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Can you come to my party?
Section B Period Two


Dinner party 晚宴

Birthday party 生日聚会

2b Read the messages quickly. Why did the people write them? Match the reason with each message.

1. accept an invitation
2. make an invitation 3. turn down an invitation

Message 1
Message 2 Message 3

Find sentences to support your answers.
Passages Supporting sentences I can help…I can also help… I already… I’d love to come to the party, but I’m not available. Can you come to my party?

Passage 1 accept the invitation Passage 2 turn down an invitation Passage 3 make an invitation

Read the messages again 2c and answer the questions. 1.What kind of party is it? __________________ It is a surprise party. (farewell party) 2. Who is the party for? __________________________ It is for Ms. Steen. 3. When is the party? __________________________ It is on next Friday the 28th. 4. Who did David invite to the party? _______________________________ He invited his classmates to the party. 5. What can people do at the party? People can play games, eat and ___________________________ ____________________ drink at the party.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. What a great idea ! 多么棒的主意啊! What bad weather ! 多么糟的天气啊! 2. see her go 看见她走 see sb do sth 看见某人做过某事 3. the best way to do sth 做。。。的最好方法 4. at the end of this month 在这个月底 5. help sb out with sth 在某方面帮助某人 6. by now 到现在为止 7. go back to 回到某地去 8. have a surprise party 举办一个惊喜派对 9. by this Friday 到星期五为止 10. so that 以便,为了 11. look forwarding to doing sth 盼望做某事

2d Complete the invitation with words and phrases on page 69. We are planning a housewarming party at our new _______ house this Saturday. come Our Can you _____? house is at 2 London Road.

We are serving ____ food and ______ drinks from 7:30 p.m. Please _______ invite your friends and family. A party is more ____ fun with more people! Please let us _____ know by Wednesday ___ if you can come to the party. Hope you can make it!

2e Imagine one of your favorite teachers is leaving. Plan a party for him/her. Answer the questions with a partner. 1. Why is he/ she one of your favorite teachers? He helps me to improve my math so much. 2. What do you want to say to him/her? Thank you and have a good luck. 3. When is the best time to have the party? Next Sunday the 30th. 4. Where can you have the party? Our classroom.

5. What kind of food will there be? Chips, bread, candy, fruit, seeds(瓜子). 6. What kind of drinks would you like to serve? Cola, fruit juice, clearwater(纯净水). 7. Who will come to the party? Our math teacher and all classmates. 8. What activities will there be at the party? Singing, dancing, playing games, giving thanks to our teacher. 9. How can you make the party a surprise for your teacher? I can say I have a math problem. Then, I bring him to the party.

1. turn down an invitation 拒绝邀请
turn down 关小;调低;拒绝 I thanked him for the offer but turned it down. 我感谢他的好意,但拒绝了他。 He kept turning the central heating down. 他不断地调低中央暖气系统的温度。

2. My family is taking a trip to Wuhan… 我们家将要去武汉旅游。 take a trip 旅游;去旅行 I want to take a trip. However, I have no idea where to go. 我想要出去旅行。但是,我拿不定主意 去哪儿。 If I can afford it, I’ll certainly take a trip abroad. 如果有钱的话我肯定会去国外旅游的。

3. I look forward to hearing from you all. 我期盼着你们的答复。 look forward to 是一个固定的结构,表 示“期待;期盼”,其中to是介词,因此 后面若使用动词,要使用其-ing形式。 I look forward to your reply. 我期待你的答复。 I’m really looking forward to seeing my little grandson again. 我好期待再次见到我的小孙子。

hear from


He hears from his son every month.
他每个月都收到儿子来信。 You’ll hear from your father when he gets home. 你父亲回家后要责骂你的。

4. Hope you can make it! 希望你能参加(聚会)! 此句中的make it是一个独立的表述方式, 表示通过努力或经历困难后取得成功、完 成某事,可译作“成功;胜利”,但有时 也要视语境及上下文灵活选用合理的词语 进行翻译。 If we run, we should make it. 要是我们跑的话,应该不会迟到。 Though it was difficult, they still make it. 虽然艰难,但他们依然成功了。

注: 另附word文档。 点击此处链接

Fill in the blanks. 1. Do you have next year’s alendar c_________? eleted 2.The editor(编辑) d_______ the last paragraph. nvitation 3.We gladly accept the i_________ to a party. pening 4.Many attended the o_______ of the new sports centre. rip 5.We took a t____ to the seaside.

Translate the following sentences.
1.你能看到街道尽头的房屋吗? Can you see the house at the end _____________________________

of the street? __________________________ 2. 你能在下周一前做完这些工作吗? Can you finish the work by next _____________________________
Monday? ______________________________

3.糟糕!我没时间准备考试了。 Bad luck! I have no time to prepare ________________________________ for the examination. ________________________________ 4.莉莉盼望着假期的到来。 Lily is looking forward to the holiday. ________________________________ 5.谢谢你的邀请,很抱歉我这周不能去 拜访你。 Thank you for your invitation. I’m ________________________________ sorry I can’t visit you this week. ________________________________

Words and phrases: glad, preparation, take a trip, glue, without, surprised, turn down, look forward to, hear from Sentence patterns: 1. I already have a good idea about how to do that. 2. Bring Ms. Steen to the party without telling her so that she can be surprised. 3. I look forward to hearing from you.

1. Review the new words and expressions in this lesson. 2. Preview 3a-3b on P71.


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