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一.Word book ruler pencil rubber pen bag (My classroom) one two three four five six (Numbers) read write draw face sing dance jump (My abilities)

eye ear mouth nose (My body)

br />Apple orange pear lemon melon peach (Fruit) taro moon bean leaf mooncake autumn (Mid-Autumn Festival) father mother sister me (My family) slide swing balloom (Playtime)

Bicycle doll ball 二、Talk

How are you? Fine,thank you. Good morning. Good morning. Hi,May.This is Tim. How old are you? Hello,I'm May. Hello,May.

I am five years old.

Look! This is my hand. This is my arm. This is an apple. That's a pear. Look at your hands. Wash your hands. Eat a cake. What do you like to eat? I like to eat mooncakes.

This is my borther. Have you got a brother? No.I have got a sister. He has got a bicycle. She has got a balloon. 三、Act Stand up,please. Sit down,please.

Open your book.

Close your book.

Give me a rubber,please. Give me a ruler,please. Raise your hand. Put it down. Show me your book.

Touch your toes. Touch your arms. Wave your hand. Smell the melon. Feel the apple. Taste the peach. Look at your hands. Wash your hands. Eat a cake. Point to your ... Go to the slide. Pick up the doll. 四、Play Paper,a pencil I can see.

Paper,a pencil For you and me. A ruler,a rubber I can see. A ruler,a rubber For you and me! Show me--one,two,three,four,five,six. Clap--one,two,three,four,five,six. Say--one,two,three,four,five,six. I can read. I can sing. I can write. I can dance. I can jump. I can draw. Thank you,teacher. Draw a face. Draw two eyes. Draw a nose. Draw a mouth. What is this? It is a pear. It is an apple. It is an apple. You have got a cake. Yes.I have got a cake. You have got a taro. No.I have got a leaf.

This is my mother. This is my father. This is my sister. This is my sister. This is me. This is my cat.Draw your family. I have got an apple. He has got a ball. What have you got? What has he/she got? This is... That's...

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