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2017 National English Competition for College Students
(Level C - Final) 参考答案及作文评分标准
Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (5 marks) 1―5 CBADA Section B (10 marks) 6―10 FFTTT 11―15 BCDCC Section C (5 marks) 16―20 BDABA Section D (10 marks) 21. be exhausted 22. slow improvement 23. escape from 24. find solutions 25. emotionally and physically 26. bird strikes 27. danger 28. change the environment 29. frighten them 30. a long-term solution Part II Vocabulary & Grammar (15 marks) 31―35 CBBAC 36―40 CBDCD 41―45 ABBCC Part III Cloze (10 marks) 46. fruitless 47. surfing 51. university 52. favourable 48. replacing 53. development 49. indicated 54. entering 50. no 55. in

Part IV Reading Comprehension (35 marks) Section A (5 marks) 56. plates 57. the mantle 58. a volcano 59. in folds 60. block mountains Section B (10 marks) 61—65 DACFB Section C (10 marks) 66. On the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. 67. Li Sao, Tian W en, and Jiu Ge. 68. In 278 BC, he heard the news that Qin troops had finally conquered Chu’s capital, and he didn’t want to see his country fall into their hands. 69. People hold dragon boat racing, eat zongzi and drink realgar wine on that day. 70. They are said to be able to ward off evil. Section D (10 marks) 71. rounders 72. when 73. an amateur sport 74. integration 75. inspiration - 1 -

Part V Translation (15 marks) Section A (5 marks) 青少年们轻易获 76. 如果你的父母无条件地给你零用钱, 那么我有些坏消息要告诉你。目前有专家声称, 甚至最终陷入贫困。另外, 他们认 得零用钱对他们有害无益。他们认为这样会使得青少年变得懒惰, 如果青少年总是轻易获得零用 为青少年不劳而获会让他们永远认识不到金钱的价值。研究还指出, 如果他们得靠做些 钱, 且把钱花在一些不需要的东西上, 你就别指望他们会把零用钱存起来。反之 , 事情来赚取零用钱, 通常就能学会明智地花钱。 Section B (10 marks) 77. Their secret of success lies in their power to concentrate, and thus to obtain the maximum of result with the minimum of apparent effort. 78. Men are not born equal in their power of concentration any more than in their power of playing billiards. 79. Nowadays no one can achieve great distinction unless they can concentrate on something. 80. It must be remembered that concentration is an exhausting mental and physical business for those who are unaccustomed to it. 81. In the case of children and young persons harm may result from too prolonged efforts. Part VI Error Correction (10 marks) People often laugh when they see penguins walking. Penguins look very funny waddle from side to side on their short little legs. However, Adélie penguins can walk 200 kilometers across the Antarctic sea ice to the place∧they lay their eggs. Penguins are such good swimmers so early explorers thought they were

82. waddling 83. 84. 85. 87. 88. 89. where that to an

fish. They use their flippers∧ ‘fly’ through the water as other birds use their wings to fly through the air. Emperor penguins, the big penguins, being chased by leopard seals, which like to eat them. can go as fast as 50 kilometers an hour. If∧Adélie penguin is swimming quickly, it can jump 2 meters out of the water. They do this before they are This means they can dive very deep to hunt for food. The deepest dive scientists know about is 458 meters. That’s nearly half a kilometer! together in tightly groups. In the middle of the group it might be 38℃, their place on the outside. When the male emperor penguins are looking after eggs, they join Emperor penguins can hold its breath underwater for twenty minutes.

86. biggest when their

while on the outside of the group it might be -35℃. When the penguins

90. 91.

tight √

on the outside get too cold, they move slowly to the inside and others take Part VII IQ Test (5 marks) 92. THINK 93. 家丑不可外扬。 - 2 -

94. C (ACLAN―CANAL [运河]。其他几个词分别为: ORANGE, PEACH, CHERRY, LIME。) 大胆的) 95. bold(英勇的、 96. E Part VIII Writing (30 marks) Omitted. 作文评分标准: 一、 评分原则: 1. 本题满分为 I 10 分; II 20 分, 按四个档次给分。

然后以该档次的要求来衡量, 确定或调整 2. 评分时, 先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次, 。 本档次, 最后给分 3. I 词数少于 100 词或多于 140 的, II 词数少于 140 或多于 180 的,从总分中减去 2 分。 将分数降低一档。 4. 如书写较差, 以致影响阅卷,

文字通顺, 连贯性很好, 基本上无词汇 完全符合写作格式的要求, 覆盖多个内容要点, 表达思想清楚, 和语法错误。 : 第三档 (好) I 6-8 分; II 11-15 分

二、 各档次给分范围和要求 : 第四档 (很好) I 9-10 分; II 16-20 分

文 字基本通 顺、 连贯, 有少 量词汇和语 法 基本符合写作格式的要求, 有个别地方表达思想 不够清楚, 错误。 : 第二档 (一般) I 3-5 分; II 6-10 分 第一档 (差) : I 1-2 分; II 1-5 分 0分

