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七年级上期期中试卷 一 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (共 10 分,考试时间: 30 分钟) 单项选择 (15 分) )1.The supermarket is ______Fifth Avenue . A. in B. at C. on ) 2. What does he want _______? A. do B. to be C. be ) 3. Lucy wants _____her grandma on October 10th. A. see B. seeing C. to see ) 4. Where ____Paul and Steve _____from ? A. do , comes B. does, come C. do , come ) 5. ________cleaning the blackboard ? Lucy . A. Who’s B. Who are C. Who ) 6. How’s it going? ___________ . A. That’s all right . B. No, it isn’t . C. Great ! ) 7. Look! He_________ over there . A. plays basketball B. is playing basketball C. is playing the basketball )8. I like dogs because they are_______ friendly . A. a kind of B. kinds of C. kind of )9. At night the koala bear gets up and _________ . A. eats leaf B. eat leaf C. eats leaves )10.The panda likes ________with her friends A. playing B. play C. to playing )11.Can you _____me the way _____ the bank? A. say , to B. tell , to C. speak ,of )12.Tom_____at a TV station. His job is _______ . A. work, exciting B. works, an exciting C. works ,exciting )13.The pay phone is ______ the library . A. between B. crossing C. across from

( )14. It’s time _____ lunch . A. have B. to have C. having ( )15.He wants to send a letter ,he can go to the _______. A. SHOP B. POST OFFICE C. PARK 二.日常交谈。请从 B 栏中找出与 A 栏各句相应的答语 。 (5分) ( )1.Whar’s the weather like today? A. Yes.Just go straight and turn right. ( )2.Why do you like penguins ? B.Yes ,it is . ( )3.What do they do ? C. It’s sunny . ( )4.Is it a boring job ? D. Because they are cute . ( )5.Excuse me. Is there a post E. They are waiters . office near here ? 三、完型填空(10 分) I’m always very busy (忙的) every day. I usually 1 up early at 6:30 in the morning. But 2 . I’m still sleepy (睡着的) . I put on my clothes, I wash my hands 3 face…Do this! Do that. 4 I have my 5 . I go go school. I usually leave home at 7:00. At school we all study 6 . We study English. Chinese, maths and so on (等 等). 7 noon (中午) I get home and have lunch. At 1:30 I go to school again. Sometimes we play 8 football in the afternoon. I go home at 4:30. In the evening I do 9 homework. I go to bed at 10:00 and I go to sleep (入睡) very 10 . ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. get )2. A. often )3. A. and )4. A. Before )5. A. lunch )6. A. easy )7. A. on B. gets B. usually B. or B. After B. supper B. different B. On C. getting C. sometimes C. but C. When C. breakfast C. difficult C. at D. getting D. always D. so D. If D. meal D. hard D. At

( ( (

)8. A. the )9. A. many )10. A. next

B. × B. a lot of B. soon

C. a C. any C. first

D. an D. a lot D. last ( away.

C. throws the bag to the young man D. throws the bag out of the window )5. The bag is ________. The young man doesn’t want the old man to throw it

四、阅读理解(20 分) (A) It’s Sunday. There are many people in the bus. And an old man is looking here

A. the woman’s B. the old man’s C. the driver’s D. the young man’s (B) Four friends live in a small town. Their names are Cook, Miller, Smith, and

and there. He wants to find an empty seat(座位). Then he finds one. He goes to it. A Carter. They have different jobs. One is a policeman, one is a carpenter, one is a farmer, small bag is on the seat. And a young man is sitting beside it. “Is this seat empty?” asks the old man. “No, it’s for a woman. She goes to buy some bananas.” Says the young man. one is a doctor. One day Cook’s sonbroke his right leg, and Cook took him to the doctor. The doctor’s sister is Smith’s wife. The farmer isn’t married(结婚). He has a lot of good hens. Miller always buys eggs from the farmer. The policeman sees Smith every

“Well,” says the old man, “Let me sit here please. When she comes back, I day for they are neighbours. will(将) leave here.” The bus starts(启动). “She doesn’t come, but her bag is here. Let me give her the bag.” Then the old ( man throws the bag out of the bus window. The young man jumps up and shouts, “Don’t throw! It’s my bag!” ( )1. The old man wants to find an empty seat _____. A. in the room ( B. in the bus C. beside the driver D. in a car ( ( ( )1. Who is farmer? A. Cook B. Smith C. Carter D. Miller

)2. Cook’s son is taken to _______. A. Miller B. Smith C. Smith’s wife D. Carter

)3. If you need, you can get ______ to repair (修理)your desk. A. Cook B. Carter C. Miller D. Smith

)4. Smith’s neighbour is ________. A. the doctor’s wife B. Smith C. Carter D. Cook

)2. The old man finds an empty seat. He goes there and finds there is ____ on it. A. a man B. woman C. a bag D. a coat (

)5. Who is a policeman? A. Cook B. Smith C. Miller (C) Wang Ping and Wang Bin are the twins. They are students. They go to school D. cart


)3. The young man says the seat is for ________. A. a man B. a woman C. a boy D. a girl


)4. The bus starts. The old man ______. A. asks the woman to sit on the seat B. takes the bag to the woman

five days a week. They don’t have classes on Saturday and Sundays.

