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U2T2重点句型小测 1.政府正在为了保护环境做一些有益的事。 2.我们不应该到处丢弃垃圾。 3.不要践踏草坪和采摘花朵。 4.不要在公众场合随地吐痰。 5.每一个人都应当保护野生动物并且多种树。 6.我们应尽一切努力保护环境。 7.多么糟糕的天气啊! 8.风夹着沙子猛烈地刮着。 9.由于各种污染,他们面临着灭绝的危险。 10.人类逐渐意识到保护动物的重要性. 11.树可以防风

固土,也可阻止水土流失。 12.我们中没有人喜欢污染。


1.结果 2.到处

4.提出一些建议给…… 5.一天一天地 6.冲走 7.吹走;刮走

as a result here and there = everywhere care for = look after = take care of give some advice to … day by day wash away blow away

8.把…. 变成…. 9.灭绝;绝迹 10.阻止……做某事 11.阻止……做某事 12.占用 13.砍倒 14.跑走; 流走 15. 关掉(水、电)

turn… into … = change… into… die out stop / prevent …(from) doing sth. keep…from doing sth. take up cut down run away turn off

16. 处于做某事的危险 中 17.过着平静的生活 18.大量的 19.开始意识 20.大扫除 21.提到、涉及 22.温室效应

? be in danger of (doing) sth. ? have a quiet life ? plenty of
? ? ? ? come to realize have a clean-up refer to the greenhouse effect


1.政府为了保护环境正在做一些有益的事。 The government is doing something useful to protect the environment. 2.我们不应该到丢弃垃圾。 We shouldn’t leave rubbish here and there/ everywhere。 3.不要践踏草坪和采摘花朵。 Don’t walk on the grass or pick the flowers . 4.不要在公众场合随地吐痰。 Don’t spit anywhere in public.

5.每一个人都应当保护野生动物并且多种树 Everyone should care for /look after/ take care of wild animals and plant more trees. 6.我们应尽一切努力保护环境。 We should do everything we can to protect the environment. 7.多么糟糕的天气啊! What bad weather! 8.风夹着沙子猛烈地刮着。 The wind is blowing strongly with lots of sand.

9.由于各种污染,他们面临着灭绝的危险。 ? They are in danger of dying out because of all kinds of pollution. 10.人类逐渐意识到保护动物的重要性. ? Humans have come to realize the importance of protecting animals. 11.树可以防风固土,也可阻止水土流失。 Trees can stop the wind from blowing the earth away. ? They can also prevent the water from washing the earth away.

? 12.我们中没有人喜欢污染。 ? None of us likes pollution. ? (none与no one 的区别:none “全无”,既可指人也 可指物,后常跟of 的短语; 作主语时,谓语动词既可 用单数也可用复数;no one只指人,后不能跟of 的短 语; 作主语时,谓语动词只用作单数。) ? none回答how many/ much的问题;no one回答who 的问题。 如: ? A: How many students come to school by taxi? ? B: None. ? A: How much water is there in the bottle? B: None. ? A: Who is in the room? ? B: No one.

? 三、重要语法———不定代词和不定副词 ? (一) 不定代词: ? 指人:someone/ somebody anyone/ anybody no one/ nobody everyone/everybody ? 指物:something anything nothing everything ? (二)不定副词 ? 指地点:somewhere anywhere nowhere everywhere

(三)用法: ? 1、some-复合代词/副词常用于肯定句 ? 2、any-复合代词/副词常用于否定句或疑问 句 ? 3、no- 复合代词/副词表全否定 ? 4、every- 复合代词/副词代替全部

? 注意点: 1.some-复合代词/副词用于疑问句中时,表希 望得到对方的肯定回答或表请求; 2.any-复合代词/副词用于肯定句时,表“任何” 3.形容词做其定语,应放在不定代词或不定副词 后,即后置定语; ? no= not any /a/an ? nobody = not anybody; ? nothing = not anything

? 4.不定代词作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式 ? 在反意疑问句中,表示人的不定代 词作主语 时,其附加疑闻句的主语通常用he,有时也 可用they;表示物的不定代 词作主语时,其 附加疑问句的主语通常用代词it:如: ? Everyone has come,haven’t they/ hash’t he? ? Everything is ready,isn’t it?

? 练习: 1.I don’t like this coat,could you please show ? me ______? ? A. other B. another C. the other D. others 2.I have two TV set,but _____ of them is in ? good condition. ? A. both B. none C. neither D. every 3.Walking along the streets,you can see many ? beautiful flowers on _____ side of the street. ? A. every B. all C. both D. either 4._____ of my parents is poor-educated,they both left school when they were 13. ? A. Both B. All C. Either D. Neither

5._____of us answered the phone,for we were ? all in the yard. ? A. Either B. Neither C. All D. None 6.——How many monkeys are there in the cage ? left? ? —— _____. ? A. None B. No one C. Nothing D. not some 7.I invited Joe and Linda to dinner,but _____of them came. A. neither B. either C. none D. both

8.I had to buy ____these books because I ? didn‘t know which one was the best. ? A. both B. none C. neither D. all 9.I have done much of the work. Could you please finish ____in two days? ? A. the rest B. the other C. another D. the others ?

? 三

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