文字多处 出现词汇和语法错误, 影响 未恰当完成写作格式的要求, 漏掉内容要点, 表达思想不清楚,


未完成写作格式的要求, 明显遗漏主要内容, 表达思想紊乱, 有 较多词汇 和语法的重 大错误, 未能将

信息传达给读者。 无法评判; 所写内容无法看清。 白卷; 作文与题目毫不相关; 内容太少,

- 3 -

2017 National English Competition for College Students
(Level C - Final) 听力录音原文
Part I Listening Comprehension Section A In this section, you will hear five short conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. A t the end of each conversation, there will be a fifteen-second pause. During the pause, read the question and the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre. 1. W: Tom, I was wondering if I could borrow your book on yoga. M: Sure. Are you going to take yoga lessons, Jane? M: Good idea. It has become an official sport in the Olympics. fair in Frankfurt! W: Yeah, I think I might, but I’d like to understand how it works.

2. M: Well, folks ... I’ve got good news! Everything is finalized and we’ll be setting up a booth at the trade W: That’s great news! The application process was so difficult, but I’m glad we made it! 3. M: But Faith, do you really think we should base a decision on feelings? presence there! M: The trade show in Frankfurt is the biggest textile show in the world, so it’s great that we can have a

W: Well, feelings can be a warning. I believe very strongly in the power of intuition. You know how people M: Do you mean that emotions are important, even in the business world? I think we should make choices say,“I have a gut feeling?”What they really mean is that their intuition is giving them a signal. based on data and information ... not on emotions! might think you are rude.

4. M: I’d say hugging is not usually appropriate in a business situation. Some people are a bit overly friendly. But if the person initiates it, I’d recommend you grit your teeth and go along with it, otherwise people W: So the same rule would apply to getting a kiss from a European: if they initiate it, just go along and be 5. M: So give me a basic rundown. What are the Christmas traditions? might go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. - 4 M: Yeah. Try to follow the local customs. friendly, right?

W: Each family is different, but basically you just go with the flow. If your friend’s family is religious they

M: I’ve never attended a church service before ... that sounds interesting. Christmas ― talking, watching TV, eating food and opening presents.

W: The singing and music can be quite beautiful, but many American families just hang around at home on

Section B In this section, you will hear two long conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. A t the end of each conversation, there will be a one-minute pause. During the pause, read the questions and make your answers on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre. Conversation One Listen to the conversation, mark each statement as either True (T) or False (F) according to your listening. M: Hello Gina! We’ve spoken so many times on the phone but it’s so good to finally meet you in person! The worst thing was the guy behind me. He snored all through the night!

W: Hello, Jason. How was the flight?

M: Pretty good. There was a bit of turbulence while we were over the Pacific Ocean, but it wasn’t too bad. W: Really? But you were in first class! Nobody woke that guy up? M: Not much ... but that’s OK ... I’m a night owl anyway. M: I’d love to squeeze in a trip to the Great Wall. you’re in China? W: That’s terrible! So you didn’t get any sleep? M: The stewardess said it’s not company policy to wake people up for any reason.

W: So, aside from visiting our factory and offices, are there any other things you want to accomplish while W: That’s not a problem. We can have a company car take you there. It’s only about a two-hour drive.

M: To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m looking for. But I need gifts for my wife, kids and I should W: Hum ... I’d recommend silk for your wife. Maybe a bathrobe or perhaps a shawl. Silk dresses and shirts M: Yeah ... that sounds good. But my wife is picky, so I’ll need your help to choose the right one. It should W: I think I know just the store to visit. Leave it to me. Conversation Two Listen to the conversation, mark each question as A, B, C or D according to your listening. M: Mariella, you live in a typical London terraced house, with a long thin garden plot at the back, just like - 5 be classy and not too flashy. are good, too. bring something back for the senior partners of my firm as well.

W: Well, you’ve come to the right place! China is a shopping paradise. Name it ― we’ve got it.

M: Also ... I’d like to do some shopping while I’m here.

all the other houses in the street. But there the similarity ends. Your garden is a ― well, I don’t know

how to describe it ― it’s a jungle in the nicest possible way, a bit of paradise! You’ve got hanging look is bursting with flowering shrubs, bushes and plants of every description at every level! Why did you create the garden? very different, of course.

baskets bursting with flowers, roses clutch at your feet as you walk along the path. In fact, everywhere you

W: I wanted a garden which would remind me of my native home in Jamaica, although the climate here is W: No, I haven’t got green fingers! No way! My father cultivated bananas for a living but he grew lots of different kinds of vegetables and we lived off what was grown in the garden. And besides vegetables, we had lots of flowers too. landscape. You came here many years ago ― it was February, wasn’t it? M: I must say, the exuberance of your garden here certainly captures the atmosphere of a Caribbean W: Yes, it was cold and grey when I arrived ― not the best time to be here! The garden was nothing but M: What did you grow at first? weeds but I saw it and I set to work. W: My son liked vegetables. He liked to eat them raw, not cooked. So I grew vegetables for him. He would M: How did you learn to garden? pumpkin. I used to get a lot of satisfaction just watching him eat. M: Your father was a farmer, wasn’t he? Do your green fingers come from him?

