键,做笔记时可以采用一些简单明了的方法 来节省时间,例如: ∵ because √ true/correct ? not sure/question 或者采用单词的几个字母缩写来代表整个单词。 另外要听清楚提问问题所在,考生在浏览选项进行推测判断时切不可忽略听力中所 ∴ therefore × wrong/false

提的问题,免得虽听懂了原文的内容,却因没有注意细节内容,仍选择错误。 对于听力中没有记录,没有听清以及似是而非的题目,不要放弃,要学会从出题者 的角度来选择答案。心理上要放轻松,树立自己的自信心。

听力理解的考试技巧具体到不同的部分既有区别也有共性, 本书后面会按照不同的题型, 分别加以论述。


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