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2017 National English Competition for College Students
(Level D - Final) 参考答案及作文评分标准
Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (5 marks) 1—5 CABCA Section B (10 marks)

Section C (5 marks) 16—20 CDBAC

6—10 TFTTF 11—15 CDBAD

Section D (10 marks) 25. your possessions 31—35 CCBAD

21. have received permission 22. any assistance 23. immigration forms 24. remain seated 26. literacy 27. English and math(s) 28. ranging 41—45 ACDAB 48. listening 53. supply 49. work 50. but Part II Vocabulary & Grammar (15 marks) 36—40 BCDAB 47. expensive 52. for Part III Cloze (10 marks) 46. broadcasting 51. unexpected

29. blame 30. increase

54. needy

55. yourself

Part IV Reading Comprehension (35 marks) Section A (5 marks) 56. heights 61—65 CGAEB 66. No, it isn’t. Section B (10 marks) 57. sirens 58. deep-breathing exercises 59. (go) sweaty 60. capable of

Section C (10 marks)

67. Foreign trade in the time of the Roman invasion and the weather. 68. From World War II/ the Second World War. 70. In British pubs. Section D (10 marks) - 1 69. The landscape, the language, and the literature.

75. ensuring

71. a degree/ university (college) degrees

72. has declined/dropped

73. good/high salaries 74. a dilemma

Part V Translation (15 marks) Section A (5 marks) 76. 英国人力资源主管在最近的一项调查中揭示了求职者在面试过程中常犯的一些错误。最主要的问题 因此无法告诉面试 就是缺乏对面试过程的准备。很多求职者忽视了对所申请入职公司的基本了解, 通常表 官为什么想要在他们的公司工作, 以及如何让公司受益。一些求职者的简历中存在拼写错误, 如果你在申请过程中准备得不充分, 现出较差的写作技巧。 其他求职者则未能恰当地遵循申请过程。 Section B (10 marks) 雇主凭什么相信你能专业地承担工作职责呢?

77. Imperial Palace, formerly known as the“Forbidden City” , covers an area of over 720,000 square metres. 79. It can be regarded as the busiest museum in the world. keeps its original layout.

78. Despite repeated renovation and expansion during the Ming and Qing dynasties, Imperial Palace still 80. Many details of everyday life behind the red walls have disappeared in the long river of history. Part VI Error Correction (10 marks)

81. How can we give traditional cultural treasures a modern twist while maintaining their original flavour? According to experts, companionship and social support are vital to both our psychological and physical well-being—one reason, perhaps, that married people tend to live longer than unmarried one. Modern researchers emphasise the value of group social activities in this respect.“Relationships we form at church or in clubs tends to relationships improve our self-esteem, what is vital to our physical and mental health.”This is backed by recent research which shows, perhaps surprising, that people who spend more time with others actually get a fewer colds and viruses than those who stay at home on their own. In fact, social support is church groups claim to be happier than those who don’t, suffer from more be more supportive and uncritical than those we form at work or in the family,” says Professor Michael Argyle, of Oxford Brookes University,“and these positive

83. ones/people tend 84. 85. which



86. surprisingly a 87. 88. 90. 91. 89. so fewer √ to

such important to our mental and physical well-being that it may increase our heart attacks than the rest of the population, and live up to four years longer! Part VII IQ Test (5 marks)

life expectancy! Another piece of research shows that people who belong∧strong

92. 离得很近/一箭之遥

94. C.(水流在水管最狭窄的地方速度最快。)

93. The letter e.(every week 中有四个 e, every month 有两个 e, a year 中有一个 e。)

95. 15.(通过前两个圆圈中的数字可知, 6×8÷4=12, 9×8÷4=18, 同理, 6×10÷4=15。) - 2 -

96. South.






David’s house Omitted.


Post office

Part VIII Writing (30 marks)

作文评分标准: 一、 评分原则: 1. 本题满分为 I 10 分; II 20 分, 按四个档次给分。 整本档次, 最后给分。 然后 以 该档次 的要求来衡量, 确定或 调 2. 评分时, 先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所 属档次 , 3. I 词数少于 100 词或多于 140 的, II 词数少于 140 或多于 180 的,从总分中减去 2 分。 4. 如书写较差, 以致影响阅卷, 将分数降低一档。

二、 各档次给分范围和要求

文字通顺, 连贯性很好, 基本上无词汇 完全符合写作格式的要求, 覆盖多个内容要点, 表达思想清楚, 和语法错误。 : 第三档 (好) I 6-8 分; II 11-15 分