come in from school and munch away at the freshly -picked vegetables: cabbages, carrots, cucumber,

W: I didn’t learn from books or anything like that. I would just walk into a shop, see a packet of seeds and school and planted those sunflowers all by himself, although he’s only six.

plant them, just like that! If they didn’t work out, I would keep trying until they did okay. My children

weren’t interested in the garden but my grandson is keen on gardening. He learned about gardening at M: Do you allow yourself a favourite flower? blooms well. W: I love the shrimp plant with yellow flowers that is grown in Jamaica. Friends in Jamaica said it would be too cold here for it to flourish, but I planted it in the garden and then took it to the living room, where it M: You must derive a great deal of satisfaction from the garden.

W: When I wake up in the morning and look out, you know, it ... it is joy, pure joy. Section C In this section, you will hear five short news items. Each item will be read only once. A fter each item, there will be a fifteen-second pause. During the pause, read the question and the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre. 16. Donald Trump has dismissed as ridiculous a court ruling on Friday which has temporarily lifted a ban on the so-called judge would be overturned. Some international airlines are again allowing citizens from the - 6 -

travelers from seven mainly Muslim countries. President Trump asserted that the decision of, in his words,

17. Britain’s Antarctic Research Institute has decided to pull all staff out of its research base for safety 18. A three-year search for the missing Malaysia Airline’s flight MH370 has been called off, leaving one of from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. developed a big new crack and the front line is a reasonable distance away.

countries affected to board flights to the United States.

reasons. The highly unusual move is said to be needed because the ice field where the station sits has

the great aviation mysteries unsolved. It was suspended after underwater search teams failed to find the wreckage in the Indian Ocean. The plane disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people on board on route

19. A man whose boat journey with his six-year-old daughter prompted an international search operation has been charged with the offense of taking a child. Adam Landon set sail from New Zealand to Australia custody battle with his wife. before Christmas but says a broken rudder kept them at sea. He denies that he was trying to avoid the 20. Campaigners in Britain say there is a much wider gap in the distribution of global wealth between the richest people and the poorest than previously acknowledged. The Charity Oxfam said 8 billionaires have riches equivalent to the wealth of half the world’s poorest. It’s called for action to address what is called a “warped economy” . Section D In this section, you will hear two short passages. The passages will be read twice. A fter each passage, there will be a thirty-second pause. During the pause, write the answers on the answer sheet. Dictation Listen to the passage. For questions 21-25, fill in the blanks with the exact words or phrases you hear. Yoga has changed my life! Before I discovered yoga, I used to try to keep in shape by doing backbreaking exhausted.

exercise programs. But it never worked. I would start out by going for a five-mile jog, and then I would be difficult positions. It was painful. My problem was that I viewed yoga as a regular exercise program. I just program; it’s a life style. I had to learn that yoga is about slow improvement, both mental and physical. Yoga is also a form of meditation, exercising the mind, body, and the spirit. Through yoga, I am learning When I started doing yoga I had to change my whole way of thinking. At first, I tried to perform the most

thought that if I worked harder, I would see results faster. But keeping fit is more than just an exercise to harmonize these three things. It helps me to escape from the stress of everyday life. Now, instead of getting your mind is clear!

upset about problems in my life, I approach them in a calm way. And it’s a lot easier to find solutions when My original goal was to lose weight. But most importantly, I now feel better, emotionally and physically. I

am happy about my body, my life, and myself. Summary

- 7 -

Listen to the passage. For questions 26 -30, complete the notes using no more than three words for each blank. Birds have always been a problem for airplanes, but now the problem of“bird strikes”is getting worse. Large plane may hit many birds at one time, increasing the danger of a plane crash.

airplanes can easily continue flying after hitting a bird weighing up to 2kg, but 30% of strikes involve birds which weigh more than this. Smaller birds can also be a danger, as they tend to fly in flocks. Therefore, a flying than ever before. Second, most countries are taking steps to protect birds and other animals, so bird they provide a source of food, shelter, and warmth. There are several reasons why bird strikes are happening more often. First, there are more airplanes

populations are increasing. Third, more modern airports are being built in the countryside, where bird

populations are high. Unfortunately, instead of being frightened of airplanes, birds are attracted to airports as the airport’s environment to make it less attractive to birds. This means decreasing the number of places where There are three basic ways that airports try to lower the possibility of bird strikes. The first is to change

birds can find food by clearing up all garbage and cutting the grass short. Another way is to use special

attracted to the airport and cannot be frightened away, they are killed. One airport in Slovakia uses hawks to hunt smaller birds. safe place for both airplanes and birds. Killing birds is not a long-term solution, however. We must keep trying to find a way to make the sky a

fireworks called “bird bombs”which make loud noises and frighten the birds. Finally, if the birds are still

This is the end of the listening part. Please transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

- 8 -

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