Today is Sunday. They want to go to the shop. Wang Ping wants to buy(买) a pen and Wang Bin wants to buy a pencil—box. In the shop there are many nice things ( and a lot of people . Some of them buy apples and bananas. And some of them buy food and clothes. The people in the shop are very friendly. Wang Ping and Wang Bin are very glad(高兴)to come back home with their things. ( ( ( ( ( )1. The twins go to school from Monday to Friday. )2. They go to the shop on Sunday. )3. Wang Bin wants to buy a pen. )4. The twins want to buy some food, too. )5. They are very glad today. (D) It is in autumn(秋天). A young man comes to a forest(森林). He’s walking beside the forest. On his right is a river. On his left is the forest. Suddenly(突然)he sees two green eyes looking at him from the trees. A tiger(老虎)is getting ready(准备)to jump on him. What does he do? He must jump into the river. But in the river there is a big crocodile(鳄鱼). Its mouth(嘴)is very big. The young man closes his eyes. The tiger jumps over him. And the young man opens his eyes. The tiger jumps over him. And the young man opens his eyes. The tiger is now in the mouth of the crocodile. ( )1. When does the story take place(发生)? ______. A. In winter ( B. In spring C. In summer D. In autumn (

A. Two green eyes

B. A tiger

C. A crocodile

D. A man

)4. Does he close his eyes at first(起初)? _________. A. Yes, he does C. Yes, he must B. No, he does not D. No, he mustn’t

)5. What does the man see at last(最后)?__________. A. The tiger is in the mouth of the crocodile B. The crocodile is in the mouth of the tiger C. A fish in the mouth of the crocodile

)2. Where is he walking? _______. A. Near the river B. Beside a forest C. By the river D. Be the lake


)3. What does he see looking at him? _______.

D. A ship is in the mouth of the crocodile 五.选词填空。请从方框内选择适当的词语完成这封信。 (10分) Writing, talking, sitting , playing, swimming , flying, sunny, studying, drawing, having Dear Bob, My name is Rich .I’m fourteen years old .I’m(1)__________ in a middle school .My school is nice and clean. There are 30 students in my class .It’s(2) _______ today . My classmates and I are(3) ________ a good time on the beach .It’s a nice place .The water is blue and clear . Many birds are(4) ________ over the sea .Many people are (5)_________ . Some boys are(6) _________ football . Some people are (7)________ on the beach . A girl is(8) _________ pictures on a chair .Another girl is (9)________ photos .I’m (10)_________to you ! What are you doing ? I hope you can write to me soon . Best wishes! Rich 六.补全对话。请根据所给的信息完成下列对话。 (10分) Name: Mary Dale Birthday : November 19th Nationality :American Living place :California or Montana Favorite pets :dogs and horses

Favorite colors :silver(银色)and blue They work ________ Monday _______ Saturday. A journalist(记者) is asking Marry Dale ,an 1________ actress(女演员), some 3. He goes to work in a car. (同上) questions . He _______ a ________ to work. J=journalist M=Marry Dale 4. It takes 7 hours by plane?(划线部分提问) J: May I know your 2____________? M: Sure .My birthday is 3________ 4 __________ . _______ ________ does it take by plane? J: Where are you 5__________ now . 5. He usually gets up at 5:30 in the morning.(现在进行时) M: I am living in California now but sometimes I 6________ in Montana . He ________ ________ ________ now. J: What kind of 7_________ is your favorite ? 6. The meat is twelve yuan a kilo. (划线部分提问) M: Dogs and 8_________ . J: I see you wear sliver and blue dresses a lot . _______ ________ is the meat a kilo? M: Oh, yes .Sliver and 9_______ are my favorite(10) ______. 7. Throw it like this, please.(否定祈使句) 七.词汇。 (10分) ______ _____ ________ like this, please. A:根据句意用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 8. He isn’t good at math. He ________ _______ well in math. 1.We are ________(take) photos now . 九、完成句子(10 分) 2.How about _________(go) to the Great Wall . 3.Army _______(like ) talking to people. 1.让我们谈谈这幅图片。Let’s _______ _______ the picture. 4.I can ________(speak)English and French . 2.现在轮到你扫了,吉姆。It’s ______ _______ ______ ______ now,Jim. 5.Bridge Street is a good place _________( have) fun . 3.我完成家庭作业需要 2 小时。 B.根据句意及首字母提示完成单词 。 It ______ _______ two hors _____ finish my homework. 6.This is the b__________ of the garden tour . 4.谁教我们法语?Who _______ _________ French? 7.I’m s____________ they can play in the heat . 8.Let’s see the pandas f_________. 5.他们拼命干活挣钱。They work hard to ________ _______. 9.L_________ are from South Africa . 6.请明天将英汉字典归还给我。 10.He’s a policeman .It’s a d _____________ job . Please ______ the English Chinese ______ _______ to me tomorrow. 八、句型转换。 (10 分) 7.你们为什么不看央视新闻? ______ _______ you watch CCTV news? 1. Can you help him?(同义句转换) 8.别担心,学英语要花时间。 Don’t worry. _______English _____ ____. Can you _______ _______ _______ ________ ? 2. They work six days a week. (同上)

参考答案 一.C B C A A C BCC A B CC B B 二.C D E B A 三、1-5


五.1.studying 2.sunny 3.having 4.flying 5.swimming 6.playing 7.sitting 8.drawing 9 .taking 10 .writing 五.1. American 2 .birthday 3. November 4. 19th 5. living 6 . live 7. animal 8 . horses . 9. blue 10 .colors 六.A: 1. taking 2 .going 3.likes 4.speak 5. to have B: 6. beginning 7.surprised 8. first 9 .Lions 10. dangerous 七. is Koala Bill .It’s five years old and from Australia . It likes eating leaves at night It but sleeping during the day . I think it is very cute .

八、1. give him a hand 4. How long 7. Don’t throw it 九、1. talk about 3. takes me to 5. make money 7. Why don’t

2. from, to 5. is getting up 8. doesn’t do 2. your turn to clean 4. teaches us 6. give back to

3. takes car 6. How much

8. learning takes time


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