: 第四档 (很好) I 9-10 分; II 16-20 分

文字基本通 顺、 连贯, 有少量词汇和语 法 基本符合写作格式的要求, 有个别地方表达思想不够清楚, 错误。 第二档 (一般) : I 3-5 分; II 6-10 分 : 第一档 (差) I 1-2 分; II 1-5 分 0分

文字多处 出现词汇和语法错误, 影响 未恰当完成写作格式的要求, 漏掉内容要点, 表达思想不清楚 ,


有较多词汇 和语法的重大错误, 未能 将 未完成写作格式的要求, 明显遗漏主要内容, 表达思想紊乱, 信息传达给读者。 白卷; 作文与题目毫不相关; 内容太少, 无法评判; 所写内容无法看清。

- 3 -

2017 National English Competition for College Students
(Level D - Final) 听力录音原文
Part I Listening Comprehension Section A In this section, you will hear five short conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. A t the end of

each conversation, there will be a fifteen-second pause. During the pause, read the question and the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre.

1. M: Something that annoys me is children who are noisy, especially when I’m trying to read. W: Where do you usually read? M: I like to read in the park. W: Maybe you should try reading in a café. It should be quieter there. coming back from the States!

2. M: Julie, have you heard? Anna’s just been made managing director of the UK branch of her firm, so she’s W: Oh, Dad, that’s wonderful news. Let’s give her a spectacular home-coming party when she gets back. 3. W: Mike, where have you been? I was really worried. M: Bella, I’ve had a terrible day. W: Why? What happened? M: A worm got through my firewall and disabled my C drive. M: Sorry. Computers. I got a virus. It’s destroyed everything. to see and do in both places. What do you think? She’s certainly the career girl of the family.

W: What are you talking about? I don’t understand a single word. 4. M: Well, we’re travelling in March so we need to get the tickets soon. Where would you like to go? M: I think Edinburgh is too cold for me. I like warmer weather. Barcelona is a bit warmer. 5. W: Well, Mr Miller. How long have you been working on do-it-yourself? learn to do it myself. M: OK. Then we’ve decided on Barcelona. W: Yes, I think so. And Edinburgh’s too expensive. W: I think Barcelona sounds really good or maybe Edinburgh ... I’m not sure. There’re lots of great things

M: I first became interested several years ago. You see, my son Paul is disabled. He’s in a wheel-chair and W: Have you had any experience of this kind of work? - 4 -

I just had to make alterations to the house. I couldn’t afford to pay workmen to do it. Then I had to

M: No. I got a few books from the library but they didn’t help. Then I decided to go to evening classes so that I could learn basic carpentry and electrics. Section B In this section, you will hear two long conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. A t the end of each conversation, there will be a one-minute pause. During the pause, read the questions and make your answers on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre. Conversation One Listen to the conversation, mark each statement as either true (T) or false (F) according to your listening. M: It’s great to have you with us today, Jenny. So, how did you start travelling? W: Well, as a child, I travelled a lot with my family. We did some fantastic trips, like cycling through Europe, when I was 13. By the time I was 16 I had visited 19 countries! M: And how did you start writing? W: When I travelled I always wrote a diary. I didn’t want to forget all the things that I had seen and experienced. So I wrote it all down. At first, it was just facts. Then I added my feelings and stories about the places and the people. M: It’s sometimes difficult to get started as a writer. What was your first“break”as a travel writer? W: It was luck. I had lived in Turkey for about two years. Then a friend of mine, who worked for a travel company, said he needed someone to write a travel guide about Turkey. So I did it! Other writing jobs just came from that. M: And when you’re writing, what’s the most difficult thing? W: When I get home from travelling I have notebooks full of notes. I often feel like writing about everything. The most difficult thing is deciding what to include and what to leave out. M: What advice would you give to someone thinking of being a travel writer? W: Firstly, read as many books as you can. Secondly, take notes of as many details as you can when you’re travelling. Finally, go for it! M: Thank you, Jenny. Conversation Two Listen to the conversation, mark each question as A, B, C or D according to your listening. W: Rob, today we’re talking about new research into the differences between men’s and women’s brains. This research says that men are better at some things, like reading maps. M: Yes, I’m good at reading maps and even my wife would agree. W: But women are better at other things, like remembering faces. That’s according to this research. By the way, do you know how much the average human brain weighs? M: I really don’t know. W: It’s 1.4 kilograms. This compares with the average of 7 kilograms for whales and 1.4 kilograms for dolphins. Albert Einstein’s brain was only 1.2 kilograms; that’s lower than average, so size isn’t everything. - 5 -

W: This research was conducted by a team from the University of Pennsylvania in the US. They looked at the W: They found that in males, the stronger connections run within each hemisphere. In women the stronger W: Well, they say these differences might explain why men are better at learning and performing a single task, like cycling or navigating, and why women are often better at multi -tasking. The research also have longer attention spans. showed women are better at remembering words, faces and information about other people, and they also M: It’s very interesting. Section C M: So men have better links. Women have stronger connections between each side. But what does that mean? connections are between the two sides of the brain. M: What’s the difference? brains of nearly 1,000 men and women and found they were wired differently.

