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Unit 5
Do you want to watch a game show? Section A
Grammar Focus-3c

talk show


soap opera


课前热身 翻译下列短语:

节目 1.had a discussion about TV shows____________ 我无法忍受他们 2.I can’t stand them__________________ 喜欢跟随故事情节 3.like to follow the story__________________ 了解接下来发生的事情 4.see what happens next____________________ 我不在意/我不怎么关注肥皂剧 5.I don’t mind soap operas __________________ 可能不是很精彩 6.may not be very exciting____________________ 期待做某事 7.expect to do sth._________________________ 从他们中学到许多(知识/东西) 8.learn a lot from them ______________________ 希望成为一名电视记者 9.hope to be a TV reporter___________________ 10.one day___________________________ 有一天

Do you want to watch the news?

Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

What do you plan to watch tonight? What can you expect to learn from sitcoms? Why do you like watching the news?
What do you think of talk shows?

I plan to watch Days of Our Past. You can learn some great jokes. Because I hope to find out what’s going on around the world.
I don’t mind them. / I can’t stand them!/ I love watching them!

--Do you want to watch a game show ?(肯定回答) --Yes, I do. I want to see … an action movie a cartoon news a soap opera a comedy a talent show

--Do you want to watch a game show ?(否定回答) --No, I don’t. I think it’s boring.
大家发现什 么了吗?

Do 引导的一般性疑问句,其语序是: 助动词Do+主语+ 其他成分?如: Do you want to watch a game show ?

肯定回答是:Yes, I do.
否定回答是:No, I don’t.


动词不定式的形式:to + 动词原形

Jack wants to buy some flowers for Mr. Wu. 杰克想给 吴老师买些花。
常见的跟动词不定式做宾语的动词: expect 希望 _______ hope 想要 ______ want 期望 ______ begin plan 决定 decide 计划 ______ ______ 开始 _______

try 开始 ______ start 尝试 ______

【拓展】省略to的不定式 有些动词后面跟动词不定式时, 应将不定式符号to 省去。常见的动词有 let, make, feel, help, watch, hear 等。 Let me help you. 让我来帮助你。 Can you help me clean the house?你能帮助我打扫房



Make a conversation and then practice it with a partner.

A: What do you plan to watch on TV tonight? B: I hope to watch sitcom, but I also want to watch news .How about you? Do you want to watch A: Oh, I want to a talk show or talent show ? .

watch talent show


Answer these questions. Give answers that are true for you.

1. What do you think of game shows? 2. What comedy shows do you like to watch? 3. Do you plan to watch a sports show tonight? 4. What can you expect to learn from the news?

Language points
What can you expect to learn from the news? 你期望 从新闻里学到什么? expect 用作动词,意为“期待,预料,打算”。 (1) expect sb. to do sth. 预料某人会做某事 We expect her to arrive at about 11:00.我们预料她大 概11点到。

(2) expect to do sth. 打算做某事
I expected to see Mt. Huang but the weather was

terrible. 我本打算去游黄山,无奈天公不作美。


Ask your classmates questions and write their names in the chart.

Find someone who…
wants to watch a movie hopes to watch a sitcom expects to watch the news

Students’ names

plans to watch a sports show
never wants to watch a game show


Do a survey and give your report.
1.At least ask 3 classmates of other groups. 2.You can use Do you...and What do you think of...to ask them. 3.When writing the report, change you to he or she.(写报告时,注意把第二人称改为第三人称)

一、用动词的适当形式填空。 1. She expects ________ to arrive (arrive) tomorrow. 2. Let’s _______ watch (watch) talk shows tonight. 3. They hope _______ to visit (visit) the Great Wall next year. 4. Do you plan ______ to find (find) a part-time job? 5. When do you want _____ to go (go) swimming? 6. My uncle often helps me _____ learn (learn) English.

二、根据汉语意思完成句子。 1. 你想看新闻吗? the _____? news Do you want to watch ______ ___ 2. 你觉得谈话节目怎么样? think ___ of __________? talk shows What do you ______ 3. 我不介意看。/我不能忍受。/ 我喜欢看。 mind them. I _____ can’t ______ stand them. I love I don’t ______ ____ watching ________ them. 4. 你计划今晚上看什么节目? plan ___ to watch tonight? _____ What do you _____

1. plan to … 2. hope to …

3. find out …
5. sth. happen

4. can’t stand …
6. expect to …