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should have done 教案

Summary writing
Hong Hui Shanghai No.52 middle school Place: Room 206 Time: 2016/21/11 Teaching objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to 1. understand the

article by drawing a semantic map 2. list the main idea by finding the hints 3. enhance the awareness of coherence

Teaching procedures:
stage Pre-task Teacher ’s activities 1. analyze the students ‘performance in the test 2. mention the definition of summary 3. remind the students of the suggested process 1. ask students to read the summary 1 again and find the topic sentence. 2. elicit the hint and introduce it. 3. draw a semantic map to understand the article 4. ask students to find the hints to list the main idea 5. leave out the Students ‘activities Teaching purpose 1. learn the 1. to solve the difficulties in the difficulties summary based on the 2. fill in the blanks analysis of the and review the test definition of 2. to recall the summary definition and 3. go over the steps process of of summary summary 1. read the summary 1. to analyze the 1 and elicit the article by sort topic sentence out the hints 2. learn about the and a semantic hints map 3. complete the 2. to prepare for semantic map the summary by 4. find the hints and listing the main list the main idea idea 5. show the list and be aware of the coherence



unnecessary points 6. invite students to list the main ideas and pay attention to the coherence. Post-task 1. ask students to 1. practice another 1. to consolidate practice another summary to list the process of material the main idea summary altogether practice 1. ask students to 1. prepare for listing 1. practice the find the hints to the main idea by method on their prepare for listing finding the hints own the main idea assignments 1. List the main ideas of the practice and try to summarize it. 2. Polish the summaries on your sheet. 3. Think about how to summarize the article in your own words.(eg: be good to – benefit; block out—prevent/resist/stop) (you can ask dictionary for help or discuss it with your classmates)


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