M: Yes.

will be a fifteen-second pause. During the pause, read the question and the four choices marked A, B, C single line through the centre.

In this section, you will hear five short news items. Each item will be read only once. A fter each item, there

and D, and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a

16. Many Americans have toasted bread first thing in the morning. For some, the morning meal also includes you like any of these foods cooked until they are dark brown in color, you might want to limit how much of them you eat. That is the finding of a British government agency.

hash browned potatoes. Or later in the day, they might enjoy potato chips or crispy French fries. But if

17. Several major news organizations have been excluded from a press briefing at the White House, including Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer. He said he was not going to allow false narratives, false stories and inaccurate facts to get out.

the New Y ork Times , CNN and the BBC. They were refused entry to an off-camera briefing with President

18. Russia hasn’t had it easy since winning the right to stage the 2018 World Cup. The secret ballot it won in scrutiny due to hooliganism and racist abuse of black players.

2010 was mired in controversy, with soccer’s governing body FIFA having to investigate claims that bribery influenced the voting process. Russia’s football fan culture has come back under considerable miles of land. The fires have burned parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado, killing six people and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate. In Kansas, 625 square miles have already burned. spread across state lines. Conditions in neighboring Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska have also led to concerns that the fires could

19. Emergency crews are scrambling across four mid -western states as wildfires scorch hundreds of square

20. Microsoft has just released a new app which allows people to access the world’s most powerful telescopes from the convenience of their own PC. The Microsoft Worldwide Telescope enables users to explore the pointing out the most interesting things in space. entire universe without even having to get on a bus, let alone train to be an astronaut. Users can either look around the universe solo, or take a guided tour with narration from astronomers and educators

- 6 -

Section D

will be a thirty-second pause. During the pause, write the answers on the answer sheet.

In this section, you will hear two short passages. The passages will be read twice. A fter each passage, there

Listen to the passage. For questions 21—25, fill in the blanks with the exact words or phrases you hear. W: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome on board this British Airways flight to Rome. In a very short time, just as soon as we have received permission, we will be taking off. Our flight time today is one just press the button and a flight attendant will come to help you. and a half hours, so we will be in Rome in time for lunch! The cabin crew will be serving refreshments during the flight, so just sit back and relax. We hope you will enjoy the flight. If you need any assistance, the crew will be giving out immigration forms. When you have filled them in, please place them in your passport. They will be collected as you go through passport control. requested to remain seated until the plane has come to a complete standstill. Before you leave the plane, please look around to make sure you haven’t left any of your possessions behind. We hope you will fly again soon with British Airways. blank. After thirty minutes we will be landing. Please put your seats into the upright position. You are If you look out of the right-hand side of the plane, you will see Mont Blanc. In a few moments’ time,

Listen to the passage. For questions 26—30, complete the notes using no more than three words for each

M: Some universities in the UK are disappointed by the poor levels of literacy and numeracy among undergraduates. Most of the lecturers at top British universities say that the majority of school -leavers conducted by the Nuffield Review. have got a “fear of numbers”and poor grammar. These concerns are supported by the results of a survey The survey approached over half of the universities in the UK, and interviewed around 250 lecturers

and admissions tutors. The results of the survey are worrying. Although the vast majority of students pass their secondary school exams, a small minority still require additional help with English and maths at university. A few universities offer courses ranging from remedial maths to essay writing because of the problem. No one from the universities surveyed believed that the English and maths standards of undergraduates are acceptable.

lecturers at universities blame computers and the Internet. Computers have spellcheckers, calculators and essays from the Internet. Reading books is a lost skill.”Also, some experts suggest a link between low anything else because they’re watching so much TV.

The people surveyed gave different theories for the decline in spelling and writing standards. Some

spreadsheets, so students don’t have to check their work for themselves. One tutor added,“Students copy reading levels and an increase in time spent watching TV. They argue that people have got little time for This is the end of the listening part. Please transfer your answers to the answer sheet. - 7 -

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