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What’s the best movie theater?

Teacher : Li Huamei From: Pingzhang Middle School

China’s Got Talent

magic - magician talent - talented

Liu Qian a famous magician He is very good at magic.

magic - magician
I think he is the most exciting magician I know.

I think Li Qi sings the most


And he takes seriously in every show.


Who's the winner?
Li Qi is the winner.

And he gets a very good prize.

That ’s up to audiences 观众)to decide. Who decided the (winner? They play a role in deciding the winner.



Pair work

A: Who is the most talented person you know? B: I think… is the most talented person.

A: What can he/ she do? B: He /She…

=Who has

任务一:Translate the phrases
1.达人秀 2.越来越流行 3.世界各地 4.例如 5.有相同特征 6.唱得动听 7.等等 8.由…决定 9.发挥作用 10.得到一份不错的奖品 11.编造 12.实际上 13.认真对待 14.实现 1.talent show 2.more and more popular 3.around the world 4.such as/for example 5.have…in common 6.sing beautifully 7.and so on 8.be up to… … 9.play a role in… 10.get a very good prize 11.make up 12.in fact 13.take …seriously 14.come true

Be a clever reader!
Match the main idea with the paragraphs1to 3. Para.1 Para.2 Got talent Para.3 Likes and dislikes The popularity(流 行) of the show The introduction(介 绍) of the shows

Be a careful reader!
What three talent shows are mentioned?

American Idol America’s Got Talent China’s Got Talent

任务二:Be a more careful reader!
Read the article again and answer the questions The introduction of the shows (Para.2) 1.What do talent shows have in common? 2.Who decides the winners?
The people who watch the show decide the winners.

They try to look for the best singers, the most…and so on.

Likes and dislikes (Para.3) 3. Why do some people not like theses hows?
Because they think the lives of the performers are made up.

4. Why do some people like these shows?
The shows are fun to watch, and they give people a way to make their dreams come true.



2.所有这些表演都有一个共同之处。他们尽力去寻找最好的歌手, 最有天赋的舞者,最令人激动的魔术师,最有趣的演员,等等。 3.那由你来决定。当人们观看这个表演时,他们通常起到了决定 获胜者的作用。 4.然而,并不是每个人都喜欢观看这些表演的。有些人认为表演 者的生活是被编造的。

6.对他们来说一件很棒的事就是他们给人们提供了一个实现梦想 的方式。

True or False? F 1. It’s always boring to watch people show their talents. F 2. T
Only the actors/ actresses join these talent shows.

3. The winner can always get a very good prize. 4. The performers all like to say they are poor farmers. 5. These talent shows can make our dreams come true.


学习任务四:Be the most careful reader!
truly Everyone is good at something, but some people are _______ interesting to watch people show their talented. It’s always ___________ talents more_____ and more ______. Talent shows are getting ______ ______popular. in common try to All these shows have one thing ____ _________: they _____ best singers, the most talented dancers, the most look for the ______ magicians the ________ funniest actors and so on. All kinds exciting ___________, _____ of people join these shows. But who can play the piano the _______ best or most ___________? beautifully That’s ___ up to you . People who watch sing the _____ winner And the the show usually play a _____ role in deciding the ________. prize winner always gets a very good ________. However, not everybody _______ enjoys watching __________ these shows. Some made ____. up However, if think that the lives of the performers are ______ take these shows too _________, seriously they are fun to watch. you don’t ______ great thing about them is that they _____ give people a way And one _______ come true to make their dreams ______ ______. Who’s Got Talent?

What do you think of the talent shows?

I like... because....
I don't like... because...

Who’s got talent in your class?
A: Who is the funniest person in your class? B: I think … is the funniest person in my class. A: Why do you think so? B: Because …. funniest most creative best quietest smartest tallest heaviest friendliest thinnest busiest most popular


Write a short passage about the talent students in your class.

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